Thursday, August 11, 2011

Vulcan Mineral's Reed Quarry in Livingston County, Kentucky

Good morning. It is quiet here at home. Mom is asleep and off work. I turned on music this morning (background instrumentals). As if I need the sounds in this quiet place on the planet. Kentucky is ideal but it's reputation sits out front with grandma with a corncob smoking pipe in a rocker and grandpa in his worn overalls and long Kentucky rifle. There meant to keep you away and they do.
Our schools are excellent and they do not cheat on their tests or shuffle papers around to please the government folks that pass out grants. Kentucky is green with rolling hills and well protected.

We took a cat to the vet because she had bad bladder infection. She may have passed a stone on her way home from the vet. We took her back and had an ex ray and she is free of any stones.

It is still dark out but some folks are out and on their way to the rock quarries and mines and factories still open. The bankers and clerks will not leave home until 8 am.
Rolling Hills-Laurel Rose took the photo.
Rolling Hills-Our old garden spot. The ice storm destroyed that tree you see.

The Rock Quarry mentioned was a mile or two as the bird flies from the Smithland Locks and Dam. The quarry on the map is light gray and is on the Cumberland River. SmithLand in on the Ohio River.

I walked across that dam every day for ten years come ice, snow or 105 degrees (coming and a going). Plus I climbed 118 steps to the top of the dam those ten years. My leg hurts.

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