Friday, July 31, 2015


Good Morning.
It is 67 degrees outside this morning; I mowed and cleaned the pool yesterday and I think I got hypothermia by getting into the pool and cleaning it. The reason I say this is that where the wasp stung me a few days before the spot where I got stung started itching and I told mom I needed to go to bed and when I got in bed I had to bundle up snugly and keep my body from shivering. That done and my body gave up moisture and felt clammy ( my T shirt felt moist). This has happened before in my life just before I would get sick ( normally my birthmark would itch before the feverishness but this time it was the wasp sting). I feel good this morning. I got up at 0430. 
The itching has always been the clue for me. I had Scarlet Fever when I was young and I know about having a fever.
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  1. hope you feel better tomorrow, dad. Take care of yourself and try not to do too much. Love you