Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Eyes and Compost Piles

Good Morning,
Yesterday we both went to Paducah for our eye checkup and to make an appointment for me to have Lasik Surgery. Mom is in good shape with her eyes. My right eye is ... well fuzzy. With both eyes I can see clearly with glasses but if I take off my glasses I do see a bit double vision or hazy. My left eye does OK on the eye tests and the other eye. ..... Well. The doctor said after surgery it will be better but not 20/20. It will be a lot better than at the moment. I see clearly up close and see fair at room views but eye tests ..... well.
When we got home we shopped for groceries and then I mowed very slowly just the back half of our yard. I will pick up grass clippings this afternoon for the compost pile. The photo shows my old compost pile.
Today we went to mom's doctor where we did not wait at all we went right in and saw the doctor. when we got home mom made Amish corn on the cob and meatballs. After that I went out and picked up grass clippings. I had only mowed half the yard to ease up on my back; so far so good. Getting ready to watch the Soyuz Launch at 4:00 pm Central.
Relaxing, getting ready for cold watermelon.

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  1. sounds like a really good day. I think it's a good idea to take it easy and split big tasks over 2 days