Sunday, December 11, 2011

Weebles wobble but they don't fall down

The sun is shining now and it looks like a clear cold day. I said before that we found one weeble. It is a small one with the painting gone; the small ones are against the law as children got them stuck in their mouths. They are bigger than eggs now.
Sunday morning is still a pleasant time on the planet earth. It is peaceful and quiet here. The dinosaurs are extinct and the wild warriors are kept overseas. The wild warriors behave themselves here as they are traditionally good for the United States. Most of them join the military and protect our lifestyle. We have a nice ocean barrier and friendly neighbors north and south. It is difficult to exploit our lifestyle because it is very comfortable. The Internet is showing the planet our lifestyle; only deadly force can reject the lifestyle. 
That is why the Muslim countries are violent; deadly force control or run off the pleasant lifestyles of the United States and the Internet voice.
Our freedom is very pleasant and very dangerous to folks that like to dictate, oppress females, hoard money or control populations.

Folks are asking the United States Chamber of Congress to Walk on the Red Carpet of the Unemployed and Poor at a High Society/Lobbyist Fund Raiser in Washington DC.


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