Friday, December 9, 2011

Good Morning,
28 degrees outside and somethings are frozen, water on roads, cat dishes of water, water on side walks. It is dark out as I type.
Mom is gone to work. Today I will relax and maybe scrub the kitchen floor.
I feel good physically and mentally. I did lift some heavy stuff yesterday and it does not hurt this morning.
Yesterday I made the cats a winter bed inside the dog house and placed the doghouse adjacent to our glass table which will keep snow off their paws just outside the doghouse. There is a heating pad in the doghouse that comes on a couple times a day to warm the doghouse just a tad. I will put several layers of black plastic on the table and doghouse to keep the heat in today. I will put some flower pots on the plastic to hold it down.
 I also put our bird feeder on a pole and raised it high. The birds have no fear of cats up there so they came immediately. An old photo of the feeder is below.
The cats love the rubber bands from my hair (pony tail) they toss and play with it all day. They steal them when they can or I will leave a old used one out and it will disappear. We only have one small weeble left from the 1980's that we found after a thorough cleaning of one of the rooms last year; it has no face on it as it has been worn clear. They are against the law as they are just small enough to harm a baby or toddler. The new weeble's are much bigger that an egg.
Wreath by Tomas

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