Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Good Morning,
I am up late this morning; went to bed normally but stayed up and watched a movie. I tossed and turned so I feel worn. I think that is normal as most folks are more active as they toss and turn. You never know?
Mentally I am fine.
Our cats find different places to sleep; normally Tiger Lilly sleeps on a pillow or between pillows on moms bed or behind her computer monitor while mom reads data on her computer but these last three days she (Tiger Lilly) has been placing her head or body on a couch pillow here in the living room next to the front door and sleeping very deeply. Most of our cats find a bed to sleep on or a cubbie hole to hide in.
It is cloudy and in the mid 30's outside this morning.
Mom took some nice photos in Murray the other day and I will show you one; it is different because I did not recognize my grand daughter in the Cinderella play that she was in ; I knew where she was and I knew it was her but she looked exotic and quite different. 

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  1. Laurel sure did take some nice pictures. Dancer girl has grown more beautiful before our very eyes. Not just the makeup on dancer girl but both girls are very pretty and growing fast. Love the pictures.