Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fleas Again

Good Morning,
We are still killing fleas and washing clothes. We have to keep at it everything else has to be 2nd on our list or we will be in big trouble with fleas. We have 3 cats that do not seem to be bothered with the flea situation; Tiger Lily is full of fleas and they are attacking mom. Can you imagine mom is constant pain and being attacked by fleas.
I am also working on my computer and trying to find old pictures and files on our old computer. 
Pool Temperature 86 Degrees: I went into the pool yesterday and I will go in today and clean it. All that seem to be in the bottom and floating are dead bugs; which is easy to clean and maintain. I am going out there into the pool in a bit; the dip in the pool makes the days a lot cooler.

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