Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good Morning,
Mom is gone to work and little brother is taking a bath. Long Haired Daddy is coming by at noon and I am taping the Louisville/Kentucky Basketball game. Kitten Yarn and her kids have spent every day here since Christmas and will be here for the New Year. It was a tradition I grew up with and I think it is a great treat for grand parents and children.
The sun is coming up or the earth is turning toward the sun at this moment. It is warm outside (36 degrees) and I feel great. Mentally I am very happy to be here on the planet earth and able to thank god that I am here; that is such a privileged (I use a spell checker).
It is quiet here at home at this moment in time; it is my first moment today and it feels fine.
It is very peaceful here.

Friday, December 30, 2011

It is a mild 50 degrees outside this morning here at home. Kitten Yarn and the kids are off at a sleepover. It is still dark out as I type this post. Mom is asleep.
It is a good morning; good being my favorite adjective. To me it has more meaning than being a good adjective; mentally it had a place there long before we understood the parts of speech or the proper use of language; it was an emotion built by a human being sound and expression; we later added the smile to painting.
It is quiet and peaceful here.

Our Christmas Cactus is blooming.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good Morning,
Mom, Kitten Yarn and the kids are asleep. It is dark out and a little cooler at 37 degrees.
I feel fine and mentally I am sound. The cats are taking baths and napping. Little brother chases them, he is warned and they compromise, some get lifted and petted and some run for their lives.
We have a Wii and the kids love it and use it; it is an active gaming device that makes them dance or exorcise. Dancer girl has learned to hit the baseball a mile and little sister is bowling in the 200's plus, little brother is good at tennis and boxing, mom is a good bowler and everyone dances except me (Who Let the Dogs Out).

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good Afternoon,
A little too much food did me in. I need a break from all the celebration. Mom and the girls are gone shopping and I am left here to rest and type a little.
It is a good thing they went shopping because our cats are going to have to catch their food because the chow bin is empty.
It is peaceful here at the moment.
The kids got a Wii for Christmas and a portable DVD player for their SUV plus a load of games.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good Morning,
It is a two days after Christmas ( a normal trash pickup day but the holidays will give them a break and soften the rules and our trash will be picked up at a later date) and  5 days to the new calendar year of 2012.
It is dark out and everyone is asleep. Mom got to replaced her broken microwave oven thanks to our daughter and husband. Our daughter and husband went home to attend to a doctors appointment and the two girls stayed with us ( little brother went with his mom and dad). Our daughter and little brother came back.
I feel good this morning and it is peaceful here at home; it is quiet and the only sound I hear is falling water and the ringing in my ears.
Our daughter gave mom an LP record and now I have to explain to little brother not to jump up or down while it is playing: I still have to hook it up since our grand children have no clue other that youtube videos of a record player.
LP's play better than mp3's but kids have no clue other that DVD's or CD's. Then again I have ringing in my ears from loud music in my life.

I do have to admit that CD's are not as scratchy as records. I wore my Elvis and Little Richards records out.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Good Morning,
It is dark outside at the moment. It is peaceful in our home at the moment, mom is asleep and Kitten Yarn and family are asleep. It was a busy day yesterday, there was cheer, color, pleasure, festivities, prayer, laughs and lots of torn wrapping. Gooey stuff was squeezed, rubber stuff was pounded, boxed stuff was played and sweet stuff was eaten.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Morning

Some cookies are gone, there are gifts under the tree, it is quiet and peaceful, "Happy Birthday!"

0445   It is almost 5 am and I am up for the morning, I went to bed early. While I was up my movement awakened mom and she headed for her computer.
I feel good though I am hung over by the coffee I drank yesterday.
It has been a good year though we have suffered from the economy and we have cinched up our belt and it shows under the Christmas Tree.
Sometimes we want to want and wish every one a nice day. That is not possible but I can convey that I love you and send my warmest feelings in words to you.
Merry Christmas
0700: The Mariachi band is singing a festive song. Mom is cooking breakfast.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Another day in Paradise according to me; there are so many points of view it is astounding. My point is that we have so much historical information that it makes it a positive point of view that the planet earth is our Garden of Eden.
Whatever your religious belief you are here on this planet either as dust or a live human being; as far as I know no one at this time has materially left the planet*. So say a prayer to the baby Jesus on this Christmas Eve and enjoy your time together on planet earth. There is no time for any bias.
Celebrate the day.
Good Morning,
Mom is still asleep and resting, she will go to work later in the day. It is dark out at this moment as the earth has not rotated toward the earth at this moment; within the hour the earth here in Western Kentucky will face the sun and we will all feel great as we awake and enjoy our first time (a moment in time that we have not seen before) on the planet earth.
I feel good and it is peaceful here in this home.
*Some folks are in earths orbit and one mans ashes are on their way to Pluto and should arrive there by July 14, 2015.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Lump of Coal

