Thursday, December 8, 2011

26 degrees upfront and 30 outback; that is normal where I live; upfront it is a hollow and out back it is open slope. I know from fact that there will be a difference every year in this yard. I have replaced my thermometers in both places thinking that it was their fault but that is not the case, it is the environment at this home.
Mom is up and getting ready for work.
I feel good this morning. 
Yesterday I cleaned and filled my bird feeders. My old feeder does not want to stay together as I tried to glue it back together which did not work; I can put it on a pole (broomstick) and it should last another year. I just mentally figured out how to do that; I just need a ladder and a broomstick.
Old Feeder
Today I will place a heater in our doghouse to keep the cats warm this winter. I also have a drop-light to hang under my glass table that will keep the cats out of the windy cold weather.

We received out first Holiday Newsletter from Trish yesterday. It was a pleasure hearing from them.
Canes by Tomas

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