Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Morning. I hear the school busses running (give me a plural of bus); I live right across the street from our local school bus garage.
 There are not as many High School Students with automobiles as there used to be. 10 years ago the school was jammed with parked cars in the student parking lot. This year it is half empty. Gas too expensive, mom and dad cannot afford another auto for their children, etc.
I feel great this morning, mom is off work. Walmart Princeton looks like a ghost town. When the manufacturing plants move so do the jobs.
I forgot to mention that mom found a earring in our basket (pool filter). Pretty.
Across the road at left is county (country); we live at the edge of town. Most lots are 1/2 acre, ours is 3/4 and my neighbor is close to an acre. Notice how our yard rolls as in rolling hills. There is a football field at right of the school bus garage and notice that that football field could be put behind our homes where we live.

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