Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good morning,
I feel fine and mom is in a deep sleep; the doctor gave her a cough medicine for whatever is going around and it knocked her into a stupor last night before bed. I looked in at her at midnight and she was fast asleep. 
Yes she did go to the doctor after work yesterday and he said everyone in town is suffering from this or some stomach ailment. Again I feel fine as I fight mentally and physically against the air-born diseases that swim in our rooms atmosphere. 
It is 29 degrees outside this windy morning.  
It is quiet here in this room, we have a fan in our heating system and I hear the air blowing through the tubing. 
The kitten went out did her business and just now came back in and now is scratching her claws on our post for battle and play.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

Growing up Catholic and what I believed at that time:

I believed that I Dennis was responsible for the death of Jesus; I believed that I Dennis was the root of all evil; I believed that the sins of the world were on my shoulders and that I was responsible for them.

Every time something happened my thought was, "Bless me father for I have sinned." This was my normal behavior during my growing years of 4 - 25. I finally said to my self that I could not live like Jesus or a good man without dying, so I gave those thoughts up.

Good morning, 
Last night we had strong thunder storm come through with strong winds. We are fine and well, no damage as I can see. This morning Laurel is getting ready for work, she was off two days with a cold and still has it but going to work because her employer will penalize her if she does not show up (this is the new age of 2013).
I feel fine this morning. No aches or pains. All the cats are hiding except one, I have no clue as to where they are at. Some may come in later all muddy and wet.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Good Morning,
This morning I will tell you a coyote story; At Smithland lock when I came to work one morning, one of the deck hands on one of the towboats locking in the land chamber told me that there was a coyote at the end of the lock wall (RED A). When I came back the next day he was still there, no one wanted to call anyone to try and remove him from the wall because we feared he would jump into the river and drown; we figured when she got hungry enough she would walk back the way she came via the lock wall and gates.
Finally when I came back the next day she jumped on a coal barge with the deck hand out front (BLUE) (she did not care) and ran across the barges and jumped into the river and swam to shore (GREEN LINE).
The white in the river is ice from the Wabash River. The Wabash River starts at the northern end of Indiana. When the spring rains come the water floats and lifts the thick ice (6" to 12") down the Wabash into the Ohio River below Uniontown Lock.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Each month NARFE Magazine provides information on legislation of interest to current federal employees and retired employees. It answers questions about federal retirement benefits, federal policy and Association concerns. Retirement should be a time of well being, pursuing your favorite activities like museum hopping, gardening, RVing, and not a time to worry about your benefits. The full text of the latest issue is available to members from the NARFE web site.
Good morning,
First thought, is the smart phone going to be too small for all that happens to it and will it only resolve into are smart TV's remote. Of course it will call everyone, give us the weather and all the things it does away from home but it's main function in our home is to work hand in hand with the smart computer TV on our wall.
And yes I feel fine this morning. The weather in our home is charming and comfortable and it is winter outside with a temperature of 28 degrees, I see a silhouette of our bird feeders on a medium gray background.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Good morning,
It is a very fine morning in our community; we have pink and blue skies and a temperature around 27 degrees with a heavy frost on the ground. I feel very good at this moment in time on this round large planet. I have not walked very far on this planet but I have used vehicles to move about.
I look out at the birds at the feeders and they are having a wonderful time eating the nuts and berries we have provided; there is also a cat around just waiting for a bird to slip up and get a little careless in their romping about the bird feeders. I see two cats that pose no problem to the birds as they are sleeping in this room where I am typing.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Good morning,
 We as beings on the planet earth (in the United States) are using a calendar to define the 24 hour cycle (one day); the 24 hours the earth to spin one revolution (as a top does).
In the photo you see the planet earth in four different places in time. We notice that we shade the planet (day or night) as the earth spins on it's axis. It takes the planet 365 days to make the trip around the sun so that we can picture the planet in this image.

So today is Friday on our calendar and the 25 day of the new year of 2013.
I feel good this morning as Laurel is getting ready for work.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

I think I lost a day, everything is fine, the birds are singing during the day and the cats are looking for ways to catch a chubby bird.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Morning,

It is 19 degrees here at home in Western Kentucky. Yes our home is on a rolling hill and yes our horses are beautifully and our women are fast.

