Monday, March 25, 2019

Basketball 2019

I noticed that the teams in the March Madness tournament are much bigger, faster, stronger and much more accurate in making baskets than any other time in history.
The stamina that was displayed in the Kentucky – Wofford Game was utterly amazing.

Monday, March 18, 2019

Computer Art

Computer Art and Text

Though the opening I could see the drawing on the wall of the cave. 

The fire was throwing warm light, creating movement in the still night. 

I sat, watching the drawing on the wall. 

They had painted the sun on the cave wall. 

I remember back this morning, feeling depressed and sad. 

I had felt that the world was against me. 

I had felt the pain in the back of my head. I had felt terrible.

I thought I knew what to do, so I had walked to the side of this mountain and gathered some wood and kindling.

I had sparked a fire with flint in this cave. 

The first time I had seen the drawing, it had reminded me of how simple the past can communicate with the present. The simple drawing of the sun on the cave wall 

spoke of a time past.

The time where one human decided to communicate with the future. 

They decided to tell us that they knew the sun. 

The simple drawing, a old circle and radiating lines told of emotions gone by. 

They told the story of someone drawing in this cave. 

The life trying to reach forward into the future. 

A life with a history, a life willing to create a drawing. 

A life whose time frame has long since gone. 

A life that had lived and loved, fought and cried. 

A life that had walked and talked in this cave.

A life that had seen the sun. 

Sitting in this cave I look at the sun and realized that I am not alone. 

Someone has left a message on this wall.

I watch the drawing as the fire's reflection plays tricks and dance on this wall.

I know that someone else has sat here and watched this sun as it danced and entertained them so long ago. 

My sadness is long gone, as I slowly understand what I see, the muscle in my neck has relaxed, the pain I understand. It leaves my body. 

I'll come back here and sit at some other time. 

I'll again share the time with the one who painted the sun.

Words & Graphics by Tom Diaz



Creating objects to see/feel/hear/sense/understand. Drawing a line to the center of your horizon and then down to the pot of gold. Turning a piece of chalk sideways and sweeping a rainbow across the sky. Using a computer to link thousands of people together and show them colors and thought.

Opening one’s mouth, pushing sound out into the atmosphere. Communicating with people, animals and large antennae boxes (across the room) with practiced sounds, created languages.

The internet

A web of telephones lines created by the military for speech and given to the public. Control of the internet is being fought for by the people that like to make money, whether they will come out on top remains to be seen. There is still a lot of areas that are still without advertising. Hopefully this site will remain so. I do find it annoying to see an advertisement pop up before my/your eyes. I see people work/program around adds.

Combine Speech and the Internet 

You have a forum to speak your mind, though it is not entirely free, it does let you speak your mind to the point of being heard by any group of people. Indeed, a very vocal way of speaking your piece.
A very inexpensive way of talking to millions. Being part of the democracy/or some part of some community. 

Did the cave man talk to rocks, throw a tomato at his wall, then stop and stare at his creation, waving his hands in the air in frustration over what the lady of the dell had said just that afternoon. Have you ever walked along your path speaking to yourself, waving your hands in gestures of composition? Watchers of the great games speak and yell at black boxes plugged into the walls of their fortune.
I place little marks that we understand on this computer screen, and guess what?
You read/understand some of what is placed in this area.
Turn a piece of chalk sideways and sweep a rainbow across the sky.

As we walk, we leave behind the past and step into the future. Some of us would rather step back in time and live a simple existence. Some like myself, step into this electronic media. I jump into this pot of human behavior.
The Internet has provided for me a place to speak. A place where I pay for the space to set my thoughts and remembrances of family and friends. Unique, how time travels online to you. I can set an emotion of love or hate. You as the reader can say bullshit and walk away or you can walk up the incline of our rainbow and see the earth with a different perspective. Amazing what our little brains can do, spinning yarns into quilts of friendships. It rains in colorful patterns here.
Here I can create woven patterns of thought, never needing anyone to define my attitude or presentation. This can be crap on one page and pure genius on another. These are the steps we are undertaking into human behavior and electronic arts. Good or bad.