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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wasps and Pools

Good Morning,
I am puttung dryer strips around the pool to keep the wasps from nesting in the area; I got stung a couple of times and I do not like it.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Adjust Pool

Good Morning,
I spent the day watching the kittens and working on the pool; I have everything hooked up, all I have to do is clean the pool, buy more chemicals.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Play Ball


Pool and Kittens

Good Morning,

The winter cover is off the pool and the pool looks clean. I will start the pool with Natural Chemistry Pool First Aid treatment.
3 of the kittens spent the night under the couch; I had looked everywhere for them. My clue was their mother who went to the couch and meowed. I have a two bt four under the edge to keep mice from geting away from cats.

2:00 PM
Because the Bungee Cords were covered they did not deteriorate; Sunshine is death for plastic lines and Bungee Cords; because these were in water and covered they look brand new and it looks as if I may use them again next year.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Making Changes

Good Morning,
Worked on the pool yesterday. I am going to put a summer facet on the deck so we do not have to walk around to turn on the faucet. I will just put a winter cut off in the house. 
They saw their mom eating out of the pan and decided to try it too. I got mad at them for getting under the chairs in the living room. Hopefully they will understand the danger. I am not sure whether their hiding from me or just trying to find a comfortable spot with no TV lights.

11:40 PM
Just now got up, I could not find the kittens, they must be under the bed. I filled the pool with water and tomorrow I will remove the winter cover. The bungee cords hopefully will keep the cover from getting to deep in the water.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Gettimg Ready to Swim

Good Morning,
My son in law brought my truck home so I could take a chipper shredder to the dump. It rained all day.
Today I will continue to take off the blue tarp off the solar heater and then start hooking up the pool. Photo of half the blue tarp.
 In the photo you can see the stockings covering the pipe opening. The stocking lets the air and water out and keeps wasps, mice and spiders from creating nests which block the flow of water.
With our garden hose that I roll up for the winter I just screw both ends together after I drain the hose for winter.

Friday, April 21, 2017


Good Morning,
The kittens have taken over Allison's Room. They still go home to sleep but they roam like adventurers; it almost scares me. I try to count heads every time I go in there. Last night I heard a kitten crying and looked up and at my feet on the bed was a kitten trying to get off the bed. One black kitten went into the kitchen and got the mother cat so she could nurse; mother cat took the kitten back into the room and nursed the kitten.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Do Da Do Da

Good Morning,
Besides the fact that I work outside I also work inside doing sewing chores like replacing my soles of my house slippers which did not work out at all and I did throw them away. I have some great underwear that is lasted a long time except for the fact that the elastic is not holding. This morning I am putting belt loops on my underwear so hopefully they will be useful; I have some old "T" shirts that are rags now but the neck and bottom seem seem to be strong as ties (belt) and loops. I can wear these at home.
10 AM
I finished the belt loops for the belt.
Went out and took part of the cover off the solar heater then the wind and rain started blowing hard and stopped me; I got half of it off, folded and put away. I moved the chipper shredder out front ( it was heavy and hard to move in the wet grass). It very tall and top heavy so I will lay it down in the truck. I have an old solar cover that is going to the dump.
We are doing like my daughter and making things instead of buying things.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Rain Rain Rain

Good Morning,
It rained all day yesterday and I created a space for the cats to run. They only know one side of the playground; they have not found ( the under the bed part by the window) part of the playground yet. I am not going to show them, they will figure it out. They have not found the tunnel and where it goes.
Tuesday Afternoon:
The kittens found the passageway and they started climbing over the fence, running under the bed and going through the tunnel.
Then they slept for 8 hours.

Monday, April 17, 2017


I brought the kittens out for some exorcise and it was I who got the exorcise. After about 20 minutes and them going into places I cringed and took them back into the bedroom. I may fix them a run in there.
8;00 AM
I made an escape run for the kittens, by the east window and under the bed and a climb over run in front of the TV and dresser. It confines them and lets them explore and still keeps their safe place intact.