Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When I joined the Army Corps of Engineers we had warehouses full of goods or we bought by box or freight car. We had a small warehouse at Lock and Dam 50 where we kept plumbing supplies and pipe for the lock wall and the homes. We had 4' X 8' steel plates and piles of sand for concrete mixtures. We had a paint shed full of gallons of paint.
When Ronald Reagan became president he eliminated our ability to store goods. He wanted us to go to town and get what we needed for a particular job and that was all. Be it one screw or one gallon of paint.
That eliminated the warehouse system which eliminated government warehousing and the private suppliers. Those suppliers went overseas where labor was cheaper. When the government filled their warehouse they stipulated United States local labor suppliers but Reagan was not into the warehouse systems of the government.

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  1. If you went to town to buy all of your supplies then your town gained the money. That sounds like trickle down economics to me. That kept the local hardware stores open and in business. That meant your neighbor prospered and not some unknown supplier who came from some conglomerate. No wonder the ordinary working class liked him.