Inside the tin below is a real lump of coal. It was a Christmas gag gift to me about 20 years ago but it really hurt my feelings to get it.  Now when I see it I hope no one receive one, it is traumatic. It makes everyone smile but my smile is that twisted forced smile of a guilty child.

I hope that you never receive one because it will not make your day.

The Darkness of Winter

The Darkness of Winter reminds me of my youth when being confined and going out to play goes right to the brain and causes some chaos. It is normal but we have all the good will of history and common sense, god and festivities and the inner strength of humanity to understand the meaning of these holy days in December. That is why we have peaceful seasoning to sprinkle on our days and cakes; There is red ribbons, green trees, gold bows, blue lights, white snow. Snow falling from windows, icicles clear, stars on horizons, candy canes line the streets, rosy cheeks and mittens. Warm toddy, apples and oranges, nuts and candies. Cheers and songs, laughing and tickles.
The mind glows with life, eyes sparkle, a twinkling of an eye, merry thoughts and friendship. A red suit and cap, antlers and red noses, sleighs and Clydesdales, dancing and song. The spirit lifts ones sights to the stars.

 Good Morning,
Daylight is now visible, mom has gone to work, I have made a mug of coffee, mom feels good and I feel fine. It is quiet and peaceful here at home by choice. We voted it so long before I ever arrived on the scene but I maintain the peace by voting it so.
 Plus I moved away from the chaos.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa's Elves have been busy getting our homes ready for the Holy Days/Winter Solstice/Religious Observances/Happy Times Ahead festivities.

December Solstice
Thursday, 22, 2011

Good Morning,
Today is the shortest day of the year, after tonight the days will get longer and we will get more sunshine in our 24 hour day
Mom is off today and resting.
It is still dark outside at this moment. 
I feel good physically and mentally.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Motherly Love

Good Morning,
It is quiet and peaceful here at home. I feel good and mom is not in pain thanks to our doctor. She is off today and resting.
I recorded Motherkitty as she recited The Night Before Christmas two days ago when Kitten Yarns children were here, they sat on her lap as she recited the beautiful poem. Mom has a beautiful speaking voice and I have encouraged her to speak more often on tape. I first heard her voice more than 40 years ago. My friend Joanie had a beautiful speaking voice too. Joanie read to me at Tolstoy Farm.
Below is the recorder mom bought me last year. It has a USB plug that lets you transfer the recordings to your computer then on to a disk.

MotherKitty above with her 67 Mustang.

Joanie with Tomas at Tolstoy Farm 1967

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sugar Plum Fairy by P.Tchaikovsky - Glass Harp LIVE (HD)

Santa's Workshop Has Been Busy

Santa's Elves have been busy getting our homes ready for the Holy Days/Winter Solstice/Religious Observances/Happy Times Ahead festivities. The planet earth as a whole does prepare for the dark day observances.
Every morning I greet the awaking of this day I see from my viewpoint in Kentucky. We all have our special place to observe the new day and these winter Holidays. We are blessed with the minds of old wisdom and wives tales to wash our hands before and after each meal.
Good morning on this dark day. I feel good and mentally I am sound. It is peaceful here at home and I do hear the sound of school buses warming up for their days journey.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Here are a few of the elves I saw but Kitten Yarn informed me that these were reindeer. And yes there is a video.

The State of the Union

Good Morning,
Kitten Yarn and her children are here to help me get the Christmas tree up. Well the tree looks better that it has ever looked thanks to those little hands and ideas. I had elves running down the halls with lights aglow and reindeer scampering around the tree.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Good Morning,
Mom and I went to a Locks and Dams - US ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS retired employees Christmas Dinner at Newburgh Locks and Dam. We had a great time and really enjoyed our conversations with everyone there. I put a lot photos up online at the Lock and Dam Website.
We also celebrated our anniversary yesterday.
It is dark out and I think there is rain out there which will be leaving the area.
It is also quiet and peaceful here at home. 
Tonight our tree goes up and it may be blessed with ornaments, if not then tomorrow it will be done. In the meantime I will re-clean the floor and carpet and make it smell like pine cones and Holly.
I am enjoying my morning cup of coffee at this moment in time.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Morning,
I am tired, mom spent the day at work yesterday and came home and washed all the dishes. I was rearranging the living room getting it ready for a Christmas Tree (the tree for all the winter holy days).
I feel tired this morning from manhandling the furniture and vacuuming the carpet.
Mentally I am fine.
Mom's car is not heating her windshield and we think her ducts are clogged with french fries and straws.
(mouse bed)  Mice make fine comfortable beds in automobile air ducts (carburetor and heating). I have seen them close to the air filter in the air duct of an automobile and it would not surprise me to see one in the heating duct in the dash.

