Monday, August 22, 2011

The Rolling Hills of Kentucky

Good Morning. My daughter and family came by to wish me a Happy 70th Birthday. Her husband had to stay home and fix the kitchen sink trap (dirty water, wet clothes, sweat and prayers (Oh God not again!!). I got Windows 7, a  "FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Desk External Drive" 2 terabyte, which is very big. I just plugged in the cords and it worked, very nice. I have used Windows 7 (since the 1st of the month of August) and it is slicker and better than XP and Vista. The hard drive screams with Window 7. I do not know yet if this drive is going to be reliable as our older hard drives we have but I am crossing my fingers on that because that is why we buy storage drives.
Yesterday and today are "Pool Party Days" and yes we enjoyed our time in the pool with the family. Come daylight I have to check the pool specs as I normally do.

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  1. I'm glad that your family is there to celebrate with you. You all look like you're having fun staying cool. Love you all.