Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Good Morning,
t rained last night and what is left will not return today; it is 75 degrees outside this morning. I am not sure but I think it boomed forever last night as I turned in my sleep and I think mom was about looking out the windows at the storm, that is what she does as I just roll over and sleep.
Do I feel any better, a little. You have to understand that mom does not allow me to speak of her pain but when I say she is busy doing things that means that she is fighting through the pain until it overwhelms her body and she has to go lay down. She loves the pool even though the pain does not go away. The doctor said the pain was a good sign.
I think Jesus felt the same way when he felt the pain in his legs, hands, head (remember he was a king) and chest.
I handle pain really well but my problem is when to work and not work; sometimes I work and everything is great afterwords and sometimes I work and it was a mistake and I think of the old man in "Moon Struck" who said he was confused.

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