Friday, August 5, 2011

Crying in the chapel

I heard on the news last night the folks crying and whining because the stock market crashed.
I never heard such a cry.
They were bailed out when Obama was elected and greedily held on to their money and played with the stocks they had. They talked of the poor with smiling faces and they talked of the unemployed. They talked about the trends and the separation of the rich and the poor and they played with the stocks and kept their money. They counted and played the stock market. But those well dressed folk never cried until last night.

Well it is peaceful here at home. I was threatened last week by the T-Party but I am fine today. It is quiet today and mom is off work. I have been backing up my computer and mom's computer. Her computer has two large hard drives and it takes awhile to find the data that needs saving.
I wrote the president yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. I would write the president too but I'm afraid they'd come and arrest me on the spot.

    I didn't know the stock market crash....Oh no, there goes my investments!

    Hope that you're having a nice day. It's cloudy here and nice and muggy but not buggy. Love you.