Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our House

We have cloud cover overhead and maybe a chance of rain this morning.
It is quiet; I see a kitchen ceiling fan turning but all I hear is water falling. It is peaceful, this is what I wished for and that is what I got. When you lay down with dogs you get fleas and when you lay down with angels you get heaven on earth. It is a matter of choice and I did it right and I have been right since 1967. It may have started sooner but it was defined and purified in 1967.
It is a point of view. Some folks see out of caves and see dinosaurs. I look out of a brick abode and see rolling hills which are quiet and peaceful. It is true that I have an armada surrounding me that has been there since 1941.
We have male cats and female cats. The males stay outside and the gentle females come in. Females that mark their territory go out. I see two cats both females with different points of view. One Tiger Lilly likes to hunt and rarely eats food prepared by Purina Chow, her food has tails or hops on leaves. Two Polly I is a gentle female who grew up in a garbage bin behind a pizza place and has no intentions of ever seeing that again so she lays indoors and sleeps.

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