Sunday, July 19, 2015

Warm and Humid

Good Morning,
Warm and Humid indoors and outdoors; our windows are wet outdoors and that means that the grasses are wet and the tomatoes are just loving this humidity. We have our home air conditioned and we love it; The air is filtered and that keeps my head clear of things that make me sneeze and helps my Rosacea under control by me staying out of the sun. Outside when I mow I wear glasses, a long sleeve sweat shirt and a hat, in the pool I wear a hat, a T shirt, glasses and sunscreen. I drink honey with my coffee and mentally my mind and body do what is best for me which includes doctors visits, being aware of what hurts me; I do for get to walk properly and it hurts when I make a mistake. My body works well internally as it knows how I feel and I let my body do what is best for me. Teamwork works well internally too.
I have the luxury of being able to rest the body and the mind.

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