Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lack of Funds for Mantiance

I am pretty sure that the State of Indiana did not maintain their Fairground like they normally do. That is the cost of down sizing state governments. There is nobody to blame but the part time maintenance crew. I know that is not right but that is what the politicians will do and justify their small state government.

Taxes work because they pay the help to maintain the fairgrounds.
I always pay someone to change the oil on my vehicles. That money comes out of my wallet; the way vehicles are made today I do not have the tools to change my oil on my van or the spark plugs like used too. My vehicles need to be maintained to run properly; without my money to maintain them I will lose them or cause and injury.
Taxes work the same way. Taxes maintain the fairground for the state government and if you cut taxes you cut the ability to maintain services. We cannot depend on the small business owners or the Chamber of Congress to maintain the state fairgrounds.


  1. So the freak windstorm was the result of government cuts? How about we blame mother nature for this catastrophe.

  2. If this structure would have just collapsed on it's own then I could see putting blame where blame is due, but they had a windstorm.