Friday, July 31, 2015


Good Morning.
It is 67 degrees outside this morning; I mowed and cleaned the pool yesterday and I think I got hypothermia by getting into the pool and cleaning it. The reason I say this is that where the wasp stung me a few days before the spot where I got stung started itching and I told mom I needed to go to bed and when I got in bed I had to bundle up snugly and keep my body from shivering. That done and my body gave up moisture and felt clammy ( my T shirt felt moist). This has happened before in my life just before I would get sick ( normally my birthmark would itch before the feverishness but this time it was the wasp sting). I feel good this morning. I got up at 0430. 
The itching has always been the clue for me. I had Scarlet Fever when I was young and I know about having a fever.
 Note: Read This

Thursday, July 30, 2015


We will be spending time in Murray Kentucky looking for our pleasure. We will be renting both places. We will be stuffing a rental with our junk until we get thing smoothed out.
I just got out of the pool; I did some brushing and vacuuming; no relaxing, just cleaning.

A Mug of Coffee

Good Morning,
69 degrees outside this morning here at home in Western Kentucky. Mentally we are ready to move closer to our daughter and her children in Murray ,Kentucky.
I feel good this morning; I had a implant of  4 studs in my lower jaw to accommodate a lower denture. At the moment it is in a healing process; the doctor yesterday said in was fitting tight and healing nicely. He told me to take them out at night so that my lower gum could rest and heal. I had them in for 24 hours as told to do by my doctor. They taught me how to take them out and it is tough as they fit tight.
I told mom to write my daughter and tell her how she feels and she did. Mom did really well at the doctors office, they did what she asked them to do and she was doing well last night when we went to bed.
It is time for a mug of coffee.
We have blue skies outside with some pink clouds. 
Mom is hungover from the medication at the doctors office; I am fixing her some tea at the moment. 

My lowers snap in like this:
I am going out to mow

I just finished mowing the yard

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Red Door Antiques

Good Morning,
I took some water out of the pool this morning as the rain last night filled the pool high; there is an overflow on the pool and it was draining but by using the pump it goes out faster plus I do a backwash which pumps the big debris out into the yard and then it cleans the sand. 
I sat here listening to nice music as the blood flowed through my head in the healing process. I cleaned my mouth out with salt water again just a few minutes ago.

Mom will drive to Paducah on highway 60 as the interchange in Eddyville is closed for another seven days. (The Red Door Antiques intersection). The rain will slow that work up.
I will drive coming home as mom will not feel like driving when she gets done.
Loretta nests on our turntable.She was walking around a little confused so I said to her come here and I moved my legs for her to have a place to lay down; she started this way then realized she had a more comfortable (mentally and physically) place to lay down.

Windows 10

That software is available now free. Microsoft will send you an email telling you, "You can download the software now." You will just click the link and either the software will download or it will take you to their webpage to download the software. 
I have a sore throat at the moment. I awoke with a sore throat and I immediately gargled with salt water. I will do that again at 4 am. That has to get under control immediately. I did take the antibiotic they proscribed and I will take it in a minute. My body knows how to deal with this problem and it will now.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I am who I am

I am where I want to be on this planet called earth. But sometimes there are secret societies that do not want you to be where you want to be.
Good Morning,
t rained last night and what is left will not return today; it is 75 degrees outside this morning. I am not sure but I think it boomed forever last night as I turned in my sleep and I think mom was about looking out the windows at the storm, that is what she does as I just roll over and sleep.
Do I feel any better, a little. You have to understand that mom does not allow me to speak of her pain but when I say she is busy doing things that means that she is fighting through the pain until it overwhelms her body and she has to go lay down. She loves the pool even though the pain does not go away. The doctor said the pain was a good sign.
I think Jesus felt the same way when he felt the pain in his legs, hands, head (remember he was a king) and chest.
I handle pain really well but my problem is when to work and not work; sometimes I work and everything is great afterwords and sometimes I work and it was a mistake and I think of the old man in "Moon Struck" who said he was confused.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I Saw a Sign

I saw a sign that read, "Abortion is Safe" Maybe for the mom it is a good chance that she will be fine. But for the abortion of the fetus I would say that death is not safe.
I still believe that it is a woman's choice to choose what is best for her and that is called, "Choice".
The Federal government, the church or the community does not make a woman's choice for her even though some break the law to make her wince in pain with their prejudice.
It is becoming more apparent that I cannot do things I used to do and that the community will not help when they realize that our religious preferences are different even if I ask them for a price.
I may move to where it is easier on my body to do things.

More Rain

Things are Moving Fast.

Things are moving fast as the storm that just passed overhead. Sometimes technology just passes quickly. A machine just flew passed Jupiter and took photographs and sent the photos to us. We went from a paper society to an electronic screen in just 5 years. Do you still buy DVD or Blue Ray Movies? 
I cannot do my chores, I cannot afford a maid or gardener to do the house cleaning and the yard chores. Things are moving fast; mentally I am there but physically I am tending to lag behind.

