Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Story Told to Me From Mom

Tiger Lily always comes to me and meows when she wants to go out (I speak cat meow); I pet her at the door then open the door. She waits to get some courage to go out so it takes some time for to go out; I think it is also painful for her to jump down off high objects ( she sometimes appreciates the fact that I go outside and get her off the window ledge, even though pride makes her sometimes jump off the ledge).
So one day this past week I let her out and mom was in the kitchen and looked out and saw a Mocking Bird "Dive Bomb" Tiger Lily as she was walking across the yard; Tiger Lily never looked back as the Mocking Bird continued for at least 2 minutes (Tiger Lily is not so fast anymore) to Dive Bomb her rear end. Mom said she never turned around as she disappeared in the far off distance of our neighbors yard.

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