Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good Evening,
Our home heats up funny. the south side retains heat and gives it back to us when we do not want it.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Good Morning,
The words were there on the tip of my tongue and by the time pen reach paper the words were there but I could not remember them. They were nice words.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


 Good Morning,
Mom gave the kittens some canned cat-food a few days ago. Well this little orange kitten ate like a pig and the other kittens ate just a little. About an hour latter the mother cat called her kittens and the kittens came over and started nursing. The orange kitten that over ate came by a little later. She just laid on the other kittens while they were nursing. She farted (loud enough for me to look down at the mom and kittens) and pooped all over the other kittens and the mother cat realized immediately what happened and started cleaning up the mess; it wasn't much but enough to wake the mother and make her clean the kittens and their bottoms..

It is Wednesday and the planet is recovering from a massive flood, an earthquake an a extremely large Hurricane.
Do these floods, hurricanes and earthquakes happen everyday. I know for a fact that India floods during the monsoon season and that I can read about any one of those circumstance every day in the newspaper of newsreel.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

4 Weeks Old

Good Morning,
The Kittens are about 4 weeks old as of Monday. Some are going to the bathroom in the kitty liter(just the beginning), most are eating cat food (just the beginning).
They are sleeping at my feet as I type.Their mom is on a hamper just vegging out. She is a great mom. she want to go out and catch a mouse or get pregnant but she is not allowed outside. she will go to the vet soon.

Monday, September 11, 2017


September 11, 2001 
Delicate Being

We are so vulnerable. Our hearts are very strong. But when it comes to violence our body cannot protect itself without help. I was told that a plane had hit one of the World Trade Center Buildings in New York. I walked over and looked at the TV, as I watched the fire and smoke in one building, another plane flew right into the other building. I knew then that something was not right. I knew that something evil was taking place right before my eyes. I realized that human bodies were being consumed by fire and wreckage. The intense heat was vaporizing human lives in those buildings. 
I knew that the smoke was going to smother the lives of human beings trapped in the upper stories of these two buildings. As I watched in amazement white/gray smoke fell slowly to the ground. 
I thought to myself, " The other building is disappearing and falling to the ground." The concrete from the building was falling on human beings and disintegrating them right before my eyes. 
This catastrophe was pulverizing human life. More that two thousand human lives were being blown to bits by the heavy weight and pressure of the falling building. The vaporized bits of concrete and human beings formed a cloud that billowed over the earth. This dust of human form and concrete settled on the earth. Only pieces of life were blown away to fall to the ground and settle into their own dust. I watched again as the second building fell in the same manner with the same results. 
It is difficult to understand why another human being would take pride in seeing this happen. 
It is difficult to understand why any one would think that this was good and that god would approve of this violence. The dust of these human beings will settle over the earth. The dust that is choking me was once alive, a life with a family. 
Where is the value in the lighthearted flower? 
Could I paint a wonderful picture of a mare standing with her foal behind a black fence swishing 
her tail in the colors of the fall foliage? 
Would there be any harm in painting a picture like that. 
Could I write a poem about dreams in an obscure language making it flow with delight? 
Would there be any harm in that? 
I have wonderful choices. So why can't the world have those choices? 
Where did the world depart in the wonderful dreams of youth? 
Are we going to stand up and say what is on our minds? 
I think the world knows that we are divided and together as one. 
We will all behave differently. 
We will condemn violence but we will try to stop a recurring ball from bouncing out of control. 
Will our words make sense? Nope! 
Our emotions will tell the story. 
In the minds of the young, terrorism has sealed it's own coffin. 
The world now knows that death of two thousand people will not solve any of their problems. 
Like an old factory, the framework of their minds will have to be retooled. 
They'll have to update their thoughts and realize that violence does not solve anything. 
They are condemned in the minds of the world. 
The prison is in their minds; the falling building will fall repeatedly in their dreams. 
The screams of the children of god will slide down their walls.