You have to have a warm secure home away from cats with plenty of french fries to nibble on.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I have no task book or arranged meetings; I simply awake and greet the peace.

Good Morning,
It is warm and moist; the rain is at rest. It will fall but not now, it did rain yesterday. I am at peace with the planet. I am up and awake, my back is sore but I feel good.
Mom is gone to work and did not have to scrape the windows this morning; this time of year it is a normal task to scrape the windows before leaving the area. We normally feed the cats at this hour of the morning, mom gets ready for work and I greet the planet earth and explain to whomever that not all parts of the planet are volcanic.
My morning is at peace with the planet by design.
I have no task book or arranged meetings; I simply awake and greet the peace.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Morning,
It is dark out at this hour of the day on the planet earth. I understand that time is constant and variable. Constant as this moment continues and variable as the sun and earth move in different direction making the daylight and darkness move to different parts of the earth each new day.
It is dark outside and it is mild out there at this hour of the day.
Mom is gone to work.
I feel good this morning and it is very quiet here at home; well the cats are sparing, they should be out so that their ears will perk up and their hair will stand at ready in their morning hunts. All cats hunt, ours keep the mice, snakes and rats away. We used to keep dogs but they all got run over at the highway. Dogs need to run. Dogs help us by keeping guard and waking us when a prowler approaches.
I do not believe in neutering or spaying but I practice it by compromise with the wife.

Monday, December 12, 2011

There is one thing that I like about blogs is that you cannot spread yourself too thin. Whoever wants to see you, can. Plus you do not have to please the world just say what you will. That is a concept that local and state publishers could not do. The planet earth could do it but not everyone sees or hears the planet as a whole, we do assume god does.

I think old Sam Walmart would love mom.

Good Morning,
I am up late because we were in Murray last night to see our grand kids in a Christmas play. It was a sad and wonderful play, very emotional and quite understanding.

Mom is off to work and she felt as she did not sleep a wink.
She is a trooper when it comes to doing her job. She will complain if things do not go her way and she has. Walmart does not like that, they like sheep. I say to them, "Tough sheep dung." I think old Sam Walmart would love mom.
I feel tired this morning and my shoulders and neck were stiff and sore last night at the Christmas play. 
It is 28 degrees here at home and very peaceful.
Mentally I am fine.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down

The sun is shining now and it looks like a clear cold day. I said before that we found one weeble. It is a small one with the painting gone; the small ones are against the law as children got them stuck in their mouths. They are bigger than eggs now.
Sunday morning is still a pleasant time on the planet earth. It is peaceful and quiet here. The dinosaurs are extinct and the wild warriors are kept overseas. The wild warriors behave themselves here as they are traditionally good for the United States. Most of them join the military and protect our lifestyle. We have a nice ocean barrier and friendly neighbors north and south. It is difficult to exploit our lifestyle because it is very comfortable. The Internet is showing the planet our lifestyle; only deadly force can reject the lifestyle. 
That is why the Muslim countries are violent; deadly force control or run off the pleasant lifestyles of the United States and the Internet voice.
Our freedom is very pleasant and very dangerous to folks that like to dictate, oppress females, hoard money or control populations.

Folks are asking the United States Chamber of Congress to Walk on the Red Carpet of the Unemployed and Poor at a High Society/Lobbyist Fund Raiser in Washington DC.


