Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Motherly Love

Good Morning,
It is quiet and peaceful here at home. I feel good and mom is not in pain thanks to our doctor. She is off today and resting.
I recorded Motherkitty as she recited The Night Before Christmas two days ago when Kitten Yarns children were here, they sat on her lap as she recited the beautiful poem. Mom has a beautiful speaking voice and I have encouraged her to speak more often on tape. I first heard her voice more than 40 years ago. My friend Joanie had a beautiful speaking voice too. Joanie read to me at Tolstoy Farm.
Below is the recorder mom bought me last year. It has a USB plug that lets you transfer the recordings to your computer then on to a disk.

MotherKitty above with her 67 Mustang.

Joanie with Tomas at Tolstoy Farm 1967

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