Thursday, August 11, 2011


NASA has lost it's employees because the Republican Party wants to balance the budget and flying to the moon is not on their conservative agenda nor is long hair and white T-shirts at work. White T-shirts at work is for the labor party which we do not have in the United States. A labor party is a little too socialistic for them, who ever heard of a labor movement rising up and taking power in America, certainly not our 40 year olds who are raising a family today. There will be an uprising when the Walmart and MacDonald's employees take to the streets as they are in merry ole England.
The way I hear it they are going to shut down the EPA (by not funding the EPA) and mine Federal Parks for oil and trees.
The Supreme Court and Governor Texas Rick Perry may ask Congress to change the Freedom of Religion to recognize only Christianity as the Religion of the Land of the Free.
The poor are raising their hands to god in conservative churches across America and are being told that socialism is a Communist agenda and that being social is at their men's and women's weekly meetings. God will provide is their best catch phrase.
Helping the old and sick is not in the interest of today's new conservatives. There is no value ($$) in healing the sick or helping those that take hand outs from the government (the thieves, elderly and retired).

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