Sunday, July 26, 2015

Windows Update

Good Morning,
72 degrees and I think the sun will come up as no rain is forecast for the area. I need to pick up grass clipping today as I think there is a chance of rain tomorrow. If it is nice tomorrow I will move things out from under my platform and weed eat under there.
I updated my laptop this morning as my computer needs to work properly as of the 28th of July; the Windows 10 software may be ready to download onto my laptop computer on that date. So I am updating this laptop with anything so as the folks at Windows 10 can solve any anomalies that pop up. A Scene from 451 ..
We both just got out of the pool; it was mom's idea, she said ,"I am going swimming." So we went swimming. She also was very right because it looks like it is going to storm.

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