Saturday, August 27, 2011

Big Business Likes Slave Labor

Big Business likes slave labor and will not turn back to higher wages. So they move to where the labor is the cheapest. Next stop Northern Africa where labor works for water. There is no turning back for big business they love the taste of wealth and there not sharing.
I am trying to sell my truck but no one has any money to spend on a nice old truck. If they are going to spend their money they will buy a new vehicle.
My laptop kicked me off while I was typing and I lost the data. It was pretty annoying.
AT&T called while this was going on and it was not them it was some server elsewhere that AT&T dropped. How do you deal with that.
At the moment I am using my wife's computer to see if it drops my post.
Other than that it is a great morning. If all I ever have is computer problems then I really should not complain. Mom's computer is a better computer than my laptop, not as convenient just quality better.
I will remove a program which hogs space on this laptop and see what happens.
Program removed.
Hopefully it was the filter I replaced yesterday that was kicking me off.
I got stung by a wasp two days ago and I thought it was over but it is back this morning with itching and swelling. (index finger, below the nail and to your right). I going to go deal with that I will be right back.....
I am back and I feel better mentally. My outlook on life is wonderful but I count this mornings frustration as part of the wonderful  ((a Jackie Gleason Move) It's a Wonderful Life).

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  1. We wanted to save the world and give third world countries a fighting chance so we made it easy for our industries to move there to help the people they said. Now soon we will be the third world country.

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