Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Good Morning,
I am up early this morning; I was up at 4 AM. While I was up I did a load of clothes inn our new washing machine.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

This and That

Good Morning, 
We were going to get an air conditioner for my truck but when our washer started filling up with water when it was off we knew it was time for a new washer; our dishwasher was not drying the dishes and not washing them unless you ran it twice. So I decided to get a washer and dishwasher with out tax refund.
Ever since our HP printer died our," All in One" was using too many ink cartridges, so we are getting a new printer with the balance of the tax return. A good quality printer that does not nickle and dime you. 
Some time back I pulled the handle off my tailgate on my truck so  went and got a new one and I put it on yesterday.
We put the inside cats outside yesterday, they were not pleased; the weather is nice and they are outside cats 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Some Change

Good Morning,
Mom took the bookshelves in the hallway partly down so that her appliances can travel to the laundry room. I took down the clothes rack in the laundry room for the same reason.

Mom and I took down our festive colored lights and Christmas decor to change the view. Today I will move Jason's chair to the center of the room so that we have more room at the entrance to the outdoors.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Good Friend Died

Obituary for James "Herschel" Belt

James "Herschel" Belt, 81, of Marion, KY. died Thursday February 15, 2018 at his home in Marion, KY. He was a member, Deacon and co-founder of Unity General Baptist Church, board member of the West Kentucky Association of General Baptist Churches, United States Army Veteran and he served as a tank driver for the 2nd Armored Division under the command of General George Patton IV who was responsible for naming the unit "Hell On Wheels".

Survivors include his wife, Lorna Sue Belt of Marion, KY.; children, Randy (Latisha) Belt of Marion, KY. and Angie (Matt) Prowell of Fredonia, KY.; brother, Bobby L. Belt of Marion, KY.; grandchildren, Bristyn Prowell and Colin and Devin Belt and great granddaughter, Kendall Buell.

He was preceded in death by his father, James Ruie "Doc" Belt and mother, Ollie Mae Williams; infant daughter, Y'Vonne Gay Belt; 3 sisters and 2 brothers.

Services are scheduled for 1 PM Sunday February 18, 2018 at Unity General Baptist Church in Crayne, KY. with interment in Dunn Springs Cemetery. The family will receive visitors from 5-8 PM Saturday at Gilbert Funeral Home in Marion, KY. and from 10 AM until service time Sunday at the church.

Donations may be made to the West Kentucky General Baptist Association.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

New Book

Good Morning.
My new book is good enough to make 2 movies. The back cover story itself would make a great movie. And the story inside would be another great movie. Here's the book see for yourself.

Click Here to see it on Amazon

Monday, February 12, 2018


Good Morning,
I just published a new book, it is a Novella which is in-between a Novel and a short story. It is science fiction murder mystery.
I enjoyed writing it but could not make it bigger. It would be a great movie.It has something completely new in it.

Friday, February 2, 2018

Good Morning,
I have been busy writing, doing chores, doodling and surfing the network.                 

Monday, January 15, 2018

We Ruined Their Wedding Photos

Good Evening,
Generally my wife and I were the scapegoats of most conversations. Most folks except us as we are but folks like Trump (for example) will be cruel with their speech and generally shun us. They will say, "At least I am honest."
" You know that you Ruined our Wedding Pictures!"
That always makes the mind feel " not wanted" and maybe lets you think maybe they should of did something at our birth?
Sometimes people remind us that we are the black sheep; our wool does not make white shirts.
I realize that is not right and my grandmother in Pasadena knew right from wrong and taught me well but it hurts when the mind goes there oh.

"Hello in There" by John Prine

Good Morning,
I do not know much about my mothers mom Aurelia Chavez Arellanes and her half sister Epigmenia (Mena) Chavez. Mena was a nun that came to our home every Christmas (there was a picture of Mena in the entryway right next to the piano on the wall. She had long Indian braids in the photo) and Grandma and Mena would make Buñuelos (pictured at left). Aurelia Chavez Arellanes, had been well-educated in a convent located, we believe, in Pinos Altos near Chihuahua, Mexico. She had a half-sister, Epigmenia Chavez Hurtado.Don't know much about my mother's family.

My grandmother read the bible constantly in bed and she always had the Watchtower there close by to read. She took me to a tent revival in Los Angeles in the 1940's. It was a series of huge tents and the picture of the event is pictured below.  (my aunts and mom went to the Methodist Church in Pasadena.)
This photo looks exactly how I pictured it in my mind. We went by Pacific Electric Trolley to the events and it always made me car sick (I was always car sick, I stuttered badly and constantly wet the bed).
This is also how we went to see my aunt Virginia in the two story housing projects of Los Angeles.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

Good Morning.
I watched a program on drones with four props.They seem to be inexpensive as do the 3D printers.