Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I saw this story saying that minorities were becoming the norm. That is so absurd. The country is all minority from the very beginnings. The only majority from the start were the Indians and they were tribal.
I think they are talking of color of skin. But that does not make sense because the American Indian and the South American Indian have about the same skin color; the only difference is that the American Indians were almost wiped out. I think that because the government created a Caucasian immigration system to bar color from immigration; that seems the only explanation for those remarks or maybe they excluded blacks from the start and were never counted.

This Sounds Like a Letter to Hello Weessey

When I was in Walmart a few years back I saw some Kentucky Gym Shorts that I could wear on trips in a hotel room when I was just lounging. Ever since then mom calls them pajamas and I still wear them like gym shorts. The school colors at UK are blue and white, so I just wear my gym shorts with a white T shirt all the time. Mom says that I am wearing pajamas but I keep saying what I am wearing is fine. What do you say Hello Weessey?

Our House

We have cloud cover overhead and maybe a chance of rain this morning.
It is quiet; I see a kitchen ceiling fan turning but all I hear is water falling. It is peaceful, this is what I wished for and that is what I got. When you lay down with dogs you get fleas and when you lay down with angels you get heaven on earth. It is a matter of choice and I did it right and I have been right since 1967. It may have started sooner but it was defined and purified in 1967.
It is a point of view. Some folks see out of caves and see dinosaurs. I look out of a brick abode and see rolling hills which are quiet and peaceful. It is true that I have an armada surrounding me that has been there since 1941.
We have male cats and female cats. The males stay outside and the gentle females come in. Females that mark their territory go out. I see two cats both females with different points of view. One Tiger Lilly likes to hunt and rarely eats food prepared by Purina Chow, her food has tails or hops on leaves. Two Polly I is a gentle female who grew up in a garbage bin behind a pizza place and has no intentions of ever seeing that again so she lays indoors and sleeps.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Folk Art Valued at $1,000

I used my walking stick the other day to help me get up into the bed of the truck with a step stool.
Brian made it out of Hickory and it should last at least one hundred years if used or more if it is displayed.
It is a work of Eastern Kentucky Folk Art and is quite valuable (estimated at $1,000 a few years back).
Good morning. Today is Tuesday on my Calendar. The sun is shining through partly cloudy skies and it is peaceful in Western Kentucky.

I can assume that Kentucky is mostly wilderness. When I grew up in California in the 1940's and 1950's we were already a great society in the area I lived.
Here is Western Kentucky where I live it has never been anything close to that great society. It was called that but there have never been wall to wall homes or wall to wall industry here. The only industry to make a dent in our communities is the chemical industry on the farmland. I guess I can assume that farming became a big industry here until the price of machinery made it impossible to farm for profit.
Here where I live I have banned chemical from my garden and yard and it has been that way since moving into this area I live in (1975). My home is full of societies tools and this computer is only one of a thousand tools in this home.
The farms are going to seed or being farmed out to industry (nomad farmers).

FEMA Helps Us

Tax dollars help those folks that were flooded here in town.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Morning. I hear the school busses running (give me a plural of bus); I live right across the street from our local school bus garage.
 There are not as many High School Students with automobiles as there used to be. 10 years ago the school was jammed with parked cars in the student parking lot. This year it is half empty. Gas too expensive, mom and dad cannot afford another auto for their children, etc.
I feel great this morning, mom is off work. Walmart Princeton looks like a ghost town. When the manufacturing plants move so do the jobs.
I forgot to mention that mom found a earring in our basket (pool filter). Pretty.
Across the road at left is county (country); we live at the edge of town. Most lots are 1/2 acre, ours is 3/4 and my neighbor is close to an acre. Notice how our yard rolls as in rolling hills. There is a football field at right of the school bus garage and notice that that football field could be put behind our homes where we live.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

he World Trade Organization (WTO) Irresponsibility

The World Trade Organization (WTO) irresponsibility has left holes in the human environment. This is one event The World Trade Organization did not envision or did not feel responsible for. When ten thousand factories move their plants to an other environment then what happens to the empty shell of humanity left behind. That shell had tax payers and when The World Trade Organization moved their plants to other location that tax left as well. That was never envisioned.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Business Likes Slave Labor