I am up early to start Laurel's van and yes I do feel good physically and mentally. I fed two of the cats and the others were not interested (cat chow was always available (Grillers Blend Dry Cat Food is their favorite)).
Mom's computer is dying and I will move my desktop into her computer room and then remove everything from her computer and see what is ailing her computer.
My desktop is not as powerful as hers so we will see what works for her.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Morning,
It is still dark out and a chilly 18 degrees; the first thing I think about on mornings like this is frozen pipes and hard to start vehicles. After that start I make sure the animal are warm and that Laurel is OK. I heard her move about this morning and I did feed the cats. The water did flow this morning so that is a good sign.
I do feel good.
Our president offered everything to the poor yesterday and this mornings news reflects, "No news is good news." We have heard that before, "Abe Freed the slaves.", "King freed the slaves.", "FDR gave us a job." and we know the preamble.
"We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."
I found the day yesterday warm and refreshing and the Inauguration on TV pleasant and comfortable.
We have a pink and blue sky this morning at 0700.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Good Morning,
It is a blue sky cool morning of  27 degrees Fahrenheit. I feel good as the sounds of the day are quiet, music and an Presidential Inauguration.
I find my mood pleasant and comfortable on the planet called "Earth" by the "Creature with a large ego", I Tomas.

There are moments in time when man gets it just right and I cut and paste the moments for you.

Polovtsian Dances - Borodin - Berlin Phil - Seiji Ozawa

Eric Clapton - Wonderful tonight

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Good Morning,
It is Sunday and it is very nice outside this morning, 38 degrees and blue skies. I feel good even with the TV on this Sunday morning. I normally post my blog in quiet so as to sense the morning as a prayer of being life on the planet earth. The planet is moving very fast around the sun but fast out there where their is little friction does not bother our atmosphere and gravity.
Why not? I have no clue? Somebody explain to me why there is friction here near my feet and none above the atmosphere. I do have a place to look and maybe I will understand.

Acceleration and Velocity in Space

It's my understanding that if a space-going vessel continued to burn its engines non-stop, then regardless of the power of the engines (or the fuel used) the vessel would continue to accelerate until the fuel ran out. Then it would coast at a constant speed. A friend said that this is incorrect and that each fuel used in space has a maximum speed, and that once that speed is attained the vessel will be at a constant speed, even if the engines are on continuously. Which is true?

The short answer is, "You're right and your friend is wrong."

This question was answered by Newton when he concluded that acceleration (and not velocity) was proportional to the force applied to an object. Another of his laws was that once set in motion (such as when a spacecraft is coasting after burning its fuel), the object travels in a straight line at a constant speed unless acted upon by another force.

Probably the greatest reason for misunderstanding this aspect of classical physics is the modern car. We know that to drive at a constant speed we need to burn fuel. What we forget is that a moving car experiences friction in the form of air resistance. The soft tires also consume energy as they flex and turn. The fuel burned in the engine is overcoming those forces to allow the car to move at a constant speed.

Newton would have loved space. There is no air resistance. There is only gravity. Once a spacecraft is accelerated to a given speed, the engine is turned off and the craft coasts forever with its trajectory affected only by the force of gravity.

The best example of this I know is the Voyager 1 & 2 spacecraft. They were launched in 1977 and went to Jupiter and Saturn. Voyager 2 went on to Uranus and Neptune. Their trajectories were affected by gravity during their swings past the planets, but they continue to coast ever outward. Today they are nearly 90 times as far from the Sun as is the Earth and probing the region where space dominated by our Sun meets interstellar space. And on they coast, not burning any fuel. They move at a constant velocity, looking, recording, and teaching us more every day.

So you see, the beauty of space is that it is really much simpler than physics here on Earth.

Dr. Charles Smith

(June 2004)"

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Good Morning.
Work and how we govern.
When I was young (20-40) I cleared snow very easily with a snow shovel. I was good enough and reliable enough to help my neighbor clear his walk of snow. We were good enough at it that those that were governed asked us to do a weeks worth of shoveling with 500 other young men and they would pay us for our service. I shoveled snow for my neighbors and those that were governed for 35 years. I got to old to shovel so that those that we governed paid my bills because I had worked reliably and very well for 35 years.
One day a young executive came along and said we the governed cannot pay those folks that shoveled snow for 35 years because we have other things to pay for and it is a waist of money we do not have.
If I remember correctly during the time that I shoveled snow every one that was governed paid the price to have their walks shoveled.
Times have changed and folks do not shovel snow anymore and the government decided not to collect any money for snow shoveling (tax break). Every one was extremely happy that they did not have to pay anyone to shovel snow elsewhere (it was someone else s problem not theirs).

