Thursday, December 8, 2011

The word "Why" has always had a question mark after it except in a sentence like this. Why has always been a concept of the mind; different spelling, different languages but always the same question. Why?
It was my first movement into philosophy and religion. I had no answer and I could never understand the minds of others. In my mind it was just the looking at art and religion. Philosophy in text was too complicated for me; my mind was simple, it went straight and beyond the unknown. I never went over the edge; I just continued.
When I dropped out and life became simple. Poverty was understood but real poverty would never be understood as I had the ability to regain wealth just as a blindfold can teach you about blindness but I could not understand blindness because I could remove the blindfold and see.
To me life is very simple. I am a man on the planet earth; everything else is a plus.

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