Big Business likes slave labor and will not turn back to higher wages. So they move to where the labor is the cheapest. Next stop Northern Africa where labor works for water. There is no turning back for big business they love the taste of wealth and there not sharing.
I am trying to sell my truck but no one has any money to spend on a nice old truck. If they are going to spend their money they will buy a new vehicle.
My laptop kicked me off while I was typing and I lost the data. It was pretty annoying.
AT&T called while this was going on and it was not them it was some server elsewhere that AT&T dropped. How do you deal with that.
At the moment I am using my wife's computer to see if it drops my post.
Other than that it is a great morning. If all I ever have is computer problems then I really should not complain. Mom's computer is a better computer than my laptop, not as convenient just quality better.
I will remove a program which hogs space on this laptop and see what happens.
Program removed.
Hopefully it was the filter I replaced yesterday that was kicking me off.
I got stung by a wasp two days ago and I thought it was over but it is back this morning with itching and swelling. (index finger, below the nail and to your right). I going to go deal with that I will be right back.....
I am back and I feel better mentally. My outlook on life is wonderful but I count this mornings frustration as part of the wonderful  ((a Jackie Gleason Move) It's a Wonderful Life).

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tonneau Cover

Good morning. Mom is off to work and today I clean the tonneau cover and when mom gets home we will put it on the truck. In the meantime I will detail the truck if I can.
It is quiet here at home. I occupy about 3/4 of an acre on the planet earth. I am blessed with a semi tropical climate; four seasons though this summer is more tropical than dry. Our winters are a cold and average about 40 degrees with dips (maybe constant) into the single digits. Our Springs are a blessings of buds and blossoms and new green leaves; our falls are sometimes brilliant of color and fodder shocks in Amish rows.
Old age, getting up off the floor, walking and climbing ladders is a chore for me.
My mind learns in one day about the brilliant feathers of the day and forgets most by the next noon. But it is fun to see the colors while they last as I view them.
Changing your mind
The society we live in is fast paced. So I have found it necessary to change my mind from time to time. After work I usually head home, I move right to the bathroom. In the lower left hand drawer is where my extra minds are stored. My work mind is filled with water tables, rainfalls, three day predictions, "Yes sir, can we help you?", and other factors that let the river flow free. My home mind, cleans up around the house, talks to cats, pleases or not pleases Laurel, watches the latest ball games, etc. My space mind wanders around the house looking at fish tanks, doorknobs, empty bowls, sunrises and sunsets. This last mind is by far the most pleasurable, since pleasure finds its way to the most discreet areas of my body just by laughing and thinking good thoughts.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Pool Party

Good morning; I slept well with no excess caffeine in my system to keep me awake. I feel good and I am happy to awaken to this new of mind (my presence was here) this morning; that is why I give my salutation.
I picked grass clippings in my neighbors yard yesterday. He asked me to pick them up. He was renting his home and now he is catching up after his renter left. His yard was thick and heavy with an excess amount of clippings. I picked them up so he could catch up and let his lawn grow green

Today I wash the red truck that is for sale. At the moment I am drinking a smoothie (breakfast). After that I will have a cup of coffee.

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, they were well felt.
Dancing Girl and I shared a wish together. She has about 5 parties in August and I celebrate the whole month.  The "Pool Party" is one of my favorite times of the year. Photos below.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Natural Rubber

I am up in the middle of the night. I spent the day yesterday visiting with daughter and the kids, cleaning my truck and clearing brush. Mom mowed after work; she loves mowing. Today I pick up grass clipping.

Yesterday or the day before I cut a rubber inner tube into a strap for my goggles and a strap for the children's flippers. So this morning I will go to a website that explains the rubber industry and it's history.
As a child I learned to cut rubber inner tubes to make sling shots and we used old truck tire inner tubes as a pool ring or rings for ocean surfing. I learned to clean and repair the holes in inner tubes.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Rolling Hills of Kentucky

