Friday, August 12, 2011

Wow I got up late this morning. I felt like I had a hangover which I do not. Well the sky is blue in this area of the planet earth which we locally call Marion. We are in an area of Western Kentucky. I put the pool cover on yesterday because the pool was 86 at the top and 70 at the bottom (perfect for Tom but a little too cool for Mom). I feel like relaxing this morning so I will remove the cover and clean the pool; then when I get out I will fire up the solar heater.
I feel great, I can't walk very far without stopping but that is because I walked a little too far in my life and hurt my back (my Intervertebral Disc touches a nerve). If I stop and rest every 10 or 15 minutes then I am fine but I cannot just continue standing or walking without the break. At home I am fine because I can go to this computer and do what I want here then continue my other project after the rest. I am not exactly walmart material.

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  1. Our Walmart Greeters sit on a stool if they want or they stand if they want. This is the job everyone wants, but only if you want to be bored out of your mind. Of course we always stop and visit with the greeter on our way out and chit-chat about world events and local news. Our local Walmart greeter doesn't have or own a computer, so he gets all his news from the customers.

    Your pool water sounds perfect without the solar heater hooked up. It's supposed to be refreshing and cool you off on hot days. If it's too warm it's like a sauna.

    Hope your back is feeling better. Sparky has been a constant companion with me for about 3-4 weeks now and kept me up all night. Sparky is keeping my outer right thigh sore to the touch. I think something is going on with my back because Sparky is around all the time now.

    Jimmy says Hi.

    Sister S