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Monday, January 23, 2017

Over a Week?

Good Morning, 
I have lost a week of posting here at this blog, Well I have been busy doodling for the last week here at this website; I have doodled up to page 32 as of today. That seems to be where I have been for the last week. I did write a report on the NARFE Website. Which I turned in last Friday. We were supposed to go to Eliana 's Concert Saturday but Laurel got sick Friday night and we did not go to the concert. By Sunday Laurel was feeling better and that was good, I was a bit worried but it was just something she ate that had caused the problem.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Sun Day

Good Morning,
We have clouds; you know the clouds of winter, here it is rain. I am watching Kentucky play basketball. Making some drawings for our coloring book.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Windy and Cold.

Good Morning,
We spent the day yesterday with our daughter in Murray. We had a good time and we had a lot to do. We ate out and enjoyed our time with her and Jason. The kids were in school.
The weather may turn bad today as a hit or miss type of weather.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I rode my bike to Longden Elementaty School

Dennis at right in the back of the picture at Longden Elementary School in Temple City, California; I think the photo was taken in 1954 and I think that was our PE teacher and he was blind. I played the trombone in the school band. I think my teacher was Miss Cunningham. Knowing me It was probably the 1st day of Summer School. I remember throwing someone tennis shoes above Miss Cunningham's School Clock in the back of the room.   
I remember while riding to school from home someone yell at me and told me to go back to where I came from; I had read and heard about prejudices but I did not know what it was until that day.

In the photo below we lived near the corner of Sultana and Emperor  (on Emperor). I played in the school band for two years there (7th and 8th grade).

This is a photo of me in my Freshman year at Temple City High School. The year is 1956; that is me in my band uniform with my white bucks and trombone while Elvis sang about his Blue Suede Shoes. I had a flat top haircut (long sides-short top).
The tall palms are on Rosemead Blvd and where I'm standing is behind Emperor Ave. and Sultana Ave. Under the Tall Palm was an apricot tree which we ate all the fruit off of ripe or green.
From here is where we road our bikes to the foothills of the mountains.

While living in Temple City we decided to take a bicycle trip to the foothills of the Sierra Madre which were nearby. We decided to go to the mountains, all six of us decided to peddle our bikes up to those foot hills which were about four miles away. David and I, Diane and Sandy, Ron and Jerry, we always paired ourselves off in groups of age. We rode our bikes as far as we could peddle up Rosemead Boulevard. and headed strait to the mountains. After crossing Colorado Boulevard. We had to walk alongside our bikes the last mile. When we finally arrived at the foothills, the road ended, all that we saw was some private property. We looked for a neat place to go, there was none. We were very disappointed. When our father took us to the mountains we always had to turn and twist up the side of the mountain ending up at some wild campground or private pay park. With no park or camp ground nearby, we were disappointed, we talked and discussed our next move. Nowhere to go, it was decided to go back home. It had taken about an hour to reach the foothills. 
Coming back home was going to be a breeze, it was downhill all the way. 
We started back, our bikes started picking up speed on our downhill journey, 
I finally had to take my feet off the peddles and put them on steel brace, my peddles were moving to fast to brake or peddle. 
I flew through red lights, green lights, amber lights, I could not stop for any traffic. 
Our hair was flying in the California breeze. 
I never stopped or thought that our lives were in danger. 
I guess I was the fool 
I left everyone else behind, 
I guess that they did stop at the lights. 
I finally coasted to a stop, 
I waited and let everyone else catch up. 
We were all thrilled about our journey. 
Our parents never did say anything to us about our trip.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Stove Top Steam

Good Morning,

We put a pan of water on the stove to open up or heads (open passages) with humidity in the 40 % area. When it gets 30% our noses get dry and you can feel it. If the humidity gets too high then you are subject to mold and messing up electronic devices, smartphones, tablets , desktops, TV's Radios ,etc.

I was making myself a mug of coffee when I saw the full grown orange/white short hair cat outside eating cat chow, I opened the door and asked the cat, "Where is the baby kitty at? " and as soon as I said that the kitten ran over to the foot of the steps and looked into the sliding window. I asked the kitten if she wanted to come in and she kind of ran away a few steps. I walked away so she could eat cat chow.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Today's Post

Good Morning,
Here is today's post and I wanted to normalize my being. The point here is to tell you that normal is the point here. my life is not filled with colorful computer games or flowering shrubs in our living area; we do have Christmas decorations as color. But the meaning of this post is that I do not need to be elsewhere; this area of the planet is very peaceful and it has not been invaded by authority or terror. God is here as god is not here which is easy to understand. I am in the place provided.
One thing about being old and retired is that i can do chores in the middle of the night. I explained how old age has put a damper on how long I do chores until the leg starts to get fuzzy (electric) ; then I stop and rest; I have plenty of stamina but the back says work until I say stop.
You should of seen me the other day when i decided to fix the Futon Couch. I had studied what i had to do and I went to the hardware store and bought what I needed. Next I need some rest and time to do it. I bees waxed the wooden slides, replaced the old screws with stronger screws and braced everything up on the Futon. It works like new and feels new.
What i wanted to talk about was getting ready to fix the Futon and that required I remove the huge Floppy Cushion into the other room or hallway. It was like lifting a 100 lb noodle, the cushion would flop on me and tumble me backwards or tumble me forward in the wrong direction; I finally got smart and threw a rope around it and lifted it upright; I looked like a huge tamale lifting a huge wet burrito; when I was done I was sore and knew that moving the cushion required help. Men do things that hurt because they are required to do so. I was always sore when i worked at the dam.


Good Morning,
It is early Monday Morning and I thought I had not posted here in a week. But I found all these drafts and I posted them here today.

Chewie Loves Johnny 12/22/2016

I opened the cat door a couple of weeks ago and ever since Johnny and Chewie come and go sometimes together and sometimes by themselves. Johnny loves to Tom Cat around and at those times Chewie is on her own. Dolly and Loretta go out on occasion but Chewie and Johnny spend a good deal of time outside. We are now feeding the cats inside, before I opened the cat door we were feeding skunks, two neighboring cats and an opossum.
We did not say anything to anyone but we lost George; that was the reason for opening the cat door.

Written 1/1/2017

Good Morning, 

I sit in the stands and watch life move around me, I participate a little but not so much any more; my limbs are fading gray and within 20 years may simple go their way.

Books (Written 1/ 4/2017)

Good Morning,
I may put my books in a binder for Coffee Table Top Viewing. You may also do the same thing.Get a copy of my HTML books and view them in word. The basic format in word is 8.5 X 11 inches. Print out each page in high quality paper that can be printed on both sides. Print page 1 on one side and print page 2 on the other. Place the printed page in a sleeve then  place it in a binder.