Monday, July 13, 2015

Written in Microsoft Word. Mulch Too Early

Good Morning,
We are off line at the moment (it is about 0630); I tried to get online but I could not. I feel good mentally but my hip area or below is bothering me, it could be a pulled muscle from cleaning the pool; I had to work very hard to remove the dead algae (something like hard scrubbing a pan) and may have strained the area.
The Internet came back on about 0700 but I was out checking the pool and I am going out to add some chlorine to the pool in a few minutes. I added Algaecide late yesterday afternoon and this morning I will add the chlorine to the pool. The pool is a part time to full time job but for mom it is a necessity and I; it is a luxury that I love.
Today I will pick up grass clippings and place them around the area where Talon and Eliana planted those Early Girl Tomatoes. Those tomato plants have green tomatoes on them at the moment.
Sometimes without power I write on my black and white composition book and if I have power but no Internet I write on Microsoft Word and sometimes on a notepad on my tablet or Smartphone. The nice thing about this Google Blogger is that it writes in a WYSIWYG RTF which copies to just about anywhere.
I just finished picking up the grass clipping and placing them around the tomatoes Talon and Eliana planted. I am going to take photos of them  to show the kids how well mulch works in the summer time.

NOTE:: Do not mulch the tomatoes until the tomatoes start producing red tomatoes. Tomatoes produce when they are hot and steaming; if you mulch early the tomatoes will just wait for the ground to warm which may be never if they are next to mulch.

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