Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Morning,
It is dark out at this hour of the day on the planet earth. I understand that time is constant and variable. Constant as this moment continues and variable as the sun and earth move in different direction making the daylight and darkness move to different parts of the earth each new day.
It is dark outside and it is mild out there at this hour of the day.
Mom is gone to work.
I feel good this morning and it is very quiet here at home; well the cats are sparing, they should be out so that their ears will perk up and their hair will stand at ready in their morning hunts. All cats hunt, ours keep the mice, snakes and rats away. We used to keep dogs but they all got run over at the highway. Dogs need to run. Dogs help us by keeping guard and waking us when a prowler approaches.
I do not believe in neutering or spaying but I practice it by compromise with the wife.

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