Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wall Street Pharaoh

There is a federal employee in each one of us. Our founding fathers gave each one of us the freedom to be part of the government. I realize that property and wives were not included in this theme from day one but we have adjusted their thoughts to remove the slavery and to give the wife the freedom she deserves. 

Somehow down the line the idea of us all being part of the one got separated and the government became them. 

I do not know how to fix or maybe fix is not the word to use to help us with what our founding fathers wanted each of us to know. I wish I could fix it but I can only be me with my understanding of the planet. 

We are not ants or bees with a social structure or we may think we are not like them. 

We have bowed to the crossed pieces of wood held high to the sky and we know we are not hexed by the sermon of mankind. 

So why the changes; is it our ability to be part of the one (the jobs). Are we just wandering; wanting to know why we cannot be part of the whole as we were. Well times have changed and yes you can be part of the whole at a minimum wage. 

I have lived long enough not to worry about it but you youngster will be part of Moses children and ask God to ask Moses to free you. That will take a struggle because the Wall Street Pharaoh will not give up his slaves.

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  1. All of us are part of the government just as long as we run for office or vote. If you choose to do neither then you just don't care about the government. Sometimes people are elected and after we see their work or deeds, we don't like them, so we send someone else in there to try and replace them. The government is still us and made up of the citizens of this country.

    Unfortunately we have all been living the good life for many years and it has finally caught up with some people and especially with the government because it deals with so many people and so much money. They let, and we let them, the government, get out of hand. Now we need to cut up their credit cards and let the government make some drastic cuts. It will hurt everyone and be just like each one of us going bankrupt.