Saturday, February 28, 2009

From Dvorak

US Airways 1549 Animation Video with Audio

A Little History

In the next four years the red lines are really going to drop completely out of site just as unemployment has fallen.

Standing Bear

Standing Bear stood before a judge in the court of law and spoke these words, "My hand is not the color of yours, but if I pierce it, I shall feel pain. If you pierce your hand, you also feel pain. The blood that will flow from mine will be the same color as yours. I am a man. The same God made us both."
The strange thing is that I did the same thing but with a different ending as I was not as fluent in thought as this Indian brave even though I felt the same in my stance.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Kentucky alcohol, tobacco tax bill passed

"Kentucky alcohol, tobacco tax bill passed
from Business Courier of Cincinnati

The Kentucky Senate narrowly passed two bills aimed at addressing a state budget deficit of $456 million by cutting spending and raising taxes on alcohol and tobacco products, and the measures have been signed by Gov. Steve Beshear.
According to a news release from the state’s Legislative Research Commission, the House Bill 144 and House Bill 143 passed by margins of 24-12 and 35-1, respectively.
HB 144, the tax portion of the spending plan, doubles the state tax on tobacco products to 60 cents per pack from 30 cents. It also doubles current taxes on chewing tobacco, snuff and other tobacco products. The bill also extends the state’s 6 percent sales tax to retail purchases of package beer, wine and liquor, which had been exempt from sales taxes.
HB 143 included spending cuts, including a 4 percent budget cuts in most state agencies.
“People on both sides of this issue understand the dire circumstances we’re in,” Senate President David Williams, R-Burkesville, said in the release, adding that the measures are a “stopgap.”
Sen. Charlie Borders, R-Russell, added in the release that “cuts of a half billion dollars have already been made, with more to come. The road is not going to get better any time soon.”
Both bills previously were passed by the House and will take effect April 1, the release said.
“I want to applaud and thank my colleagues — President Williams, Speaker Stumbo, Sen. Ed Worley, Rep. Jeff Hoover and many others — for their leadership and commitment to this state,” Beshear said in a separate release. “We don’t agree on everything. But we share certain values and priorities. With compromise from all parties we have been able to put together a package that solves this immediate problem while preserving our ability to react to future challenges.”"

Queen Ida and The Bon Temps Zydeco Band - Rosa Majeur

My sister Sandy played the accordion when she was very young.

Dewey Balfa - Jai Ete Au Bal - Awesome Fiddlesticks

Dewey Balfa & Nathan Abshire - Jolie Blon

With a little history.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Georgia Satellites - Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Our little kitten Ice D has known about the cat door for quite some time. Well today at noon he decided to use the door.... he went out - came back in several times. Each time is tail was fuzzed up quite big until he decided he was done for the day.

Tye Dye Stuff

Click on the sink to go the web site.

Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention - In The Sky - 1968

It is 55 degrees outside and this ache in my (maybe this called a stitch) side is mental "Don't Let it Bring You down" wotcha ma call it.
My daughter and son in law got me two (2) Frank Zappa DVD's that were my cup of tea. For Zappa fans it was great.
I am in a mood where everything falls in place and my body feels good. Sometimes I get lucky.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Temple City High School

I was in a high school band for one year (my freshman year). Temple City High in Temple City California.
I just heard Harlem Nocturne it was one of the songs we played in the band.
The song Harlem Nocturne brought on this reflection in time.
We played most all of Sousa's marches in the band.
Funiculi Funicula by Luigi Denza
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (1952) - Glenn Miller & His Orchestra
We played all these songs in my freshman year.
We recorded a record (two sides (red vinyl)) in the year I was in the band. We played very well and we were invited to march in the Rose Parade but our band leader thought that 5 miles was too long to march. Our school colors were green and gold. Our marching uniforms were green bold and light gray.
I think we moved away my sophomore year, I am not sure?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Political Words