Beer, Tall Tales and Christmas Carols

It is dark out this morning; it is 23 degrees outside. This is one of those morning that I feel worn, worn-out. 
This is the holiday season and we feel like the poor folks in the Christmas Novella:
A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens
Mentally we are fine.
Mom is off today but she has been up all night; I am not sure that she will be able to function with out going back to bed and getting up later in the day.
Next Sunday the kids are coming by to help me put up the Christmas tree. I have been putting it up one week before Christmas and taking it down January the second. That is Traditional for me. We did that at my mothers home in Pasadena; actually the families would drop off the kids during those two weeks and the kids would have the run of the home during those two weeks. Some would stay a week, some 2 or 3 days , some would stay just one day but someone or some kid would be there during those two weeks. Grandmothers sister would come by and help grandma in the kitchen (grandma and her sister both had long hair braided down their backs and looked very much like American Indians). A large tub of tamales would be available to anyone visiting those two weeks and cold beer would be outside in the garage where the men would gather and tell their stories. A Douglas Fir Christmas tree would be shipped in by rail from up north compliments of Betty Arrellanes mother. Betty was married to my uncle Danny who was a High School Principle in Pasadena. It was my job to water the tree and help put it up. Each piece of tinsel would hang down and not thrown at the tree; my aunt Marta was very meticulous when putting the tinsel on the tree. We had a least a dozen Christmas Carol books that we passed out from time to time to sing Christmas Carols.
Because of the cats here at home we have avoided putting tinsel on trees; tinsel is so much fun for a cat for the holidays.
 Tiger Lilly has her head on our small couch cushion sound asleep. She is our oldest and was the best mouser.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fish and Whistle John Prine

John Prine : Jesus The Missing Years

Will the circle be unbroken

Good Morning,
I grew up with my grandmother in Pasadena; she and her daughters ran their family home. It was a very large home and it had apartments rented on the floor level, we lived on both levels. They also had two small homes out back which were also rented out. The reason I am saying this is that my grandmother spent a lot of time crocheting; so much so that she gave a lot of bedspreads away as gifts on special occasions. She also was an extremely religious human being; she was Christian but what denomination I have no clue; she grew up in a convent with her sister, her sister was a nun. I knew her daughters were Methodists but grandma used to read the Watchtower and Awake magazines and she would take me to tent meetings in Los Angeles where 25 or more tents would be set up in open areas.
I did stutter (3-9) at this times in my life and I also got very car sick in any moving vehicle, trolleys, buses, local trains and automobiles; the stuttering did quit but under stress (extremely cold weather) I still stutter. While growing up I did black out from time to time. The blackouts and headaches went away but dizzy spells are a normal part of my life.
Even though technology has greatly improved life in our homes it has not affected the way our women behave; my daughter is staying home and raising/home schooling  her children and does a great deal of knitting; so much so that she gives them away as gifts on special occasions.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Morning,
28 degrees outside and somethings are frozen, water on roads, cat dishes of water, water on side walks. It is dark out as I type.
Mom is gone to work. Today I will relax and maybe scrub the kitchen floor.
I feel good physically and mentally. I did lift some heavy stuff yesterday and it does not hurt this morning.
Yesterday I made the cats a winter bed inside the dog house and placed the doghouse adjacent to our glass table which will keep snow off their paws just outside the doghouse. There is a heating pad in the doghouse that comes on a couple times a day to warm the doghouse just a tad. I will put several layers of black plastic on the table and doghouse to keep the heat in today. I will put some flower pots on the plastic to hold it down.
 I also put our bird feeder on a pole and raised it high. The birds have no fear of cats up there so they came immediately. An old photo of the feeder is below.
The cats love the rubber bands from my hair (pony tail) they toss and play with it all day. They steal them when they can or I will leave a old used one out and it will disappear. We only have one small weeble left from the 1980's that we found after a thorough cleaning of one of the rooms last year; it has no face on it as it has been worn clear. They are against the law as they are just small enough to harm a baby or toddler. The new weeble's are much bigger that an egg.
Wreath by Tomas

Thursday, December 8, 2011

The word "Why" has always had a question mark after it except in a sentence like this. Why has always been a concept of the mind; different spelling, different languages but always the same question. Why?
It was my first movement into philosophy and religion. I had no answer and I could never understand the minds of others. In my mind it was just the looking at art and religion. Philosophy in text was too complicated for me; my mind was simple, it went straight and beyond the unknown. I never went over the edge; I just continued.
When I dropped out and life became simple. Poverty was understood but real poverty would never be understood as I had the ability to regain wealth just as a blindfold can teach you about blindness but I could not understand blindness because I could remove the blindfold and see.
To me life is very simple. I am a man on the planet earth; everything else is a plus.

Red ribbonsgreen trees, golbowsblue lights, white snow. Snow falling from windows, icicles clear, stars
on horizons,candcanes line the streets, rosy cheeks and mittens.