Friday, January 18, 2013

Good Morning,
There is frost outside, it is 26 degrees out there. I may need some salt on the walk ways. I feel a lot better today as I did not carry any loads yesterday.
One of the teas that Laurel bought from California I tasted yesterday and it is just like the Celestial Tea I drink.

Every Morning the first thing I do is read the family blogs.
I discovered my smartphones alarm/timer. It comes in handy when I go somewhere and need to be start back to finish a project.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

I spent the last hour under the bathroom sink and our drain needs a kit. As it is it works very well but I did notice that the drain itself was eaten away. Hair, acid and other solvents we normally drain to clean debris had done it's job on the metal. As I say it works well but within the next six months I need to replace what is pictured at left.
Today's chores are done so I am watching, "Live From Daryl's House". The program is a Palladium Channel Program, I enjoy the show.
My feet aches, not much, just like a reminder that age, 70 years of walking wears on the body.


Walking, walking, walking until it hurts. Moving along the highway, walking on the hot asphalt. Stepping into the grass and weeds when a roar and wind of a vehicle comes by. Walking and the pain move to your ankles. Your feet are hot but you continue because you cannot stop until you reach your goal. You see a green apple with gray gold scars in a tree along the edge of the road. You pick the apple as you move along. The tartness of the apple almost dries your mouth but your body is eager for nourishment. No one stops and the heat is on your shoulders as your forty pound duffel bag digs into your body. The weight aches and you are eager for nightfall and the coolness of a shade tree. The air is wet and steamy and your clothes are wet and damp. You are thrilled when a cool breeze blows over your damp body.

The nights are noisy with the sound of crickets and frogs. There is a darkness out in the country at night that is not available in the city. There is no warm glow of lights, or hazy night fog or smog to lighten the country night. When you lay in the grass and look up at the sky you can touch the stars with an out stretched arm and hand. You lay and ponder this darkness and those bright lights and drift off to sleep. You wake in the morning stiff and well rested. The ground and the tall grass are wet and so are you.

Walking, walking, walking until your ankles hurt and burn. You have to move across this state, you have to reach your goal. Sometimes the streams along the road are clear, deep and cold. They are a refreshing moment for your tired burning ankles. You sit and soak the deep pain in the hot sun in the shade. The water moves swiftly and sparkles like a lovely dream. You know that you have to move on.

You have to walk on. Maybe someone will stop. No one has stopped. You try to lumber on, you plod on, and you continue to move forward. You wonder why you are there.

Walking, walking, walking until your ankles hurt and sting. The roads winds over the low mountain pass. Refrigerators on porches and old cars surrounded by weeds are my view.

Sometimes your mind is on automatic, a place where there is no pain, no worry. You plod on not knowing where you have been or caring. There is no sense of traveling as your mind is lost wondering why no one picks you up. You are offering excuses to the world. Miles pass in a day and someone picks you up and you move fifty miles or ten miles closer to your objective. When you start walking again you are reminded of the burning in your ankles. You throw your bag over your shoulder and you try to find a spot on your shoulder that does not hurt.

You walk on.


I walked everywhere, when I first arrived in San Jose I would walk or ride the bus to town. Most of my traveling was done on foot with no particular fancy stories. I saw just views from my eyes, sometimes on the buses I could view the streets of San Jose or as I hitched to San Francisco to see Cal Tjader I watched the cities as I passed through them.

I have walked a long time, I got a license to drive in 1968-70;

I am not sure I was dependent on my feet or thumb to move me along.

When I got a job at Dam 50 I walked along the edge of the water on the concrete for 8 hours. I have sympathy for waitresses as they work and move from table to table; I tip them well. They walk until their feet burn and then they walk on, they have work to do. They walk on. A lot of the friends that I have made have been waitresses I have always loved women and ladies who walk to work. They have to walk on.

Good Morning,
I spent the day yesterday at home. That is normal for me at this moment in time. Our climate here and our environment is not suitable for travel. Where I live is an adventure to get out of in the winter. We have been known to end up next to our stoop trying to leave the area. When I was young I always ended up at the dam ready for work. Today it is different, I do not leave the area.
I feel good this morning, the temperature outside varies from 29 to 31 degrees according to different thermometers. We now have five thermometers, front stoop 29 degrees, back deck 32 degrees, my smart phone 27 degrees, my desktop 31 degrees and mom's smart phone which I never read. So I take an average 29.75 degrees.
I do like my smart phone which is a good compliment and I could use "love" as the word to describe my fondness for my smart phone but I will leave "love" for the planets beings with a heart. It has a calculator that I just used to get the temperature, I averaged the four temperatures with it's calculator, it does have a telephone which I rarely use because I slur my words and people say, "What?"  all the time. I keep forgetting to finish each word. The phone has the correct time and date, games that surprisingly I do play. It does have a contact list for addresses which are not up to date (I copied the list from Laurel's address book).

