Monday, July 20, 2015

I have a very positive attitude about my body and life itself.

Good Morning,
Our grasses are tall and thick and I was going to mow today and as I stepped to the front door to see if there was any dew on the grasses I saw a wet road and when I opened the door I heard thunder and saw rain. Well if it stops raining and the sun comes out I may get to cut the grasses just to get ahead of more showers tonight and maybe tomorrow.
I feel better, I am a little cautious but very hopeful that my pains and soreness will go away. I have a very positive attitude about my body and life itself. 
I had two cats at the window outside wanting in; I let them both in, one was wet and one was dry.
10:00 AM
We had an 1" of rain last night. i just now measured it.
I wonder and think what is going to happen as I age; I never worry about that but it came out just now. I am paying a young man to trim around bushes as I really do not want to do that because it is too much work for my body. Bouncing on my mower while I cut the grasses sometimes hurts; I can mow slower and become mindful of the dangers of moving too fast. There are other jobs I cannot do as I age.
I thought of moving to where I did not have to maintain anything. As it is now my little home is falling apart. I may think that this is normal for most folks in the United States. I could give up my 500 dollar a month health care bill (medicare and BC/BS). That would be foolish as our health bills would explode to over a half a million in a year.
There are folks in Kentucky that have not maintained their health and will soon die. I thought we as a community (We The People) had taken care of that. But no; the health care industry cut that bill in half and compromised and we ended up with Obama Cares. I remember when Bill Clinton was President his wife proposed a free health system for everyone and Congress said "NO". Obama Cares is what we got. Now Hillery wants to be President. Will she change the law to make the Health Care Free for everyone or will the Health Care Lobby say, What Will Happen to the folks we employ?"

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