Trickle Down, Socialism, Small Government, Liberal, Conservative, Wasteful, Stimulate, Pork Barrel, Field Mouse, Its a Joke, Real World, Spending, Whiners.
Do any of these words in a sentence help employ our neighbors. I am retired and my wife is working at Walmart part time. My neighbor ( a lineman) works for the power company full time, his wife works part time for the country club, she lost her 40 hour a week jobs 6 years ago. My other neighbor works part time at the midnight shift at our local gas convenient store and she supports her husband that cannot work because of illness. This is typical of the environment I live in. No one around me is doing well.
Does politics as usual really going to help me or our neighbors get out of the holes their in? I am in the best position in our neighborhood.
Do you want a job and save the federal government some money?
Somethings I did when I worked for the government as a lock and dam operator and now are contracted out to make our government smaller. I greased the gears and pivot points on the lock and dam, I painted my work area, I mowed the lawns, I picked up limbs on the bank, I cleaned my work area, I did plumbing and minor electrical work, I repaired the dam. I did all these things as part of my job. In the last 20 years all these jobs have been contracted out and now because of budget cuts cannot be paid for or done?! The lock and dam employees are still there and would be happy to do these jobs as part of their jobs. Obama said yesterday that he is going to let government employees do their jobs. Some people still remember what federal workers did as part of their jobs.
On my job details form my job description used to read at the very end of the normal job description .... other duties as assigned ( those words were taken out mentally in the last 20 years).
My side still feels as if a knife wound is still mending (painful).

Monday, February 23, 2009

24 degrees and a hard frost on the windshield of Motherkitty's van as she prepares for work. It is early and I feel as if I have had a knife wound in my right side this morning. When my back was hurt years back there were phantom pains in my body. Some of those pains are back in my life temporarily on my right side. Motherkitty just left for work.
I heard an interview of Congresswomen Barbara Lee of California. Her life is a slice of the injustices on our planet and her fight to correct those wrongs has been her struggle since her preteens. Her family history struggles with injustice and she writes about it in her book: Renegade for Peace and Justice: "Congresswoman Barbara Lee Speaks for Me"

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Mind of T. Boone Pickens

Sunday morning and I am annoyed that my body itches on my right side. It is almost time for my medication.
We have a trace of snow on the ground - 20 degrees and gray.
The Great Plains offers the best winds and space for wind mill farms.
The United States deserts offer the best space for solar panel farms.
Solar panel roofs on all houses to replace the conventional roof would help heat water and offer a little electricity to our homes.
High speed rail grids for transporting goods and passengers across America would be cheaper than flying the skies with jet fuel.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today I am being my normal pain in the ass (as in the ribs (Shingles)) and doing my normal chores. I do not ignore the pain I just live with it; my body will kick its ass.
The kitten is sitting with Alleycat and Alleycat is hissing and raising a stink. They are now four inches apart Alleycat looking toward the south wall and the Kitten looking out the picture window.
Alleycat just turned around and is facing the kitten. Well! Well! Both are ready for a nap.
Time for my 1st cup of coffee.

Yesterday the City of Marion picked up our limbs that we put at curbside. I only had 4 limbs (3 trees 4 limbs); our neighbor to the west (Debbie (Ice D's rescuer (the D in Ice D))) lost half the tops of seven trees. I will always remember Debbie running all over the neighborhood checking each home for anyone needing help. She spent a good deal of her time rounding up extra goodies for our young National Guard Troops that came to our town. She also helped FEMA set up shop at the Country Club (she works there).
My daughter sent me an email that my sister found her face book site. I know nothing about face book though I have an account which I rarely visit. I signed up to face book when it first started up. I sent a message to my sister and Rob who just got a Doctorate in Philosophy.
From 1000 until 1700 it snowed hard and most of it melted. Had it been colder we would have had 2 or 4 inches on the ground. I just went out and there is a trace of cover on the ground.

Recovery Website

The White House Website

Our government has changed very quickly in the last month. It is interactive and will read your post.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Got this in an email

Check this one out...

Swimming in the sea

I remember swimming in the Pacific Ocean at Tin Can Beach in my youth. Today they say do not swim in the ocean because of the bacteria. I am pretty sure that Tin Can Beach at that time oozed with bacteria that would make Sanjay Gupta sneeze.

Who Takes Care of Me?

I live in a society where my needs are taken care with a tax I pay.
There is water up in a tower over the community I live in and I pay a fare tax to the city and county to put water up there.
I live in a state that is twenty years behind other states in this union of states but we still have just about every road in the area paved with asphalt.
There is a grid of electricity everywhere in the state.

I am dependent on our government to keep me in comfort.

I walked on trails when I was young in the mountains overlooking Pasadena but I have never walked across those mountains like the pioneers. I have never dragged myself into Las Vegas and pulled up water from a neighbors well and thanked god that someone had found water in that oasis.
I did travel across the United States on foot but I traveled next to roads and rails. Water was available in stops along the way. I never gave it a thought how water got to that service station, faucet or drinking fountain.
No one denied me a drink of water.