Tomorrow is my traditional birthday. I will be 70 years old. My mind is in its 35th year of understanding. Nothing is exactly right but my mornings are perfect as well as the start of my days. Arthritis is in my joints and like arthritus it moves from place to place sometimes with minor signals and sometimes with strong pain. Nothing abnormal just age. My back is constant with no pain; if I work or walk too much then the pain comes to my upper thigh (mental pain that really hurts) from my back.
I went swimming this morning with my daughter and family; mom was at work until noon.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Rolling Hills of Kentucky

Good Morning. My daughter and family came by to wish me a Happy 70th Birthday. Her husband had to stay home and fix the kitchen sink trap (dirty water, wet clothes, sweat and prayers (Oh God not again!!). I got Windows 7, a  "FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Desk External Drive" 2 terabyte, which is very big. I just plugged in the cords and it worked, very nice. I have used Windows 7 (since the 1st of the month of August) and it is slicker and better than XP and Vista. The hard drive screams with Window 7. I do not know yet if this drive is going to be reliable as our older hard drives we have but I am crossing my fingers on that because that is why we buy storage drives.
Yesterday and today are "Pool Party Days" and yes we enjoyed our time in the pool with the family. Come daylight I have to check the pool specs as I normally do.

1999 Cherry GMC Sierra For Sale Best Offer

It is about $5,000 away from being a show truck. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

This is Tom's Birthday Month

I celebrate the entire month of August.  If you have a birthday next month and you know someone who has a birthday in October, etc. We can celebrate the entire year. We can cease being bad during the holidays of our birth. I think it is a great idea. The idea was spawned during my stay at Tolstoy and Morningstar by my friend Joanie who was a  "Princess Who Loved Celebrations."

Today is Sunday the Sun Day. I am going to stop posting and go clean up because the "Celebration Starts Soon!"

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mom said I need to renew my drivers license today so I am getting ready to go to town to get a licence and a tag.
I was going out this morning a shred some brush but that can wait for this afternoon.
Well I got a licence and tag (paid a little tax too) and it cost over a hundred for both.
Now I guess I will change into my work clothes and work outside but first some coffee.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

It is cloudy and 72 degrees this morning in Western Kentucky. Mom is off today and sleeping in. It is peaceful here in this corner of the planet. Did you here the news today? There is always some human being or child that just does not understand or the environment is just bad where they live and have no hope or the propaganda or video game mushes their brain.
I moved to where it is quiet outside and the folks are peaceful. They hunt and kill and obey the law and kill for food and they raise gardens in their yards.
The deer used to lay in the shady spot under the Elephant Ears shown at left.
The Ice Storm killed that Hackberry Tree in the upper photo. In that photo to the left is my old garden spot; deer never went in it (to close to the house). Our pool and deck are there now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fort Campbell United States Federal Employees

This is a recruitment page for Fort Campbell United States Federal Employees Working in Hopkinsville, Kentucky at Fort Campbell and in Christian County. The website is sponsored by the Kentucky Federation of Chapters, Chapter 1373 and The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association.

Printable Application to join NARFE

You know the size of your community of working Federal Employees.
You are a major force to be reckoned with on Capital Hill as a group.
Join us and tell Congress who you are!
Good Morning. It is cool outside this morning 57 degrees at the moment. We have clear skies. Yes it is summer in Western Kentucky and the weather is balmy; very different, nice, unusual. This is mom's third day off. We went to a NARFE Convention Committee meeting at Miss Scarletts yesterday and came home and went to see the doctor because mom has had some serious headaches lately. The weather was balmy yesterday as well.
It is peaceful at home this morning.

Is China Complicit in North Korean Currency Counterfeiting?

The conclusion is yes.
1. There are entire Apple stores being faked in China.
2. Fake Walt Disney Stores in China.
3. Chinese Rivals Hijacked Trucks to Steal Technology, Hewlett Packard Says.
4. China steals patents.

Wall Street Pharaoh

There is a federal employee in each one of us. Our founding fathers gave each one of us the freedom to be part of the government. I realize that property and wives were not included in this theme from day one but we have adjusted their thoughts to remove the slavery and to give the wife the freedom she deserves. 

Somehow down the line the idea of us all being part of the one got separated and the government became them. 

I do not know how to fix or maybe fix is not the word to use to help us with what our founding fathers wanted each of us to know. I wish I could fix it but I can only be me with my understanding of the planet. 

We are not ants or bees with a social structure or we may think we are not like them. 

