Sunday, August 14, 2011

The rain last night cooled everything off. It is 65 degrees this morning in Marion, Kentucky. The clouds are off in the Southern distance and the sky looks as if it will be bluer than the very pale morning blue it is.
Today is the Sunday and Mom has three days off. They are cutting part time workers at Walmart so as to pay their bill's; I guess folks in this part of the country either dislike Walmart or just that we are not enough folk that have any money left over to shop. I think the latter is true.
I cut my tree down yesterday near mom's window and will pick up/clean up Tuesday. I will use my chipper shredder to mulch the tree. I will use the chain saw to make the tree small enough to mulch. That why I have both. Mulch is my garden gold.

I feel good this morning and mom is sleeping in. She is down to four hour days which for is her not enough time to drive to Princeton. But we have one more year of car and mortgage payments and then we are free $900 dollars worth of bills a month. That is enough to enjoy the lifestyle we have. I make enough to have a great time by myself but that is not good enough for mom, she like TV, the Internet, computers, cell phones, swimming and driving. I guess computers and the Internet is my weakness. I can give up all the rest. I have 3 websites to maintain,, and (which holds the Lock and Dam 50 website and the Drug Coalition Website).
Today I rest and I think mom wants to make a peach pie today.

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