Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Red Door Antiques

Good Morning,
I took some water out of the pool this morning as the rain last night filled the pool high; there is an overflow on the pool and it was draining but by using the pump it goes out faster plus I do a backwash which pumps the big debris out into the yard and then it cleans the sand. 
I sat here listening to nice music as the blood flowed through my head in the healing process. I cleaned my mouth out with salt water again just a few minutes ago.

Mom will drive to Paducah on highway 60 as the interchange in Eddyville is closed for another seven days. (The Red Door Antiques intersection). The rain will slow that work up.
I will drive coming home as mom will not feel like driving when she gets done.
Loretta nests on our turntable.She was walking around a little confused so I said to her come here and I moved my legs for her to have a place to lay down; she started this way then realized she had a more comfortable (mentally and physically) place to lay down.

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