We have bowed to the crossed pieces of wood held high to the sky and we know we are not hexed by the sermon of mankind. 

So why the changes; is it our ability to be part of the one (the jobs). Are we just wandering; wanting to know why we cannot be part of the whole as we were. Well times have changed and yes you can be part of the whole at a minimum wage. 

I have lived long enough not to worry about it but you youngster will be part of Moses children and ask God to ask Moses to free you. That will take a struggle because the Wall Street Pharaoh will not give up his slaves.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I knew what the word meant I just needed the correct spelling, My spell check on my blog gave me the correct spelling but I was not sure that the word that my spell checker gave me was the word I meant to place on my blog. So I went to my Bookmarks (Favorites) to find the link to Websters Online Dictionary.

Technology is Moving Fast

Civilized societies seem to be decaying faster than our predecessors.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lack of Funds for Mantiance

I am pretty sure that the State of Indiana did not maintain their Fairground like they normally do. That is the cost of down sizing state governments. There is nobody to blame but the part time maintenance crew. I know that is not right but that is what the politicians will do and justify their small state government.

Taxes work because they pay the help to maintain the fairgrounds.
I always pay someone to change the oil on my vehicles. That money comes out of my wallet; the way vehicles are made today I do not have the tools to change my oil on my van or the spark plugs like used too. My vehicles need to be maintained to run properly; without my money to maintain them I will lose them or cause and injury.
Taxes work the same way. Taxes maintain the fairground for the state government and if you cut taxes you cut the ability to maintain services. We cannot depend on the small business owners or the Chamber of Congress to maintain the state fairgrounds.

Does Free Speech have to be powered by electricity?

Does Free Speech have to be powered by electricity?
Or does free speech and electricity only for those on broadcast news and conventions (( Democratic and Republican (microphones, lights, air conditioning, cell phones and the Internet)). Does city government and the federal government have the right to limit free speech by cutting the power to cell towers and our ability to revolt. 
The rain last night cooled everything off. It is 65 degrees this morning in Marion, Kentucky. The clouds are off in the Southern distance and the sky looks as if it will be bluer than the very pale morning blue it is.
Today is the Sunday and Mom has three days off. They are cutting part time workers at Walmart so as to pay their bill's; I guess folks in this part of the country either dislike Walmart or just that we are not enough folk that have any money left over to shop. I think the latter is true.
I cut my tree down yesterday near mom's window and will pick up/clean up Tuesday. I will use my chipper shredder to mulch the tree. I will use the chain saw to make the tree small enough to mulch. That why I have both. Mulch is my garden gold.

I feel good this morning and mom is sleeping in. She is down to four hour days which for is her not enough time to drive to Princeton. But we have one more year of car and mortgage payments and then we are free $900 dollars worth of bills a month. That is enough to enjoy the lifestyle we have. I make enough to have a great time by myself but that is not good enough for mom, she like TV, the Internet, computers, cell phones, swimming and driving. I guess computers and the Internet is my weakness. I can give up all the rest. I have 3 websites to maintain,, and (which holds the Lock and Dam 50 website and the Drug Coalition Website).
Today I rest and I think mom wants to make a peach pie today.


Here is the only place I know that water is being pipped into Africa and the United States is bombing it?

Where are the wealthy Billionaires of the world, the oil rich countries. Oh I forgot they are bound to their chairs all singing a chorus of, "Oh my hands are tied!"

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dad buys a LIE DETECTOR ROBOT which slaps people when they lie.
He decides to test it at dinner.
"Son, where were you today?" The son says "at school dad." 
Robot slaps the son!
"Ok, I watched a dvd at my friends house!"
"What dvd?"
"Toy story." 
Robot slaps the son again! 
"Ok, it was a porno" cries the son.
Dad yells "What! When I was your age I didn't know what porn was!"
Robot then slaps the dad! 
Mom laughs "HaHaHa! He's certainly YOUR son."
Robot then slaps the mom!!!!! 
The sky is bright and cloudy. The clouds south look turbulent off in the distance; the clouds north are stratus. I looked on the Internet RADAR and there is a storm 60 miles south of us.
I feel good this morning. Mom goes to work later this day so she is off on FaceBook at the moment. This morning I will cut a small tree down that is leaning against this home.
How am I limited? My view though limitless in distance is walled by nature and man made structures. My thoughts are limitless but narrowed by one strong thought. What are the laws that kindle each day in my world. The first is my awareness of my being. The second is the peace that I see around me ( it is true that I have placed my being in a peaceful place). The third is the understanding that I am not alone. The fourth is that who I see near me is also a being with thought and ideas who is on the plant earth as well. Those that understand me are at peace with me those that do not argue with me.

