Thursday, August 18, 2011

It is cloudy and 72 degrees this morning in Western Kentucky. Mom is off today and sleeping in. It is peaceful here in this corner of the planet. Did you here the news today? There is always some human being or child that just does not understand or the environment is just bad where they live and have no hope or the propaganda or video game mushes their brain.
I moved to where it is quiet outside and the folks are peaceful. They hunt and kill and obey the law and kill for food and they raise gardens in their yards.
The deer used to lay in the shady spot under the Elephant Ears shown at left.
The Ice Storm killed that Hackberry Tree in the upper photo. In that photo to the left is my old garden spot; deer never went in it (to close to the house). Our pool and deck are there now.

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  1. hi dad...nice school day here, learning about hummingbirds, snapping turtles, and the flags/countries of the world. We also had a kitten popping up out of a little kleenex box. Very funny. Kitty climbed in by herself
    say hi to mom