Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Good Morning,
It is a two days after Christmas ( a normal trash pickup day but the holidays will give them a break and soften the rules and our trash will be picked up at a later date) and  5 days to the new calendar year of 2012.
It is dark out and everyone is asleep. Mom got to replaced her broken microwave oven thanks to our daughter and husband. Our daughter and husband went home to attend to a doctors appointment and the two girls stayed with us ( little brother went with his mom and dad). Our daughter and little brother came back.
I feel good this morning and it is peaceful here at home; it is quiet and the only sound I hear is falling water and the ringing in my ears.
Our daughter gave mom an LP record and now I have to explain to little brother not to jump up or down while it is playing: I still have to hook it up since our grand children have no clue other that youtube videos of a record player.
LP's play better than mp3's but kids have no clue other that DVD's or CD's. Then again I have ringing in my ears from loud music in my life.

I do have to admit that CD's are not as scratchy as records. I wore my Elvis and Little Richards records out.

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