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Good Morning,
There is a thin layer of sleet and ice on our road this morning and it is slick. The birds are coming to our feeders as they are above the sleet and the ice does not seem to be a problem on upper limbs and branches as it has in the past. Just the walkways and roads are slick.
Mom called in, a 70 year old grandmother has no business traveling 25 miles to work when the school is closed because of slick roads. Walmart has a way of threatening employees and that seems to comfort them (BAH HUMBUG!) policy is policy. They can go shove the big one.
I feel good this morning and you can send your checks to: Tom Diaz Marion, Kentucky so that grandma does not have to work at Walmart anymore.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Colin Powell on Meet The Press

Good Morning,
It is early Monday morning and I am hung over from watching football and the Golden Globes. It is 25 degrees outside our home this morning.
Mom is off today and she spent the day yesterday as a football widow on her computer playing games and reading her 1,000 news feeds and blogs. Last night we watched the Golden Globes together in her room until I got tired and went to bed.
I did wash the sleepiness away this morning but there is a lingering hangover in here, not to bad, my body just needs space internally for the blood to flow, it is a matter of priority (inner being).
There is a social society in my being (board of directors) that controls the limits of my health department. It is all part of being aware and intelligent. I guess I could also salvage what memory that is there (that was once seen and observed), that was shelved and left sitting in boxes in my brain (dusty attic). I do have a new duster similar to the blue one hanging on the kitchen wall behind the coat tree.
We did buy a vacuum cleaner this week.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Now there is a quiet mood in our home, it is Sunday.
I am getting ready to watch some NFL Football. 
Good Morning,
How many of you have written the President? 
Today is the Sun Day and our day of rest. 
Yesterday while vacuuming our vacuum hit some very (like a banshee) high notes and something snapped inside the housing. I opened it up and it looked fine (no broken belt that I could see) but I am sure something was wrong. I turned her back on and she screamed and I shut her down.
Laurel got a new machine.
I feel good this morning.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Good Morning,
It is 0600 and a very warm 60 degrees outside. Every morning I explain to you how well the planet is and that it your responsibility to keep her healthy.
Do you know what propaganda is and how it sends you toward it's goal. This is the same thing; just as the video game industry teaches you to kill without batting and eye.
Moses I am sure had big mean looking guys with knives to protect Jewish folk and he also had the 10 commandment from god to teach those guys not to kill. 
How do you balance that yin and yang?
Whose responsibility is it to keep anarchy within the bonds of the 10 commandments.
Laurel has gone to work, later than normal. The cats are fed and the birds are looking for something to nibble on.
Today is a Saturday and it is cartoons for children, love making for adults and bull shitting by old timers like me time. I am on my second mug of coffee this morning.
I am on my normal soapbox this morning as worlds of guns and school children stand at different ends of the bullies line.
I am moving furniture and vacuuming our living room. We live in a very small home that is practical and efficient in a 1970 way. If our home was new then it would cost nothing to heat and a major portion of our electricity would come from the sun and not indirectly from coal. I just live in a different time an our youngsters should realize it does not cost anything to live in today's environment.
Someone please help me with this phrase, "not indirectly from coal".

Friday, January 11, 2013

 It is a nice day now with cloudy skies and blue skies beyond. I am not sure but my feeling is clean above and mud below, if I could soar like Peter Pan then no mud would ever come close to me. If I step in the yard I will feel mud as well as track it everywhere.
Good Morning,
It is Friday morning; I say that because this morning I had no clue as what day it was and what I had planned for the day. I had to look at my watch to see what day it was? Now that I have that settled in my brain I can understand my thought process and it seems to be clear. I do need to wash and fold clothing today. I did make a mug of coffee but it is just sitting there at this end table. I finally figured out what I had to do. The Christmas lights outside and the bare Christmas tree need to come down and put away. Age?
I need to pick up the clutter that is laying about ( I do tend to nest); I guess that is what happens around ones area where useful objects just hang about close at hand. 
We had to fill in space on our shelves; old video VHS tapes were put out to fill in the blank areas. One thing nice about the shelves is that it is easy to find what your looking for if you want to watch a DVD. Old historical tapes are there also.
The rain will end this morning (the river will rise) and comfortable days are ahead.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