I am dependent on our government to keep me in comfort.
Yesterday while doing chores I signed up for a writing class at our local library. At 1600 I took my pill for my shingles. At 1815 which was time to go to the evening writing class I was so upset by the medicine that I told Motherkitty I was going to bed. I laid down not feeling to well and went to sleep with the shingle ache at my side; I slept. I awoke at 2300 feeling the ache at my side but feeling better by not having the upset feeling I had earlier that evening. I now understand how strong the medicine is and I just took it again.
Motherkitty said today will be a lazy day of rest and relaxation.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The doctor said that I have shingles on my back and near/at my ribs (that is why my ribs feel broken). My medication was about $10.00 a pill. Take 3 a day for 10 days. My insurance paid most of the cost. I paid $3.00 a pill which is pretty expensive.
I looked up shingles and this link explains it.
Last night when I got up to take my medicine I looked for the kitten and I was concerned (I could not find the kitten). I looked all over the house and I finally gave up and went back to bed. I asked Motherkitty if she knew where the kitten was last night and she said that the kitten slept with her the whole night.
February 17, 2009

In this MegaVote for Kentucky's 1st Congressional District:

Recent Congressional Votes -

  • Senate: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009
  • House: American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Editor's Note: The Senate and House are in recess until Monday, February 23, 2009.

Recent Senate Votes
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - Vote Agreed to (60-38, 1 Not Voting)

The Senate agreed to the conference report of this stimulus bill, sending it to the President.

Sen. Mitch McConnell voted NO......send e-mail or see bio
Sen. Jim Bunning voted NO......send e-mail or see bio

Recent House Votes
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - Vote Passed (246-183, 1 Present, 3 Not Voting)

The House gave final approval to this stimulus bill.

Rep. Ed Whitfield voted NO......send e-mail or see bio
We have three large federal projects that were put on hold for lack of money in Western Kentucky.
One is clean coal.
Two is building a better lock at Kentucky Dam which will lower the cost of transporting coal to power plants.
Three is finishing a lock and dam at Olmstead which has been on hold since 2000.
One other project which may be helpful is the cleanup of the area around Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Hopefully the passing of the stimulus bill will put Kentucky employees back to work on these projects.


Allison has a nice post about Bill.
54 degrees this morning with a wet drizzle. Last night I felt a welt/rash on my back and some sore ribs up front. I do not remember doing anything to crack a rib other than day to day bumps. I did lean over the pool trying to replace the winter cover (which had blown off one edge) until I realized it is almost time to remove it. To replace it today I have to remove it and start the process over; at the moment it covers most of the pool.
The kitten has long hair and that could cause problems with my skin.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Highlights of $787 billion stimulus plan

This is one that I am interested in.


_ $48 billion for transportation projects, including $27.5 billion for highway and bridge construction and repair; $8.4 billion for mass transit; $8 billion for construction of high-speed railways and $1.3 billion for Amtrak; $4.6 billion for the Army Corps of Engineers; $4 billion for public housing improvements; $6 billion for clean and drinking water projects; $7.2 billion to bring broadband Internet service to underserved areas; $4.2 billion to repair and modernize Defense Department facilities.

Mockingbird Guarding Feeders

Ever since the Starlings were here a month ago our Mockingbird had had enough and started guarding the bird feeder and chasing away the Starlings. We have a great array of feeders with plenty to go around but the Mockingbird has taken over and he or she now keeps all birds away from the feeders.

Google - Mockingbird Guarding Feeders
The first thing this morning I wanted to turn something on. We are so dependent on electricity it is almost ..... ( I have no word for it). It is a pleasure to have running water and heat; those are remarkable and dependable luxuries.
We have some cats that are independent (they only come in because we provide a safe haven for sleeping) and we have some cats that are dependent (some have no clue as to what independence is..) like our older cat that just sleeps and looks out the window; she moves out when the weather warms and suns and eats grass.
Life in these United States provides some pretty far out safe havens.
There are just a few places that may be independently sustainable. Society in the United States is also sustainable but is very costly health wise to the planet.
There are clouds to our south and I think that this gray sky I am looking at will be blue in about 30 minutes. Motherkitty is scrambling around to get to work. Something happened I think she is late.
I will do another bird count this morning but I see no birds at our feeder.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Bill Clinton: Stimulus is 'our bridge over troubled waters'

There is a large argument about evolution brewing. It is mostly logic. The mysteries of words crossed with genuflections. If my daughter looks like me then we have evolved in the image of god.
Read "Haircut & Painting" it is good for a good laugh - it is true (kids in the late 1950's).
Our daughter asked me to do a bird count this morning. I counted these birds in 15 minutes.
3 sparrow
3 mocking bird
2 crow
1 turkey vulture

During the ice storm I would have counted 100 0r more birds at our feeders. The crows and the turkey vulture flew by - they did not stop at our feeders.