Warm toddy, apples and oranges, nuts and candies.Cheers and songslaughing and tickles. The mind
glows with life, eyes sparkle, a twinklinof an eye, merry thoughts and friendship. A red suit and
cap, antlers and red noses,sleighs and Clydesdales, dancing and song. The spirit lifts ones sights to the stars.

Goodwill toward men. Peace and
a Dove.
26 degrees upfront and 30 outback; that is normal where I live; upfront it is a hollow and out back it is open slope. I know from fact that there will be a difference every year in this yard. I have replaced my thermometers in both places thinking that it was their fault but that is not the case, it is the environment at this home.
Mom is up and getting ready for work.
I feel good this morning. 
Yesterday I cleaned and filled my bird feeders. My old feeder does not want to stay together as I tried to glue it back together which did not work; I can put it on a pole (broomstick) and it should last another year. I just mentally figured out how to do that; I just need a ladder and a broomstick.
Old Feeder
Today I will place a heater in our doghouse to keep the cats warm this winter. I also have a drop-light to hang under my glass table that will keep the cats out of the windy cold weather.

We received out first Holiday Newsletter from Trish yesterday. It was a pleasure hearing from them.
Canes by Tomas

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sometimes you feel like writing with no idea as to why you must entertain your senses. A thought came to mind wondering if one of those speak to your computer and the computer types what is said would do the same thing mentally to your feeling that you need to write or speak.
I am one of those irritable speakers who constantly interrupts, speaks loudly in quiet places, is a little to truthful and a little windy. Small tales evolve into almost lies or ridiculous mayhem when these pipes speak. I always was a quiet listener until I dropped out in the sixties; at that point I knew what was right and I knew what was just bull void of common sense.
Some things are constant in our family; we work very hard and continue to do so for eight hours in a work day without even a whimper. It was no different with me when I dropped out, at the commune above I worked and played extremely hard.
I worked extremely hard and well all my life; it is only in these retirement years that my body does not want to  work hard, it balks and screams in pain, so I just learned to compute, not very well but very constant, quite bullish, persistent and sometimes annoying.
We are evolving, technology is moving quite fast and these tired bones do not have the patients or the cash to keep up with the times.
I guess the chicken in every pot is a little too much for our government.
Good Morning,
I am up late this morning; went to bed normally but stayed up and watched a movie. I tossed and turned so I feel worn. I think that is normal as most folks are more active as they toss and turn. You never know?
Mentally I am fine.
Our cats find different places to sleep; normally Tiger Lilly sleeps on a pillow or between pillows on moms bed or behind her computer monitor while mom reads data on her computer but these last three days she (Tiger Lilly) has been placing her head or body on a couch pillow here in the living room next to the front door and sleeping very deeply. Most of our cats find a bed to sleep on or a cubbie hole to hide in.
It is cloudy and in the mid 30's outside this morning.
Mom took some nice photos in Murray the other day and I will show you one; it is different because I did not recognize my grand daughter in the Cinderella play that she was in ; I knew where she was and I knew it was her but she looked exotic and quite different. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It is a matter of months and not years away.

Good Morning,
It is dark as I type, mom is off and the weather is a constant cool 36 degrees. I feel good and one of our cats raised a fuss until I put her out. It is quiet and peaceful; at the moment there is no fiend at our door. I made a mug of coffee and fed the cats some chow. Tiger Lilly goes out and comes back in, her age is telling. She sleeps most of the day.
I have chores that I have ignored that may get done; the biggest is cleaning the garage, the next is not so important as most of that chore was accomplished by technology, the chore was moving mom's tapes to CD's; everything we have is on YouTube now. The last chore is moving what we have on 3 1/2 inch floppy's to our 2 terabyte drive. I looked and a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive is only 20 bucks plus shipping and it is a USB drive.
I must say that moving music to mp3's is a step back in quality. Our kids today would hardly notice since their world is visual and hand touch. I have to say that the television world is booming as the computer/Internet marry the satellite signals. The movie industry is balking but if their not careful they will be left behind as was  the newspaper and book publishing industry; they now have tried to evolve and are doing fine.  
You will need Windows 7 or Apple to move in that direction.
Windows 7, Skype, Sony, Apple and Google are leading the way to integrate televisions smoothly without much complication. We will be soon changing from satellite to Internet to word processing to viewing and talking to grandma with just a click on our remote control. It is a matter of months and not years away.