Apple's EU legal win could prevent all OEMs from building tablets.

The Etch A Sketch toy was invented in the late 1950s by AndrĂ© Cassagnes,  in his basement. He called it "L'Ecran Magique", the magic screen. In 1959, he took his drawing toy to the International Toy Fair in Nuremburg, Germany. The Ohio Art Company saw it but had no interest in the toy. When Ohio Art saw the toy a second time, they decided to take a chance on the product. The L'Ecran Magique was soon renamed the Etch A Sketch and became the most popular drawing toy in the business. After a complex series of negotiations, The Ohio Art Company launched the toy in the United States in time for the 1960 holiday season with the name "Etch A Sketch". Ohio Art supported the toy with a televised advertising campaign.  Etch a Sketch was manufactured in Bryan, Ohio until the company moved the manufacturing plant to Shenzhen, China in 2001.

Now Apple computers wants to sue them for the patent.

Cities are cutting cell service at will when the government asks them to control the population and to protect the population.

Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Hard Labor Party

This Party is not open to everyone and it does not provide benefits other than a voting block.
Here are the qualifications:
  1. You are a building contractor with one helper or no helper.
  2. You cannot work all day as supervisor of employees.
  3. You cannot sit at a desk (clerk, programmer, boss)
  4. You work with equipment  (punch press, steel mills)
  5. You load and unload trucks.
  6. You stand on your feet all (non supervisor) day.
  7. You work at farm labor (not the farm owner).
  8. You work underground  and not an owner or supervisor.
  9. Fast food worker (not owner or supervisor).
  10. Anyone at walmart (non supervisor).
  11. No business owners or managers.

You kind of get the idea.

Wow I got up late this morning. I felt like I had a hangover which I do not. Well the sky is blue in this area of the planet earth which we locally call Marion. We are in an area of Western Kentucky. I put the pool cover on yesterday because the pool was 86 at the top and 70 at the bottom (perfect for Tom but a little too cool for Mom). I feel like relaxing this morning so I will remove the cover and clean the pool; then when I get out I will fire up the solar heater.
I feel great, I can't walk very far without stopping but that is because I walked a little too far in my life and hurt my back (my Intervertebral Disc touches a nerve). If I stop and rest every 10 or 15 minutes then I am fine but I cannot just continue standing or walking without the break. At home I am fine because I can go to this computer and do what I want here then continue my other project after the rest. I am not exactly walmart material.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

NetFlix Anywhere

How powerful is NetFlix Anywhere.
Just imagine watching a movie that is in the theaters on your screen this evening. The only thing stopping this is the Movie Studios and TV Networks.
The capabilities are there with your WIFI DVD player or WIFI TV at this moment. These machines are being sold today at this moment. NetFlix is just waiting for the license to show them to you. It is just a matter of time before the Networks and Studios cave in. NetFlix may just produce it's own movies as did HBO. HBO has made some great movies. My favorite that HBO created was, "Last of the Dogmen" made in 1995 with Tom Berenger and Barbara Hershey.


NASA has lost it's employees because the Republican Party wants to balance the budget and flying to the moon is not on their conservative agenda nor is long hair and white T-shirts at work. White T-shirts at work is for the labor party which we do not have in the United States. A labor party is a little too socialistic for them, who ever heard of a labor movement rising up and taking power in America, certainly not our 40 year olds who are raising a family today. There will be an uprising when the Walmart and MacDonald's employees take to the streets as they are in merry ole England.
The way I hear it they are going to shut down the EPA (by not funding the EPA) and mine Federal Parks for oil and trees.
The Supreme Court and Governor Texas Rick Perry may ask Congress to change the Freedom of Religion to recognize only Christianity as the Religion of the Land of the Free.
The poor are raising their hands to god in conservative churches across America and are being told that socialism is a Communist agenda and that being social is at their men's and women's weekly meetings. God will provide is their best catch phrase.
Helping the old and sick is not in the interest of today's new conservatives. There is no value ($$) in healing the sick or helping those that take hand outs from the government (the thieves, elderly and retired).