February 16th, 2009 celebrate the birth of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln

A pleasant morning with a cloudy sky and a temperature of 20 degrees. Our mocking bird has protected our bird feeders so well that birds do not come to them anymore.
I did not place any food out overnight for the cats and they a patiently waiting for someone to come feed them.
Today is Presidents Day.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Kitten Yarns Gift to Mom

Flowers sent to MotherKitty for Valentines Day from Kitten Yarn

The wind has blown all the bird food from the feeders; plus the feeder are wet and crusty.
Time for some bird feeder maintenance.
Later today I get to see the Daytona 500.
The folks in Kentucky without power today are people that have damage to their homes. Hot power lines have to be moved by the electric company. Then repairs and inspections then the power company comes back and hooks up the power. Removing the hot power lines takes time; finding an electrician and repairing the damage takes time. Now it is time to find a state inspector to see that the work has been done properly. Now you wait until the power company is free to do your job of reinstalling your fallen line. We went through all that last February during the last ice storm.
There are people in Western Kentucky without power this morning.
Our weather head and conduit were bent and the lines were ripped from the meter, damaging the meter as well.
It is 26 out front and 31 out back. Motherkitty is feeling better because of the medicine the doctor prescribe her. It is dark outside.
Motherkitty received a two huge daisies with a balloon attached yesterday afternoon.
This is the Sun Day.
Every week I am reminded to reflect on the day. On this day I found Ice D laying at my side in our daughters room. I slept there so Motherkitty would not be bothered by my movement. The little rascal has learn to use the kitty litter. Motherkitty gave the kitten some more antibiotics yesterday and the kitten had very lose .... so Motherkitty had to bathe him; he did not mind. Ice D is a smart cat.
I smell the freash coffee.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ice Storm Drawing

This drawing was created in candle light during the ice storm of 2009 Jan.- Feb.
I could not see the paper or the color chosen. I just moved in known motions.
I later used water colors of the same color to smooth out the edges.

Ed Whitfield Voted No On Continuing the Work on Kentucky Lock.

Kentucky Lock replacement is one place where hundreds and hundreds of job would be financed immediately with the stimulus bill passed by Congress last night. Is Ed Whitfield going to take credit for the money coming to Kentucky for the project or is he going to be saddened because the federal government overlooked Kentucky because of the vote by Mitch McConnell, Jim Bunning and Ed Whitfield.
We have three large federal projects that were put on hold for lack of money in Western Kentucky.
One is clean coal.
Two is building a better lock at Kentucky Dam which will lower the cost of transporting coal to power plants.
Three is finishing a lock and dam at Olmstead which has been on hold since 2000.
One other project which may be helpful is the cleanup of the area around Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant
Hopefully the passing of the stimulus bill will put Kentucky employees back to work on these projects.

The Senator and Congressional links (their names) above tell you why these men failed to fund Corps of Engineer projects in the last 8 years plus the stimulus package voted on yesterday.
When the Corps of Engineers Built Smithland locks and dam over 1000 employees were hired to build the project over a 10 year period.

10 billion dollars a month went to Iraq

We have been spending money in Iraq since 1990 it is now 2009 and we are still there.
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2000 = $120,000,000,000 we keep Iraq under guard
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2001 = $120,000,000,000 with planes flying overhead
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2002 = $120,000,000,000 young Bush wants to invade
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2003 = $120,000,000,000 he invades Iraq
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2004 = $120,000,000,000
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2005 = $120,000,000,000
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2006 = $120,000,000,000
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2007 = $120,000,000,000 $12bn in cash to Iraq & it vanishes
10 billion dollars a month in Iraq 2008 = $120,000,000,000
Approximate total amount sent to Iraq = $1,080,000,000,000
Republicans as well Democrats sent the money above to Iraq.
Republicans as well Democrats sent $700,000,000,000 to wealthy bankers in 2008.
Now the Democrats want to send $700,000,000,000 to our United States citizens and only 3 Republicans agreed to let them have it.
This last bill was meant to help states continuine their work projects; finish and hire new employees on federal projects that have been on hold for the last 8 years. It pays to rebuild our schools.
Most folks do not like the fact that this bill is not given to individuals to spend as we please. If I had the money I would buy a product made in China which would stimulate jobs in China which does not hire a new employee in our town.

