Saturday, December 10, 2011

Will the circle be unbroken

Good Morning,
I grew up with my grandmother in Pasadena; she and her daughters ran their family home. It was a very large home and it had apartments rented on the floor level, we lived on both levels. They also had two small homes out back which were also rented out. The reason I am saying this is that my grandmother spent a lot of time crocheting; so much so that she gave a lot of bedspreads away as gifts on special occasions. She also was an extremely religious human being; she was Christian but what denomination I have no clue; she grew up in a convent with her sister, her sister was a nun. I knew her daughters were Methodists but grandma used to read the Watchtower and Awake magazines and she would take me to tent meetings in Los Angeles where 25 or more tents would be set up in open areas.
I did stutter (3-9) at this times in my life and I also got very car sick in any moving vehicle, trolleys, buses, local trains and automobiles; the stuttering did quit but under stress (extremely cold weather) I still stutter. While growing up I did black out from time to time. The blackouts and headaches went away but dizzy spells are a normal part of my life.
Even though technology has greatly improved life in our homes it has not affected the way our women behave; my daughter is staying home and raising/home schooling  her children and does a great deal of knitting; so much so that she gives them away as gifts on special occasions.


  1. Grandma in Pasasena was Seven Day Adventice whatever that is, but that's the church she took me too when I visited. Maybe it's Seventh Day I'm not sure but she went to church on Saturdays.

  2. hey, dad...nice post...i do mostly crochet, just like your grandmoher...i had no idea there were crafting genes on both sides of the family...that is awesome...thanks for sharing history dad...i love it