Something New That Just Happened and I Did Not Realize It

I put a Google Chromecast on the TV in the Living Room also on the TV in Allison's Room. There is a Kindle Fire Stick attached to the TV in mom's room. (A big rain shower just passed). What the point is that the selection is ours as to what we watch on the TV. Cable and Satellite TV have a pretty impressive variety of shows to watch. These devices open the door wider. Chromecast puts what is on the browser on TV so a multitude of people can view your search or watch a movie from the internet.

From This:

To This:
Which is a bit more comfortable.

I Am Tired

Good Morning,
I feel sore and beat up this morning. My body does not want to do what it must. Mentally I am fine. We did go swimming yesterday afternoon and maybe lifting the solar cover hurt me when I got out of the pool . I do not know what the weather will do today but what I  thought I would do is not seem possible.
I am feeling better but I am not sure what my mind wanted/scheduled for today is going to take place.
Mom worked very hard this morning then went to bed about 2 this afternoon. I mostly did nothing but read my book.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The New Revolution

The New Revolution
They are going to make a game that teaches you to kill,
They are going to manufacture a automatic weapon and
 give it to you and then they will send you to no mans lands
 far away and let you shoot whatever you want.
And then they will profit by the revenues of the weapons sold and
 then I will wonder what happened?
The New Revolution

Windows Update

Good Morning,
72 degrees and I think the sun will come up as no rain is forecast for the area. I need to pick up grass clipping today as I think there is a chance of rain tomorrow. If it is nice tomorrow I will move things out from under my platform and weed eat under there.
I updated my laptop this morning as my computer needs to work properly as of the 28th of July; the Windows 10 software may be ready to download onto my laptop computer on that date. So I am updating this laptop with anything so as the folks at Windows 10 can solve any anomalies that pop up. A Scene from 451 ..
We both just got out of the pool; it was mom's idea, she said ,"I am going swimming." So we went swimming. She also was very right because it looks like it is going to storm.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Sunny and Warm

Good Morning,
Sunny and 66 degrees outside at 0630 this morning. I did mow yesterday and today I will pick up grass clippings. I am a little sore but healing nicely.
As a human being and part of the exploring class I will thank god for the sun and the planet earth and opportunity to live on this planet in peace; I am speaking about me when I say I have been living in peace. I am very lucky to live under the umbrella of the United States Constitution. At every turn in my life I have missed the violence of war. I had the opportunity to see first hand the way life should be lived. I gave that opportunity to my family and they choose the life to live. I live in a comfortable home that is falling apart but it still protects me from the cold and hot sun; it has done well in storms as well. Our community has offered me gas, water, electricity and police protection which is a plus where Bison, Mountain Lions and Bears roamed at one time. There is quiet and peace here this morning in this area where I live.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Marbles and Pea Shooter

I played Marbles and I was about average. I have no accuracy now but I can fire a marble pretty hard; with some practice I could hit another marble again.

I played Marbles and I was about average.
I have no accuracy now but I can fire a marble pretty hard; with some practice 
I could hit another marble again.
We played with Yo Yo's, Marbles and Tops at school recess.
 Dried Peas
 Pea shooter
Dried Peas and Pea Shooters
Pea Shooter became dangerous in schools and were outlawed there.
Dried Peas and Pea Shooters


Good Morning,
Heavy wet fog and a lot of moisture out this morning. When it dries out a bit later this morning I will mow the grasses.Then jump into the pool and clean it. I feel good this morning mentally and physically. It was close to 70 degrees outside earlier now it is about 66 degrees at daybreak. Time for a mug of coffee; I have five of these mugs of different colors.
I collect Bybee Mugs like these, Duncan Yoyo's and Wooden Tops.
10:00 am
Still very wet outside; I did do some work on my deck while waiting for the grasses to dry out a little more. I used my green portable drill out there.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Story Told to Me From Mom

Tiger Lily always comes to me and meows when she wants to go out (I speak cat meow); I pet her at the door then open the door. She waits to get some courage to go out so it takes some time for to go out; I think it is also painful for her to jump down off high objects ( she sometimes appreciates the fact that I go outside and get her off the window ledge, even though pride makes her sometimes jump off the ledge).
So one day this past week I let her out and mom was in the kitchen and looked out and saw a Mocking Bird "Dive Bomb" Tiger Lily as she was walking across the yard; Tiger Lily never looked back as the Mocking Bird continued for at least 2 minutes (Tiger Lily is not so fast anymore) to Dive Bomb her rear end. Mom said she never turned around as she disappeared in the far off distance of our neighbors yard.