Iridium craft weighing 1,235 pounds and the Russian craft nearly 2,000 lbs

Is your satellite TV out?

The crash of two satellites has generated an estimated tens of thousands of pieces of space junk that could circle Earth and threaten other satellites for the next 10,000 years, space experts said Friday.

One expert called the collision "a catastrophic event" that he hoped would force President Barack Obama's administration to address the long-ignored issue of debris in space.

Russian Mission Control chief Vladimir Solovyov said Tuesday's smashup of a derelict Russian military satellite and a working U.S. Iridium commercial satellite occurred in the busiest part of near-Earth space — some 500 miles (800 kilometers) above Earth.

"800 kilometers is a very popular orbit which is used by Earth-tracking and communications satellites," Solovyov told reporters Friday. "The clouds of debris pose a serious danger to them."

Solovyov said debris from the collision could stay in orbit for up to 10,000 years and even tiny fragments threaten spacecraft because both travel at such a high orbiting speed.

James Oberg, an experienced aerospace engineer who worked on NASA's space shuttle program and is now a space consultant, described the crash over northern Siberia as "catastrophic event." NASA said it was the first-ever high-speed impact between two intact spacecraft — with the Iridium craft weighing 1,235 pounds (560 kilograms) and the Russian craft nearly a ton.

"At physical contact at orbital speeds, a hypersonic shock wave bursts outwards through the structures," Oberg said in e-mailed comments. "It literally shreds the material into confetti and detonates any fuels."

Most fragments are concentrated near the collision course, but Maj.-Gen. Alexander Yakushin, chief of staff of the Russian military's Space Forces, said some debris was thrown into other orbits, ranging from 300 to 800 miles (500-1,300 kilometers) above Earth.

David Wright at the Union of Concerned Scientists' Global Security said the collision had possibly generated tens of thousands of particles larger than 1 centimeter (half an inch), any of which could significantly damage or even destroy a satellite.

Wright, in a posting on the group's Web site, said the two large debris clouds from Tuesday's crash will spread over time, forming a shell around Earth. He likened the debris to "a shotgun blast that threatens other satellites in the region."

Meanwhile, there's no global air traffic control system that tracks the position of all satellites.

The U.S. military tracks some 17,000 pieces of space debris larger than 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 centimeters), along with some 900 active satellites. But its main job is protecting the international space station and other manned spacecraft, and it lacks the resources to warn all satellite operators of every possible close call.

"With the amount of spacecraft and debris in orbit, the probability of collisions is going up more rapidly," said John Higginbotham, chief executive of Integral Systems Inc., a Lanham, Maryland-based company that runs ground support systems for satellites.

Oberg said the limited accuracy of tracking data and computer calculations makes it impossible to predict collisions, only their probability. He said most satellites also have little fuel to escape what most likely would be a false alarm.

"The collision offers a literally heaven-sent opportunity for the Obama administration to take forceful, visible and long-overdue measures to address a long-ignored issue of 'space debris,'" Oberg said.

In January 2007, China destroyed one of its own defunct satellites with a ballistic missile at an altitude close to that of Tuesday's collision, creating thousands of pieces of debris which threatened other spacecraft.

Both NASA and Russia's Roscosmos agencies said there was little risk to the international space station, which orbits 230 miles (370 kilometers) above Earth, far below the collision point. An unmanned Russian cargo ship docked smoothly Friday at the station, delivering water, food, fuel, oxygen and other supplies as well as a new Russian space suit for space walks.

American astronauts Michael Fincke and Sandra Magnus are aboard the station along with Russian Yuri Lonchakov. The crew size will be doubled to six members later this year.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday the 13th did it's job on us today.

It was not what happened today as to what we found out today that set the tone for the day.

But what made the day truely a "Friday the 13th " happened this evening after Motherkitty did her blog. As she was getting ready for bed she rammed a splinter into her finger (under her nail) from our headboard of our bed as she was moving a pillow. It was about as big as a rose thorn and as hard.

