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Monday, August 29, 2016

History and Law

Good Morning, 
I am not certain as to what I am to write about but I normally just write and the answers just come out. Mom told me some time ago not to write about her so I just avoid talking about her. 
That always leaves a void in my thoughts as she has lived here with me for 47 years now.
Any way the purpose of the blog is to let folks know that normal in this part of the planet has little violence because most folks obey law handed down from generation to generation and that law evolves with the technologies available. 
It is funny that some folks that believe that we are wrong about technology being good; use technology (The Internet, smartphones and bombs (All used to together to explode.)) to kill.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rain and 75 Years

It started raining at 3:30 PM and it just quit a 3:45 PM; it was just a cloud over our heads but it poured for those 15 minutes.
I have spent 75 years on this planet; I have left some good things behind; some are children and some are thoughts.
I have good memories to display.

LX 176 and Insurance

Good Morning,
I am up early this morning. yesterday I finished fixing my LX 176 Lawn Tractor shoot. Then I came in and watched movies or old TV shows on Netflix.  I watch one on mom desk top with her big screen while sitting on the couch in the Computer Room; mom was taking a nap.
The TV series I am watching is called  "Limitless".
I feel good physically and mentally. We are in the process of getting life insurance for mom (it is for me to use in case mom has a problem). 

Taking advantage of today’s technology to see the planet and listen to the voices/songs of humanity.

When did you miss the place where we as humans are good at learning good things what school did you grow up in that you have to teach youngsters to blow the crap out of society or that you as humans learned to love the butchering of human beings?

I grew up in the United States and I see that everyone wants to send their children here to learn what is good about society.

Tomas Muse


Saturday, August 27, 2016

lawn Tractor Shoot

Good Morning,
Well it rained here in town last night; today I am going to rivet a new piece of plastic on my lawn tractor shoot on my old LX 176 Lawn Tractor. You can see the condition of the shoot in the photo below.
Well I got the job done but I am not sure that it will hold up; the piece is strong but not as strong as the flexible old shoot. It looks good; if I would of glued an old piece of my old "T" Shirt then maybe it would last. In the bottom photo I am wearing the "T" shirt on the dam at lock 50..

Friday, August 26, 2016

How Tall are You and How Old Are You?

Good Morning,
We have been outside this morning and one of our deck chairs is full of holes and we need another Samsonite cover. I also took photos of our height panels, so I am placing them here as an place to save them plus the terabyte drive and mom's computer.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Repair LX 176

Good Morning,
Today I will change the gas, change the gas filter, clean the spark plug, fill the tires with air and try and start my old mower.
I may fix the hood if I can. I looked on YouTube and they should me how to fix the hood. Here is the video.  I can get both items at Walmart or Home Depot.
12 Noon
I cleaned the spark plug, changed the gas filter, charged the battery, filled the tires with air and took off the broken section of the hood.. Tomorrow I will change the oil and replace the spark plug.
The LX 176 runs well. It does need new blades for the mower deck.
I found a new spark plug in one of the kits I had out in the shed and there was a new spark plug for my LX 176.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Coffee, Orange Juice, Pepper and Code Liver Oil

Good Morning,

Well I had a hang over until I got my fix of coffee. Yes I am addicted to coffee. I have been drinking it since I was about 4 years old; that is 71 years of coffee for this body of mine. I also drank orange juice, pepper and code liver oil mixed in a glass; it had to be stirred as nothing in the glass stayed put, the oil would either go down or up and the pepper would color the top black. You had to have courage to drink it.

Another Moment in Time

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Good Morning

I am fine mentally and spiritually; I know some answers to my physical problems.

Why would I have an acid reflux problem?

Good Morning, 
I am up early; I talked to the doctor and the conclusion that I came away with was that the dust in the air while mowing and picking up grass clippings and the fumes from the paint stripper and other solvents irritated my lungs and esophagus and caused a problem.

Gas Mask.

Do you remember me saying that the smog in Pasadena was so thick I could not see the mountains that were 15 miles away when I was a child; or me saying that the Navy told me that I had bronchitis and treated me for it; or that I sanded floors and treated floors withe solvents and floor finishes with fumes; that I worked on the river lock that locked boats with barges laden with all assorted chemicals and dust from coal, rocks, dry cement; that I mowed grasses at the dam in dusty conditions; that I painted the homes at the dam and used solvents.