Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Hard Labor Party

This Party is not open to everyone and it does not provide benefits other than a voting block.
Here are the qualifications:
  1. You are a building contractor with one helper or no helper.
  2. You cannot work all day as supervisor of employees.
  3. You cannot sit at a desk (clerk, programmer, boss)
  4. You work with equipment  (punch press, steel mills)
  5. You load and unload trucks.
  6. You stand on your feet all (non supervisor) day.
  7. You work at farm labor (not the farm owner).
  8. You work underground  and not an owner or supervisor.
  9. Fast food worker (not owner or supervisor).
  10. Anyone at walmart (non supervisor).
  11. No business owners or managers.

You kind of get the idea.


  1. # 1 doesn't belong. It's a self employed owner of a business.


  2. Contractors work very hard. That is the exception.

  3. You don't think a farm owner works hard? They work from daylight until after dark,and work 24/7 with no days off.