The Cooper/Clayton Method to Stop Smoking

Cooper Clayton class in Crittenden County

It start March 9 ..... 5:00pm – 6:00pm
at the Ed Tech Center 200 Industrial Drive
Marion, KY 42064

$17 Million in Drug Prevention Grants Available to 130 American Communities

Don and Juan - What's Your Name

Five Satins - In the Still of the Night
The Skyliners - Since I Don't Have You
Jackson Browne THE LOAD OUT - STAY
Bob Dylan - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Ulysses S. Grant


54,000 Without Power From Storm
updated 14 minutes ago
About 54,100 Kentucky electric customers remain without power as the result of a severe wind storm that swept across the state Wednesday, according to figures compiled by the Kentucky Public Service Commission (PSC).
That number is in addition to the 26,200 customers still without power due to last month's massive ice storm. Nearly all of those are in western Kentucky. Power outages statewide total 81,411 customers.
With wind gusts reported in excess of 70 miles per hour, Wednesday's storm knocked out power to at least 150,000 homes and businesses, according to reports received by the PSC from regulated utilities. Most of the wind damage was in the eastern half of the state.

Where Stimulus should go in Western Kentucky

We have three large federal projects that were put on hold for lack of money in Western Kentucky.
One is clean coal.
Two is building a better lock at Kentucky Dam which will lower the cost of transporting coal to power plants.
Three is finishing a lock and dam at Olmstead which has been on hold since 2000.
One other project which may be helpful is the cleanup of the area around Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant

Absolute Yo-Yo Mind Boggle from Dvorak

And Smothers Brothers - 03 - Yo-Yo Man

When I was growing up in California "the yo yo man (from the company (yo yo )) would be out on the play ground during recess doing his tricks. He would not sell yo yo's on the playgrounds; he would just do tricks and we would gather around and watch until the bell rang.
In our pockets were yo yo's and marbles.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Show Me the Money?

From AP:
Pa. judges to enter plea in kickback scheme

SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) — Two Pennsylvania judges charged with taking millions of dollars in kickbacks to send teenagers to two privately run youth detention centers are expected to plead guilty to fraud.

Luzerne County Judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan are scheduled to appear at a federal court hearing Thursday afternoon

Prosecutors say the two judges took $2.6 million in payoffs to put juvenile offenders in lockups run by PA Child Care LLC and a sister company, Western PA Child Care LLC. The judges were charged on Jan. 26 and removed from the bench by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court shortly afterward.

Prosecutors says the two are scheduled to plead guilty to two counts of fraud. Their plea agreements call for sentences of more than seven years in prison. They are expected to remain free pending sentencing.

The best line of thought I heard today was, "Shouldn't we be walking upright with tools and things?"
I personally always think that after 5000 years of civilization we would be polite and civil.
There is a deep rooted thought in the upper crust of today's society that they can do what they want with the hoards of money in our banks and be immune to law or civil behavior. In the past 8 years they have deftly moved our wealth (with a smirk) away from the United States citizen.
Obama like Lincoln after the civil war let the Confederate soldiers walk home after the war. Obama thinks he won the war by winning the election. He is letting the Republicans walk away with the cash with a smirk on their faces.
We sent a plane load of money to Iraq which quickly disappeared. We spent 10 billion dollar a month in the last 5 years in Iraq and what have we bought for it?
From the Lloyds faces accusations of tax avoidance

Lloyds, one of the banks bailed out by the government, has been accused in court by the Treasury this week of using a subsidiary to pour hundreds of millions into transatlantic tax avoidance schemes.

Huge loans to American financial institutions were disguised as commercial investments for tax purposes, it is alleged in a case against the bank being brought by HM Revenue & Customs, a department of the Treasury. As a result, the money from the deals was treated differently for tax purposes on each side of the Atlantic.

Andy Reichwein

There are stil over a 1000 folks in Crittenden County without power.

From AP:
"In Kentucky, devastated by a crippling ice storm two week ago, Public Service Commission spokesman Andrew Melnykovych said the wind caused at least 150,000 outages Wednesday. About 55,000 customers remained without power Thursday afternoon.

PADUCAH, KY. — An Andover man died Tuesday after falling from a utility pole in Paducah, Ky. Andy Reichwein a 35-year-old utility worker from Minnesota fell 30 feet to his death Thursday while helping repair crews restore power in Kentucky."

