Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Good Morning. It is cool outside this morning 57 degrees at the moment. We have clear skies. Yes it is summer in Western Kentucky and the weather is balmy; very different, nice, unusual. This is mom's third day off. We went to a NARFE Convention Committee meeting at Miss Scarletts yesterday and came home and went to see the doctor because mom has had some serious headaches lately. The weather was balmy yesterday as well.
It is peaceful at home this morning.


  1. I love this cooler weather. I hope that the doctor was able to give Laurel something to cure her bad headaches and better yet, to order a CT scan, MRI or Pet Scan to make sure there isn't anything there to cause the headaches. Hug her for me and tell her I'm thinking of her. Love ya.

  2. We are off to get a CT scan today. We will get back to you take care.