Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It is a matter of months and not years away.

Good Morning,
It is dark as I type, mom is off and the weather is a constant cool 36 degrees. I feel good and one of our cats raised a fuss until I put her out. It is quiet and peaceful; at the moment there is no fiend at our door. I made a mug of coffee and fed the cats some chow. Tiger Lilly goes out and comes back in, her age is telling. She sleeps most of the day.
I have chores that I have ignored that may get done; the biggest is cleaning the garage, the next is not so important as most of that chore was accomplished by technology, the chore was moving mom's tapes to CD's; everything we have is on YouTube now. The last chore is moving what we have on 3 1/2 inch floppy's to our 2 terabyte drive. I looked and a 3 1/2 inch floppy drive is only 20 bucks plus shipping and it is a USB drive.
I must say that moving music to mp3's is a step back in quality. Our kids today would hardly notice since their world is visual and hand touch. I have to say that the television world is booming as the computer/Internet marry the satellite signals. The movie industry is balking but if their not careful they will be left behind as was  the newspaper and book publishing industry; they now have tried to evolve and are doing fine.  
You will need Windows 7 or Apple to move in that direction.
Windows 7, Skype, Sony, Apple and Google are leading the way to integrate televisions smoothly without much complication. We will be soon changing from satellite to Internet to word processing to viewing and talking to grandma with just a click on our remote control. It is a matter of months and not years away.

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