I feet great and I am free.

I heard a women say today, "I feel great and I am free."
That puts life in the proper perspective and it delivers a message about freedom.
During Abe's life a war was fought to free the nation of slaves. It was a bitter war where 618,000 humans being died.

The Gettysburg Address
by President Abraham Lincoln

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.
But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate -- we can not hallow -- this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us -- that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

200 years old today

Happy Birthday Abe
February 12, 1809

The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Papa Bear Crafts

Hickory Chief $1000.00
Eastern Kentucky Craftsmanship - Walking stick starting at $100.00

Made to order + Shipping

Papa Bear Newsletter

Eastern Kentucky Craftsmanship - Walking stick starting at $100.00
Made to order + Shipping
Contact Papa Bear

From the Crittenden Press

Footage of the winter ice storm the 2nd day.
Sandy said the wind storm today knocked the power out in Berea Kentucky at this hour.
It is 64 degrees outside at this moment; I think that will be the high as temperature drop into the 50's by 1800.
The kitten and George are in a rough and tumble mode.
Alleycat had improved vision yesterday afternoon although I think that is just temporary because of her age.
1300 The wind just blew my winter cover into the pool. No problem I just need a nice day to either open the pool or put the cover back on. The wind is stout and gusty. I have been out anchoring objects keeping them from becoming projectiles.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We had a policy of keeping male cats outside that included our orange cat Peaches. But since cold weather was here in Marion we were lax on the policy. Just a few minutes ago the orange cat walked up to Motherkitty turned her back nonchalantly and sprayed on our cabinets. I put her outside and she will stay there until the weather gets bad again.
1830 We just had a flicker of power surge. The wind is supposed to blow in the 25-30 mph range tomorrow, maybe a limb will fall on our neighbors power line and poof we are without power.

Emergency Plus

I did not have the wood stove, I had gas burners on my stove top. I did not have a scanner or hand crank light-radio. I had city water but a well is better. Solar panels may help with the sun shinning in winter. Tapered candles produce more light but fat round candles are stable and last longer. Our cell phone was a dud. Our dial phone worked. Our gas water was a godsend. All electric is convenient with electricity but without electricity it is just nothing but smoking mirrors. A cold ice locker underground is out of the question but maybe a generator would help there for freezing and cooling. A bicycle fan would help move heat but our home is very efficient.
At the top of this post is the governments recommended list for emergencies. My sister Sandy has a nice unvented natural gas heater with battery spark start.
A natural gas generator at right will cost about $16.00 a day for a person to power most of your home.
A small gas generator at left will cost $8.00 (8 hours) a night for just your freezer and a light or two.
Neither generator is meant to run 24 hours a day for extended periods of time. The natural gas generator will also burn propane.

From the New York Times and CNN

Republicans’ Latest Talking Point: The New Deal Failed
60 degrees and rain outside this morning.

Republican senators just want to let the chips fall where they may and not help president Obama. Are Kentucky's Senators Jim Bunning and Mitch McConnell among those who are?
How do the rest of the people feel about the job loses in Kentucky do they feel the same as our senators and let the chips fall where they may.
Politics as usual is a very dangerous game and this is not the time to stall legislation to stimulate /create jobs in the United States.
I saw this chart on CNN last night and it was pretty spooky seeing it.
I think school starts today in Crittenden County. I hear t he school buses warming up and rolling out of the bus garage across the street.
The kitten is in the kitty litter this morning; yesterday he took a dump under Motherkitty's chair while she was on the phone; she had to clean up and shampoo the rug.
The folks calling in at C-Span are also saying that giving people jobs will not help them put food on the table.
How can a person argue that history failed; that is the same argument that people say that Germans did not create a factory to eliminate human beings.
Two points of view.
The banking industry just wants to stand pat and hold what they have to stabilize the banking industry. The federal banks (Obama) want to give employers or states money to create jobs.
The House gave final approval to this bill that reauthorizes and expands the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Rep. Ed Whitfield voted NO

Monday, February 9, 2009

Most of Kentucky Utilities Customers have Electricity.

County outage numbers served by Kenergy:
Caldwell 979
Crittenden 728
Daviess 3,000
Hancock 770
Henderson 1,100
Hopkins 2,600
Livingston 16
Lyon 818
McLean 970
Muhlenburg 7
Ohio 693
Union 1,000
Webster 1,331
Updates at Kenergy and Kentucky Utilities.