Good morning,
73 degrees and rain; it is dark out at the moment and I am up and washing clothes. I can do that and not wake mom. If I unload and load the dishwasher it makes a racket this early in the morning and I do not like doing that if it wakes mom.
I picked up grass clipping yesterday afternoon. One half of the yard is mowed and I will continue to do that if my back bothers me. I feel good this morning mentally and physically.
The spam has finally caught up to my 1373 local at gmail dot com email address so I changed to a new email address for NARFE. I have been reading; made mom some tea and a mug of coffee for me; still reading and then my eyes wanted sleep. It is a good book, it is called, "A Dark Lure"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eyes and Compost Piles

Good Morning,
Yesterday we both went to Paducah for our eye checkup and to make an appointment for me to have Lasik Surgery. Mom is in good shape with her eyes. My right eye is ... well fuzzy. With both eyes I can see clearly with glasses but if I take off my glasses I do see a bit double vision or hazy. My left eye does OK on the eye tests and the other eye. ..... Well. The doctor said after surgery it will be better but not 20/20. It will be a lot better than at the moment. I see clearly up close and see fair at room views but eye tests ..... well.
When we got home we shopped for groceries and then I mowed very slowly just the back half of our yard. I will pick up grass clippings this afternoon for the compost pile. The photo shows my old compost pile.
Today we went to mom's doctor where we did not wait at all we went right in and saw the doctor. when we got home mom made Amish corn on the cob and meatballs. After that I went out and picked up grass clippings. I had only mowed half the yard to ease up on my back; so far so good. Getting ready to watch the Soyuz Launch at 4:00 pm Central.
Relaxing, getting ready for cold watermelon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thunder and Lightning

Good Morning,
Well it stormed last night and it created quite a racket with the rumbles and huge booms. I did not measure what we got in rain gauge but if you measure the decibels it would be the kind which you would ask, "Could you please turn it down?"

Monday, July 20, 2015

I have a very positive attitude about my body and life itself.

Good Morning,
Our grasses are tall and thick and I was going to mow today and as I stepped to the front door to see if there was any dew on the grasses I saw a wet road and when I opened the door I heard thunder and saw rain. Well if it stops raining and the sun comes out I may get to cut the grasses just to get ahead of more showers tonight and maybe tomorrow.
I feel better, I am a little cautious but very hopeful that my pains and soreness will go away. I have a very positive attitude about my body and life itself. 
I had two cats at the window outside wanting in; I let them both in, one was wet and one was dry.
10:00 AM
We had an 1" of rain last night. i just now measured it.
I wonder and think what is going to happen as I age; I never worry about that but it came out just now. I am paying a young man to trim around bushes as I really do not want to do that because it is too much work for my body. Bouncing on my mower while I cut the grasses sometimes hurts; I can mow slower and become mindful of the dangers of moving too fast. There are other jobs I cannot do as I age.
I thought of moving to where I did not have to maintain anything. As it is now my little home is falling apart. I may think that this is normal for most folks in the United States. I could give up my 500 dollar a month health care bill (medicare and BC/BS). That would be foolish as our health bills would explode to over a half a million in a year.
There are folks in Kentucky that have not maintained their health and will soon die. I thought we as a community (We The People) had taken care of that. But no; the health care industry cut that bill in half and compromised and we ended up with Obama Cares. I remember when Bill Clinton was President his wife proposed a free health system for everyone and Congress said "NO". Obama Cares is what we got. Now Hillery wants to be President. Will she change the law to make the Health Care Free for everyone or will the Health Care Lobby say, What Will Happen to the folks we employ?"

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Brain Washing

The Qur'an tells Muslims to kill non-believers, only in times of war. I saw this post, “We are planning to give Kenyan non-believers a true taste of Jihad." Warriors are taught to kill non-believers any way they can. There is Jihad in the United States, “We are planning to give the United States non-believers a true taste of Jihad."  Osama bin Laden declared a war (Jihad) against the United States and I believe that state of war still exists.
What am I to think when a parent says that their son was depressed and that is why he killed.

Things I think About

I have had these feeling for quite some time; that as soon as they know our religious preferences all help disappears. We can call some service to come to our home (local and not National) and after two trips that ignore our calls for help; they act as if they were warned not to do business with us. That has been going on for a long time. It started with a local plumber about 35 years ago and has continued on. It could be something underground that is unspoken and has been part of this community for a long long time.

