Thursday, December 15, 2011

Good Morning,
I am tired, mom spent the day at work yesterday and came home and washed all the dishes. I was rearranging the living room getting it ready for a Christmas Tree (the tree for all the winter holy days).
I feel tired this morning from manhandling the furniture and vacuuming the carpet.
Mentally I am fine.
Mom's car is not heating her windshield and we think her ducts are clogged with french fries and straws.
(mouse bed)  Mice make fine comfortable beds in automobile air ducts (carburetor and heating). I have seen them close to the air filter in the air duct of an automobile and it would not surprise me to see one in the heating duct in the dash.

You have to have a warm secure home away from cats with plenty of french fries to nibble on.

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  1. And they can build the biggest, warmest nests over-night too! That happened to my car but I knew exactly what it was because his or her nest was so large that it was sticking out of the air vents in the car's heater. Had to take the DASH out to remove all his little home, pooor, pooor mousey or chipmunk.