No new taxes and cut the soaring Federal budget!
The war and no new taxes has caused a flu epidemic because Federal Employees were given an early out, leaving a hole where there was some federal protection from diseases.
America was warned several years ago that it needed Federal employees to do jobs that Walmart will not do. As in finding cures or going into stores and inspecting food sources for bad apples.
At the moment we have no protection as Federal employees are not popular and are being furloughed  and we know that guns will not stop the flu epidemic.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Good Morning,
Today is going to be a day to relax.
I saw on the news where there was a terrible amount of flu in our country.
There is one thing that do every morning and it is a matter of choice and survival; I did learn from my step mom Margie how to be disciplined and it may have come from my fathers side of the family.
This is the first thing I do in the morning.
I clean my dentures. (I have a terrible morning taste in my month).
I rinse my mouth with water.
I rinse and gargle my month with mouthwash (I use Scope).
I brush my teeth.
I wash my face and rinse my eyes with warm water.
I brush my hair.
And finally I clean the sink.
I try to us a clean towel every morning.

I normally wash my hands every time they get dirty from sneezes, dirty dishes, dirty laundry and hard filthy work.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.
It is raining outside this morning and I hear the sounds of automobiles traveling our road to school. 
I feel good this morning but sore from the heavy lifting and all that wood screwing into the wall studs.The shelves look bare and that is because we created (a big area) a lot of space for the DVD's and Blue Ray Discs. The wall space created more space in the room or made the hall longer. We have 7 shelves and we only filled 2 1/2 shelves with DVD's/Blue Ray discs.
Laurel took a "before" photo.  She is on her computer, she did say that she was going to organize the shelf space with the Childrens DVD's and my Music DVD's. I may watch or do some laundry (mom is doing laundry at the moment).

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Good morning,
I am putting up shelves this morning and it is wet and 46 degrees outside, cloudy but not a miserable cold windy day but just wet, cloudy and shinny.
I feel fine but my back aches because of all the lifting I have been doing lately. Today it is just drilling and anchoring screws in wood.
I have one standard up and am working on the second one, I may have to relocate my screws on some shelves but it will be very stable and on the wall. It is tough doing the screwing with a screwdriver but I want it secure on the wall to handle the weight which will not be a problem at all.
I am listening to Latin Jazz/Salsa while working and from time to time I will put on CNN to see if the planet is secure in our normal standard of living. I did recommend to the President to have the Treasury mint 2 or 3 $1 trillion platinum coins; the Chinese created United States Money and put it  in their banks as credit to loan us money.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Good  Morning,
Today may be the day to melt the snow in the shade but I am sure that the piles of snow will be around a least another week. It is 26 at the moment but the forecast calls for 50 degrees this afternoon.
I feel good this morning.
I had a dream last night that I was teaching the kids how to play a table game and they wanted the game to move on and not wait for my explanation (which was all ego) when one of them said, "Why don't you go play in the house." So I got up and went in the house and waited. So much for dreams and my large ego.
But I do like the idea of what I said about this photo:
 "There is something nice about visiting grandparents, they are retired and do not have to work unless they want too. That means that grand children that visit grand parents do not have to go to school or work at home, they may have to help out their grandparents but normally grandparents just hang around and play games.
Grandma likes to make cookies and candies, grandpa likes to eat cookies and candies and that is why grandmas and grandpas are round and happy like Christmas."
We are just about out of Christmas candies and cookies. Grandma and grandpa are rounder and jollier than ever.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Good Morning,
It is a little after six in the morning. Laurel asked me this morning, "What are you doing up?" I am normally up at 0430 every morning and I slept in late this morning. I found it amusing that she would ask.
The first subject that came to mind this morning was pain management. It came up because my nephew goes to pain management as well as my wife went to pain management. It does work and they do have a machine that stretches your back. When I swim in the summer I use long floats where you rest your arms on them and hang in the water letting the weight of your body pull down on your spine/back that helps plus I have a recumbent cycle that helps quite a bit. The hardest thing for my back is jarring devices like machines bouncing up and down like a paint shaker, those are back seats of small cars and going fast on golf carts over rough terrain, I am sure that there are more examples but you get the idea. Sometimes my back does heal up for a good amount of time and then like an recurring dream something will set me back a bit like shoveling heavy wet snow, carrying heavy bags to airports or a step off a ladder at the wrong step. There is always something and I will always help. If I do not do anything I feel dumb or old and it could set up a little depression, but depression is not up my ally and I do not allow it, it is not part of my lifestyle. I like god, folks and the planet earth. 
It is 21 degrees here in town this morning, Laurel is up and making tea with her Teavana Perfect TeaMaker.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

This below is the second amendment written by congress and it is the law.