Warm and Humid

Good Morning,
Warm and Humid indoors and outdoors; our windows are wet outdoors and that means that the grasses are wet and the tomatoes are just loving this humidity. We have our home air conditioned and we love it; The air is filtered and that keeps my head clear of things that make me sneeze and helps my Rosacea under control by me staying out of the sun. Outside when I mow I wear glasses, a long sleeve sweat shirt and a hat, in the pool I wear a hat, a T shirt, glasses and sunscreen. I drink honey with my coffee and mentally my mind and body do what is best for me which includes doctors visits, being aware of what hurts me; I do for get to walk properly and it hurts when I make a mistake. My body works well internally as it knows how I feel and I let my body do what is best for me. Teamwork works well internally too.
I have the luxury of being able to rest the body and the mind.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fleas Again

Good Morning,
We are still killing fleas and washing clothes. We have to keep at it everything else has to be 2nd on our list or we will be in big trouble with fleas. We have 3 cats that do not seem to be bothered with the flea situation; Tiger Lily is full of fleas and they are attacking mom. Can you imagine mom is constant pain and being attacked by fleas.
I am also working on my computer and trying to find old pictures and files on our old computer. 
Pool Temperature 86 Degrees: I went into the pool yesterday and I will go in today and clean it. All that seem to be in the bottom and floating are dead bugs; which is easy to clean and maintain. I am going out there into the pool in a bit; the dip in the pool makes the days a lot cooler.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Fleas and Tick and Pets

Good Morning,
I spent the day yesterday washing mom's bed where the fleas took over in a day. I had to strip the bed and spray it with flea killer. She just now sprayed her floor in the room and we will do part of the hall and bathroom. I washed all her linen twice yesterday. This must be perfect weather for fleas and ticks. We bought some lotion for the back of the cats necks for fleas and ticks.
We found out that the enzymes we put into the pool kills all bugs that come for a drink in the pool. The enzymes does not offer them a place to land (bugs land on the water and stay afloat); well the enzymes coats the top of the water and bugs just sink and drown.

Quote "The body surface of insects consists of a hard skin known as the cuticle - the major pesticide pathway is cuticular penetration. The insect cuticle is hydrophobic so that it can resist desiccation and drowning but the Safe Solutions' Enzyme Cleaner enzymes quickly and safely cut through this protective shell. Synthetic pesticide poisons use light oils, dusts and/or volatile solvents to help penetrate this same cuticle." End Quote

I just got out of the pool, it felt great; mom stayed out, she did not feel up to a pool visit. So I cleaned the pool and gave it a dose of Algae Guard, tomorrow I will give it a shock then later next week some Enzyme to keep it clear. It is very clear at the moment, you can read a book off the bottom.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Four Feeders

There were birds on all four feeders (one yellow finch) but I missed the photo.
 I got two birds at two feeders.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Good Afternoon,
I had to replace my Windows 7 operating system this morning. I had a blue screen yesterday and I thought a couple of programs had crossed paths. 
We both woke up very sore this morning; we did nothing but surf the Internet today. We just got of the pool, we were in there just for 35 minutes and did nothing but relax.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Deer and Tomato Plants

Written in Microsoft Word. Mulch Too Early

Good Morning,
We are off line at the moment (it is about 0630); I tried to get online but I could not. I feel good mentally but my hip area or below is bothering me, it could be a pulled muscle from cleaning the pool; I had to work very hard to remove the dead algae (something like hard scrubbing a pan) and may have strained the area.
The Internet came back on about 0700 but I was out checking the pool and I am going out to add some chlorine to the pool in a few minutes. I added Algaecide late yesterday afternoon and this morning I will add the chlorine to the pool. The pool is a part time to full time job but for mom it is a necessity and I; it is a luxury that I love.
Today I will pick up grass clippings and place them around the area where Talon and Eliana planted those Early Girl Tomatoes. Those tomato plants have green tomatoes on them at the moment.
Sometimes without power I write on my black and white composition book and if I have power but no Internet I write on Microsoft Word and sometimes on a notepad on my tablet or Smartphone. The nice thing about this Google Blogger is that it writes in a WYSIWYG RTF which copies to just about anywhere.
I just finished picking up the grass clipping and placing them around the tomatoes Talon and Eliana planted. I am going to take photos of them  to show the kids how well mulch works in the summer time.

NOTE:: Do not mulch the tomatoes until the tomatoes start producing red tomatoes. Tomatoes produce when they are hot and steaming; if you mulch early the tomatoes will just wait for the ground to warm which may be never if they are next to mulch.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Enjoy the Morning

Good Morning,
We sat outside yesterday morning before it got too hot. It is about 75 degrees out there right now. I am just about ready to go out and enjoy the morning. I plan on doing just nothing today.
Mom and I just came in from our visit to the deck outside our home; yes it is attached to our home and I can see the deck from where I am now; we will be going swimming later today. We went swimming yesterday afternoon and was extremely pleasant in the water.
We just both got out of the water, the water is doing good things to our minds and bodies. We have the luxury of watermelon after a swim in the pool.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Sometimes you see things that surprise you.

 Sandy's Hibiscus
 Sandy's Hibiscus
Mom is out cooking hotdogs
 and hamburgers on the grill.

 I saw this and it surprised me. I may have seen it before
 but I saw it yesterday and took a photo of it.
During the storm I saw these blowing around.