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Saturday, October 1, 2016

Red Truck Battery

Good Morning,

I went to get my red truck and the battery was dead. The sticker on the battery said it was 12 years old. We had to go to NAPA and get another battery.
12 years for a battery is pretty good; we were surprised at the age of the battery. We had to get a heavy duty battery because of the engine on the truck.
They did a nice job on the truck, new lights on both sides, new front end, same hood.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Ice in a Bucket

Book vs eBook

A book has paper and cardboard, glue and ink; normally not much weight unless you are reading, "Under The Dome" by Stephen King, then it is a tiring book. Under the Dome as an eBook is as heavy as a eBook Reader, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop.
The eBook itself is only electronic.
Kindles, Nooks, Tablets and Software to view the book.

Football Season

Good Morning,
I did everything out at the pool but vacuum the solar panels; this is dependent on the rain since electricity and moisture do not work or rain, no vacuum.

It is early, very early, I fell asleep watching a football game.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pool Maintenance

Good Morning,
I slept late; did not awake until 4:30 AM. Mom and I are both up. Yesterday I dropped the water in the pool; today I will open all the plugs, unions and caps and cover the openings with nylon stockings to let the water drain and keep the bugs out. I do not want bugs creating winter homes in my water lines. I do this with most of  the openings on the pool every winter. Just about everything needs to drain in the winter; water freezes in the winter and expands and that may crack plastic housing or hoses. I will vacuum out  the solar heater and cover it with bubble wrap and a tarp. I will try to do most of that today.
10:00 AM
I did everything but vacuum it started to Fall Mist but I did take it all apart and covered and drained well.
I just have to drain the solar heater and vacuum out the water. Cover it with bubble wrap and tarp.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

My eBooks and a eBook Reader

I have looked at the E PUB Readers and I found thar Windows 10 "freda" is the best for my 4 books. freda works with the E PUB files. The other 2 files that are available are HTML Files and PDF Files.

E PUD Files = freda Reader
HTML Files = Chrome
PDF Files =  Acrobat Reader DC


Good Morning,
I was completely exhausted after putting on the winter cover. It was not difficult just time consuming and at my age I do not have the stamina to work very hard. I can ride a machine but standing and walking are not working for me. The folks in the photos are standing up doing their work.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Pool Pie

Good Morning,

I have my Bungee Cords across our pool, all I have to do now is put the winter cover on the pool and drop the pool, disconnect all the lines, drain all the lines including the solar cover, cover all the holes (that keeps the bugs and varmints out) and the final task is put everything away in my blue container. I will cover the solar heater with bubble wrap and a tarp for the winter.

I awoke at midnight, stayed up  for about an hour and went back to bed and woke up at 5:00 AM. It is chilly outside; up front it is 45 degrees and outback by the deck it is 51 degrees. When the temperature drops like that then we have fog as the heat leave the earth (soil, trees, buildings). Each cord is tied off between each section of the pool; it was difficult to do when i had only 4 or 4 cords on; but when I was done I could see where there was no cord and I simply moved the cord to that particular center. The photo top left will help me next year put the bungee up as I will start at one particular point (I have the points in the photo below) and continue by clockwise with each new bungee cord.

9: 00 AM
I started putting the black winter cover on the pool; it was hard to do but it did not fall into the pool. I will do more tomorrow.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Winterize the Pool

Good Morning,

I shocked the pool for winter (a lot more shock) and I put the cable on the pool. The cable will hold the bungee cords; which will keep the winter cover off the water for winter but the cover wall still be anchored to the cable. "Double Whammy".
9:30 AM
I am taking a break from the work. I am done with the coffee, now for some tea.
11:00 AM
Taking another break; my back aches, I not hurting myself, I am just worn out from 75 years of work. I got two cords on and it is taking time because I keep adjusting them trying to find the right center of the pie.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Spell Creases

Good Morning,
I had a good nights sleep, I fell asleep watching football; I am not sure who was playing; but I think it was a Kentucky football game.
I am stiff this morning, sore this morning. yesterday I was up early and did wash all my clothes; I left 2 shirts in the dryer and they looked like an accordion. I will have to soak them in water to take the sharp creases out. (It took a better part of a minute to spell "creases" this morning).