Friday, July 17, 2015

Fleas and Tick and Pets

Good Morning,
I spent the day yesterday washing mom's bed where the fleas took over in a day. I had to strip the bed and spray it with flea killer. She just now sprayed her floor in the room and we will do part of the hall and bathroom. I washed all her linen twice yesterday. This must be perfect weather for fleas and ticks. We bought some lotion for the back of the cats necks for fleas and ticks.
We found out that the enzymes we put into the pool kills all bugs that come for a drink in the pool. The enzymes does not offer them a place to land (bugs land on the water and stay afloat); well the enzymes coats the top of the water and bugs just sink and drown.

Quote "The body surface of insects consists of a hard skin known as the cuticle - the major pesticide pathway is cuticular penetration. The insect cuticle is hydrophobic so that it can resist desiccation and drowning but the Safe Solutions' Enzyme Cleaner enzymes quickly and safely cut through this protective shell. Synthetic pesticide poisons use light oils, dusts and/or volatile solvents to help penetrate this same cuticle." End Quote

I just got out of the pool, it felt great; mom stayed out, she did not feel up to a pool visit. So I cleaned the pool and gave it a dose of Algae Guard, tomorrow I will give it a shock then later next week some Enzyme to keep it clear. It is very clear at the moment, you can read a book off the bottom.

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