Joseito Fernandez-Guantanamera

Joseito Fernandez-Guantanamera

9,384 Folks in Crittenden County

At least 2400 of them are without power.

From USA Today
LOUISVILLE (AP) — Power companies say the number of power outages has dropped to about less than 35,000 across the state, down from a high of more than 769,000.
Kenergy spokeswoman Lisa Vincent says the company, which serves parts of western Kentucky, had 15,584 customers without power as of Sunday. Kentucky Utilities listed 4,300 customers as powerless on Sunday in four western Kentucky counties.
The Public Service Commission listed about 13,000 cooperative customers without power on Sunday.
There were no new estimates available Sunday afternoon for Louisville Gas & Electric or the Tennessee Valley Authority, which made up about 32,000 outages Friday.
The deadly storm dropped snow and ice across Kentucky starting Jan. 27. State officials have attributed 30 deaths to storm-related causes.

Motherkitty was up napping in her chair when I awoke this morning with an orange cat in her lap and a black cat on the arm of the chair. Our black Alleycat has lost her sight. She knows where things are supposed to be but if are not she just hopefully steps.
It is 48 degrees at 0600 and the TV is gossiping. I am looking for a news show but gossip is all I get. I turned the sound of it down and am listening to the hum of our home and the sounds of activity outside. Some cat is scratching at the kitty litter and another is cracking breakfast cat chow in her sharp teeth. Motherkitty is planning to go to work today even though she spent half the night with a Kleenex box. The two male cats are fencing (George and Ice D).
High winds and rain tonight are in the forecast.
Some schools are opening but Crittenden High School is just having a teachers meeting today. The maintenance crews have been busy every day since the storm hit repairing the damage and sending generators back to from where they came.
1600 and windy and 72 degrees. Time for Jeopardy.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


County outage numbers:
Caldwell 989
Crittenden 1,200
Daviess 3,300
Hancock 742
Henderson 1,100
Hopkins 3,200
Livingston 18
Lyon 1,600
McLean 1,200
Muhlenburg 7
Ohio 935
Union 1,100
Webster 1,500
At right is a map of Kentucky Utilities customers without power county by county.

These are two different power companies.

I have power this morning. I am going to check and see who is without power.
Families that bought generators are buying five gallons of gas a day to power those generators.
I had no clue that it was Sunday Morning as I tried to find local broadcasting on our local stations.
I see no updates at Kenergy and Kentucky Utilities.
The kitten and George (male cat) are attacking each other as I type. Motherkitty's head is full and bothersome; I think she plans on calling in and taking a sick day. I think our home heating system is doing it. When the furnace was out she had no problem. I will change the filter and run the fan constant to clear the air of air born particles.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A kitten walking across my keyboard and purring.

Sometimes I just have to awaken, to sitting here typing[[[
[plkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[\A kitten walking across my keyboard and purring.


Customers without power today in Western Kentucky

Kenergy Electric
Breakdown by counties:
Caldwell 989
Crittenden 1,200
Daviess 3,800
Hancock 770
Henderson 1,100
Hopkins 3,200
Livingston 18
Lyon 1,600
McLean 1,200
Muhlenburg 7
Ohio 1,100
Union 1,500
Webster 1,600

At right is a map of Kentucky Utilities customers without power county by county.

These are two different power companies.

Senator Mitch McConnell is Filibustering Jobs Bill

Republican Senators are filibustering the bill that we need to create new jobs for our unemployed workers in the United States.
They spent 10 billion dollars a month in Iraq in 2008 and now that we want to create jobs for unemployed moms they filibuster to make Obama look bad.

The city of Miami will extend the application deadline for 35 firefighter jobs that some 1,000 people stood in line to apply for.
The city was going to only accept the first 750 applications for the job that pays approximately $47,000 a year.
They will now accept additional applications from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Feb. 13 and Feb. 17-20.
The 750 people who already submitted applications do not need to reapply.

From Time - CNN

The headline below asks if we are dependent on water to survive. Water in Kentucky is not the issue ; the issue here is the ability to get the water to our home.
The article from Time - CNN above shows and talks about low water at Lake Mead - one of California's sources of water.
Water in the ocean can be cleared of it's salts and used by the city but the city would have to have a high pressure "Reverse Osmosis Filter System" to use water for general use.
The water from the mountains is filtered naturally and is almost ready for use.

How many of us depend on city water?