Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Mug of Coffee

Good Morning,
69 degrees outside this morning here at home in Western Kentucky. Mentally we are ready to move closer to our daughter and her children in Murray ,Kentucky.
I feel good this morning; I had a implant of  4 studs in my lower jaw to accommodate a lower denture. At the moment it is in a healing process; the doctor yesterday said in was fitting tight and healing nicely. He told me to take them out at night so that my lower gum could rest and heal. I had them in for 24 hours as told to do by my doctor. They taught me how to take them out and it is tough as they fit tight.
I told mom to write my daughter and tell her how she feels and she did. Mom did really well at the doctors office, they did what she asked them to do and she was doing well last night when we went to bed.
It is time for a mug of coffee.
We have blue skies outside with some pink clouds. 
Mom is hungover from the medication at the doctors office; I am fixing her some tea at the moment. 

My lowers snap in like this:
I am going out to mow

I just finished mowing the yard

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  1. hope your gums heal quickly and your bottom dentures work well for you