Mrs. Green Thumb

Mom's sister was interviewed by CNN a few days ago. What it was about was what she has done to her yard since moving to Las Vegas over 10 years ago. The link above will take you to her blog which will show you and tell you about this extraordinary women. Here is a hint of what CNN saw:

Vulcan Mineral's Reed Quarry in Livingston County, Kentucky

Good morning. It is quiet here at home. Mom is asleep and off work. I turned on music this morning (background instrumentals). As if I need the sounds in this quiet place on the planet. Kentucky is ideal but it's reputation sits out front with grandma with a corncob smoking pipe in a rocker and grandpa in his worn overalls and long Kentucky rifle. There meant to keep you away and they do.
Our schools are excellent and they do not cheat on their tests or shuffle papers around to please the government folks that pass out grants. Kentucky is green with rolling hills and well protected.

We took a cat to the vet because she had bad bladder infection. She may have passed a stone on her way home from the vet. We took her back and had an ex ray and she is free of any stones.

It is still dark out but some folks are out and on their way to the rock quarries and mines and factories still open. The bankers and clerks will not leave home until 8 am.
Rolling Hills-Laurel Rose took the photo.
Rolling Hills-Our old garden spot. The ice storm destroyed that tree you see.

The Rock Quarry mentioned was a mile or two as the bird flies from the Smithland Locks and Dam. The quarry on the map is light gray and is on the Cumberland River. SmithLand in on the Ohio River.

I walked across that dam every day for ten years come ice, snow or 105 degrees (coming and a going). Plus I climbed 118 steps to the top of the dam those ten years. My leg hurts.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Etch a Sketch to sue Apple tablet
When I joined the Army Corps of Engineers we had warehouses full of goods or we bought by box or freight car. We had a small warehouse at Lock and Dam 50 where we kept plumbing supplies and pipe for the lock wall and the homes. We had 4' X 8' steel plates and piles of sand for concrete mixtures. We had a paint shed full of gallons of paint.
When Ronald Reagan became president he eliminated our ability to store goods. He wanted us to go to town and get what we needed for a particular job and that was all. Be it one screw or one gallon of paint.
That eliminated the warehouse system which eliminated government warehousing and the private suppliers. Those suppliers went overseas where labor was cheaper. When the government filled their warehouse they stipulated United States local labor suppliers but Reagan was not into the warehouse systems of the government.

Nook Color

I was up in the middle of the night so I am up late this morning. Mom and I spent a comfortable day in Murray with our daughter and family. We carried with us a present we had for, "Dancer Girl" we had missed her birthday so we carried her gift to Murray yesterday. "Dancer Girl" showed us her new Nook which she got for her birthday. Mom was really impressed with the Nook and wanted one. Mom and I got "Dancer Girl" books for her birthday. We spent the day just visiting and enjoying the company of family.
No one was impressed about going out west this winter. So that is off.
Today I mow the lawn.
I went out to mow and the grass out there was soaking wet; so trimmed a tree.
It feels like rain outside. I got the yard mowed and tomorrow I will pickup the grass clippings.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The cool nights have cooled the pool and I like that. Mom likes a warmer pool but I like it as it was today.
Mom is off tomorrow and we will enjoy the day together. Life is simple with our children on their own. I asked mom to head to California to see my son this winter but she does not want to think about the cost. I say we will just drive my truck and get there.

Our Internet service has been blinking lately. It was knocking us out regularly (every other web page or maybe every minute or two) and asking us to reboot out service which we did. The signal was strong and powerful but the intermittence was aggravating. It seems fine this morning as AT&T monitored our service for the last 72 hours and were going to view the results this morning.

I must say that I am very happy with Windows 7.

Sullivan Ballou

From my step brother David

Presidential approval tracker

The news this morning.