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.
The responsibilities of the president of the United States. The power of the Executive Branch is vested in the President of the United States, who also acts as head of state and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The President is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws written by Congress and, to that end, appoints the heads of the federal agencies, including the Cabinet. The Vice President is also part of the Executive Branch, ready to assume the Presidency should the need arise.

All the above statement says that the president is Commander-in-Chief of the militia and anyone who bears and owns arms are part of that militia.

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution
for the United States of America.

I think that means that each one of us is the government of the United States.
 I did say united states who's citizens have the right to own and bear arms. No one has left the union or seceded from that union of states as of today.

If you watch the new NRA video they state that they are the defenders of the United States according to the second amendment and the preamble and that …….. means?

That the President is Commander-in Chief of that huge militia according to law written by Congress.

And as I see it all that bear arms can be called up to defend the nation.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Good Morning,
It is dark out this morning and cold (28 degrees), there is a hard frost which I should of mentioned before but I was occupied with the heavy wet snow. Every morning when Laurel Rose has to go to work I start her van to warm it up. I used to scrape the windows on her van but she has this spray product that does a much better job.
Last night I went in the other room and started watching one of the bowl games and fell asleep laying flat on one pillow when I awoke with bile in my mouth burning me, it was terrible and bile. I did awake with a start, unsure at what the problem was and as soon as I understood I ran into the bath room to spit this terrible burning sensation from my mouth (there was a cat curled up in the sink I use and did not want to spit in the other out of respect for my spouse) I grab a glass and poured water in it and rinsed my mouth but it did no good so I spit everything out in the toilet and kept rinsing with cupped hands. It took at least a minute or two to feel comfortable. I sat upright for the next two hours with a hard Christmas candy in my mouth watching the news and sometimes the bowl game. I finally went back to bed and had no further incident. I do have a sore neck where somehow I pulled a muscle in my neck sometime during the incident.
Mentally I am fine. I did have heated feeling in my right upper thigh yesterday (it is the false burning sensation of a pinched nerve in my back). That is normal for me.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Good morning.
Laurel Rose took me to see, "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" in 3D and it was great. I felt queasy at home yesterday and on our way to the show in the van I was texting my favorite sister when this lost emotion hit me, "Car Sickness" reading does that to me in cars and now it is texting. When we got to the show my head ached but my queasiness had subsided but I feared the worst; could putting on 3D glasses cause me to get queasy while watching the movie? It never happened and I really enjoyed the movie, it was great; no headache as well.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

There is something nice about visiting grandparents, they are retired and do not have to work unless they want too. That means that grand children that visit grand parents do not have to go to school or work at home, they may have to help out their grandparents but normally grandparents just hang around and play games.
Grandma likes make cookies and candies, grandpa likes to eat cookies and candies and that is why grandmas and grandpas are round and happy like Christmas.
Good  Morning,
I have been up since 0430 and I am now a little queasy. I am pretty sure it has to do with my balance and the fluid in my ears. When the fluids thicken I get dizzy or queasy.

It is time to replace the fluids or make them a little more useful. My body has the means to rectify the matter (that is what brains are good for ( solve those perplexing problems ( "You do, do a lot a puzzles don't you?"))).
The school buses are very active at the bus garage this morning. I just look out this big picture window we have near my computer.
It is quiet and peaceful here in town. When I say that I have to remind myself it is because we do have an army of soldiers around our country, a standing militia in every state, a wild militia in every state and cowboys and Indians in the west and the Hatfield's and McCoys in the South.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Now the banks are the thieves.

January 1st 2013:
Good Morning,
The snow is still with us this morning, it is very persistent.
January 2nd 2013:
This is a good morning but Laurel and I got off on the wrong page this morning. She wanted me to check a charge on the bank balance and I said I did not give a rats !@#$ about any banks and their charges. As far as I am concerned the banks can go suck a big one.
I would not use a bank if I could but my retirement check has to be direct deposit into some institution so I have to use the bank to use the money. That is as far I am willing to go.
When I first started working for the government we got cash, thieves like cash so the government went to checks and then direct deposit. Now the banks are the thieves.