Friday, August 26, 2011

Tonneau Cover

Good morning. Mom is off to work and today I clean the tonneau cover and when mom gets home we will put it on the truck. In the meantime I will detail the truck if I can.
It is quiet here at home. I occupy about 3/4 of an acre on the planet earth. I am blessed with a semi tropical climate; four seasons though this summer is more tropical than dry. Our winters are a cold and average about 40 degrees with dips (maybe constant) into the single digits. Our Springs are a blessings of buds and blossoms and new green leaves; our falls are sometimes brilliant of color and fodder shocks in Amish rows.
Old age, getting up off the floor, walking and climbing ladders is a chore for me.
My mind learns in one day about the brilliant feathers of the day and forgets most by the next noon. But it is fun to see the colors while they last as I view them.
Changing your mind
The society we live in is fast paced. So I have found it necessary to change my mind from time to time. After work I usually head home, I move right to the bathroom. In the lower left hand drawer is where my extra minds are stored. My work mind is filled with water tables, rainfalls, three day predictions, "Yes sir, can we help you?", and other factors that let the river flow free. My home mind, cleans up around the house, talks to cats, pleases or not pleases Laurel, watches the latest ball games, etc. My space mind wanders around the house looking at fish tanks, doorknobs, empty bowls, sunrises and sunsets. This last mind is by far the most pleasurable, since pleasure finds its way to the most discreet areas of my body just by laughing and thinking good thoughts.

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