Good Morning. Time passes and life moves on. We are saddened by the passing of a loved one and delighted by the birth of a child.
It is peaceful here in Western Kentucky this morning. There is steam on the windows in August which is very different from the dusty month of September.
We are going to take our cat to the vet this afternoon (bladder infection). I could just put her out and let life take care of itself or I could do as my wife says, "If the problem can be fixed let's take her to the vet."
The president ask me if I wanted health care for everyone and I said , "Yes." That never happened our country is not that wealthy. Maybe it is but those with the wealth are not going to share.
So mom and I can afford to take a cat to a vet. As a country we cannot care for the poor but as a family I can take our cat to a vet.
Well we tried to help everyone.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Yesterday was the Sabbath and Today is Sunday

I am up early this Sun Day; the sun may not see our home today for the thunder and lightning and much needed rain. This is the 3rd day of rain. The 1st day we just got threatened and damp and yesterday it just poured and poured until noon. Last night the storms came back and I hear them now as I speak.
I spent the day yesterday cleaning house and backing up mom's computer. I did one hard drive of hers and maybe tomorrow I will do the other.
Monday  August 8, 2011
I checked moms hard drive and everything that needed to be backed-up was placed on my back up drive. So that job is complete for now. The back up drive is a "FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Desk External Drive" and I am very happy with it. It was plug and play and it worked right out of the box with my Windows 7 operating system.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

The United States Federal Government pulled Standard and; Poor's licence to operate in the United States.

Next stop, Jupiter':
NASA's mission to the giant planet blasts off

Juno, NASA's newest mission to Jupiter, is on its way to the solar system's largest planet.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Crying in the chapel

I heard on the news last night the folks crying and whining because the stock market crashed.
I never heard such a cry.
They were bailed out when Obama was elected and greedily held on to their money and played with the stocks they had. They talked of the poor with smiling faces and they talked of the unemployed. They talked about the trends and the separation of the rich and the poor and they played with the stocks and kept their money. They counted and played the stock market. But those well dressed folk never cried until last night.

Well it is peaceful here at home. I was threatened last week by the T-Party but I am fine today. It is quiet today and mom is off work. I have been backing up my computer and mom's computer. Her computer has two large hard drives and it takes awhile to find the data that needs saving.
I wrote the president yesterday.
Happy Birthday Reva

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We went to town today and did some shopping. I am doing a "Prep Warm-Up" for the big party tomorrow and "Another Party" next week and the week after and the week after that.
I am up, Mom is off work. Yesterday I mended a net frame for our pool; it was made of plastic and contact cement seemed to work on it if I braced it with more plastic. It looks rough but maybe it will last the season.
Mom says we have 13 months and our mortgage will be paid in full. We are not planing on going anywhere as we had previously said we would. I somehow will winterize the pool so mom and I can swim year round.
I may have to build a pole barn over the pool.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I got Windows 7 for my birthday and I put in on my laptop. I am still working through the video that explains the program in detail. Thank you mom. I also got a roll of duct tape which always comes in handy.

Monday, August 1, 2011

John Hartford

Sometimes that wall is covered with snow and ice. 
Look at that wall.
There is water on both sides of it.
Water splashes up on the wall when they leave the lock.
 We ask them to take it easy but some just do not care.

It is dangerous out on the dam

It is a good morning on the planet earth but I do have some disrespectful feelings for my Kentucky politicians and the T Party in general for cutting the heart out of what is wonderful about America. There was always an awe in the way the government stood it's ground against raiders who threatened to take away what was decent about the American People. That trust was broken last week when they took us emotionally away from the fact that were were keeping their word. They laugh and hoop and jeered at those folks that worked so hard all their lives in the service of their country and wished that they felt as they do.
I once wrote that America was going down to the level of China and Asia as far as wages go. I have no love for China as it copied everything the United States made including the money and does not give a dam what we think about copyrights or patents. As I said before I am sure that China flooded it's banks with currency (US Forgeries) that it printed so as to bolster their economy and offer our companies incentives to build there. It worked great because everyone I know is suffering from lost wages and economic good health.

This statement pretty well sums it up for me and we (Mom and I) paid a high price for it,
"Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s remarkably honest confession to National Journal’s Major Garrett that “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president”"