Hurricanes and Earthquakes

Good Morning,
Did a piece of the huge ice have something to do with the size of the storm we just had? Some say yes and some say no. What caused the ice to melt? A belching volcano or a long line of autos going to work in California. A couple days later this monster hurricane swamped Houston. That must be the moon. I felt the earth shake a few days ago and read about the shaking in Idaho. 
In Idaho?
That’s got to be Fracking!
One thing I did notice this week was that they build their homes in Florida to withstand strong winds. I think maybe Houston will make their homes as strong as Florida’s and also on stilts or privileged manmade hills.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

Good Morning,
When I came out into the living room this morning the kittens were out hanging around and playing. Now they are comfortably stuffed between the sofa and chair.
I have been online, off and on, looking for the results and video of the band festival in Paducah. Mom said that Allison said they won everything, Best Class A, Grand Champion, Best Guard, Best Percussion.
Congratulations to the Murray Tiger Band.
One granddaughter is the Field Commander Drum Major, the other granddaughter plays the clarinet in the band.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Grandpas Writing

Why did I write what I did? I understood that my writing was very primitive. I did understand that I had a voice and the ability to speak my mind because of our United States Constitution. When I wanted to talk I realized that the Internet was offering space to place what I thought online. The cost was only $12.99 per month to have some space to speak my mind. Society, via the community, said you are not qualified to perform and speak your mind.  I gave it some thought and read about writing and looked at some writing, I listened to music and I wondered about the cadence of text or voice. I realized that words were placed into sentenced and I knew a little about nouns and verbs. I said just do it and not worry about not knowing about writing. So, I started writing and placed a background under my text because the program I was writing on said that I could do it, so I did it. I had learned some time ago that placing or setting a presentation to please the eye, it would go well with what I was writing. I learn to center my text according to what I wanted to highlight or place it as I thought, sometimes with a cadence and sometimes with nothing but a short sentence.
After about 4 years someone said that it was hard to understand but the more you read it the more the feeling was understood. I soon learned to write immediately as the thought came to mind. After a bit, I wanted to understand what I was writing so I looked and looked and the word “muse” came closest to the way I was writing. So, I name my writing after what my grandmother called me, “Tomas” and the word “Muse”. I started to edit my work but first I had to understand what I wrote and soon realized that the writing was sometimes very profound. My daughter said that what I wrote would sometime in the future reach the classrooms of America. I was pleasantly surprised at the complement.
I needed to know about copywrites and looked it up. I found out that by placing it on line was the same as publishing it and that would protect it if I placed a copywrite on it. I also sent a copy to my wife via the postal service.
Some of the webpages were suitable as computer art. I soon realized the project itself was very good computer art with beautiful profound writing.
Somebody said put it in a book and I realized that the art and text would be too expensive and that the space online would just be OK as it was. Folks could download a page and print it with quality paper and ink and it would be just fine.
The printing industry changed making it possible to place my writing in a book; by doing so I had to give up the artistic backgrounds. The writing was good and worth the prices I asked. The price is there because I wanted my grandchildren to profit on grandpas writing in the future.

Thursday, September 7, 2017


Good Evening,
We have spent all the money there is; so, we are going to live day by day; being mildly wealthy we have a lot of good toys, a laptop, earphones and the Internet is paid for the month. So, I am going to write and listen to music as a wealthy man’s poverty. Burritos, grilled cheese, coffee, tea and oatmeal; kittens and cats; letters and chats with family.
I project images and video on my TV thanks to technology. I can live stream CNN and CBS. I can visit with folks on The Screen Savers via TWIT. I can spin colors on computers.

I got to play with the kittens today. They are learning, walking and soon (days) will be eating Kitten Chow. They are trying to climb using their claws. Their mom is a good mom.
The kittens are piled up in a gap between two sofas.

Monday, September 4, 2017


Good Morning,
The tires are delayed for one day as yesterday was Labor Day.
 Hopefully they will call today between 10 am and 1 PM. They said the truck comes between those hours depending on how full the truck is and how long it takes to make deliveries.
I have felt pretty good these last few days and the pool warned back up to 80 degrees after falling below 70 degrees. I will get in the pool this morning and clean it.
Sometimes there are places I go on the Internet that add extensions to my computer.  Sometimes it is easy to remove and sometimes they embed themselves deep into the heart of the computer; when that happens I restore my computer to a factory setting; after I save my photos, documents and good downloads to my back up exterior hard drive.
After I do that the computer is like new and then I have to have a page with all my passwords and what programs I have to download all over again.
I do that about every month up to 60 days before I screw things up and download a Trojan Horse. I had one Trojan Horse go after my back up system and delete it. I had to resort to a factory download  system from Dell.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

2 Tires For The Truck

Good Morning,
My front tires are leaking air. I inspected them and they are done. I am going to buy two new tires and put them on the back of my truck and put the old tires that I had in the back, up front. I will wait a couple of months then buy 2 more tire for the truck.
I will buy the 2 new tires Monday; I will also change the oil at that time.