Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sometimes you feel like writing with no idea as to why you must entertain your senses. A thought came to mind wondering if one of those speak to your computer and the computer types what is said would do the same thing mentally to your feeling that you need to write or speak.
I am one of those irritable speakers who constantly interrupts, speaks loudly in quiet places, is a little to truthful and a little windy. Small tales evolve into almost lies or ridiculous mayhem when these pipes speak. I always was a quiet listener until I dropped out in the sixties; at that point I knew what was right and I knew what was just bull void of common sense.
Some things are constant in our family; we work very hard and continue to do so for eight hours in a work day without even a whimper. It was no different with me when I dropped out, at the commune above I worked and played extremely hard.
I worked extremely hard and well all my life; it is only in these retirement years that my body does not want to  work hard, it balks and screams in pain, so I just learned to compute, not very well but very constant, quite bullish, persistent and sometimes annoying.
We are evolving, technology is moving quite fast and these tired bones do not have the patients or the cash to keep up with the times.
I guess the chicken in every pot is a little too much for our government.

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  1. Good Morning. I enjoy every single word that comes out of your mouth. Keep it up!
    Love you