Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Another day in Paradise according to me; there are so many points of view it is astounding. My point is that we have so much historical information that it makes it a positive point of view that the planet earth is our Garden of Eden.
Whatever your religious belief you are here on this planet either as dust or a live human being; as far as I know no one at this time has materially left the planet*. So say a prayer to the baby Jesus on this Christmas Eve and enjoy your time together on planet earth. There is no time for any bias.
Celebrate the day.
Good Morning,
Mom is still asleep and resting, she will go to work later in the day. It is dark out at this moment as the earth has not rotated toward the earth at this moment; within the hour the earth here in Western Kentucky will face the sun and we will all feel great as we awake and enjoy our first time (a moment in time that we have not seen before) on the planet earth.
I feel good and it is peaceful here in this home.
*Some folks are in earths orbit and one mans ashes are on their way to Pluto and should arrive there by July 14, 2015.

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