Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Morning,
Caffeine seems to be my drug of choice and I have to wean myself off it. It is bad for my stomach plus I get hung over drinking coffee.
So it is back to tea and decaffeinated coffee.

Monday, July 30, 2012

President George W. Bush's tax cuts set to expire

I posted this morning on my paper tablet. I do this from time to time as I am outside early in the morning (a variable from 0500-0900). Sometimes I post outside and other times I just watch the day. It is very comforting in this area of the planet.
Have you ever posted with lots of variables (thoughts in between the lines of the posts). Those in between thoughts do release tension.
Clearing the mind does great things to the human endeavor. Since I did save a lot of cash with the government they pay for my retirement while using my money to pay for the road in front of my home. That is the bonus I get; you just get the road in front of your home.
It has come to my attention that those wanting smaller government are full of pent up steam that does not move the locomotive in a positive way.

When you build a pyramid you maintain it; you do not cut the funding to maintain it. The pyramid is part of the our system of government.
We have the:
 Department of Agriculture (USDA) Employee
    Department of Commerce (DOC) Employee
    Department of Defense (DOD) Retired Employee
    Department of Education (ED)
    Department of Energy (DOE)
    Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)
    Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
    Department of Justice (DOJ)
    Department of Labor (DOL)
    Department of State (DOS)
    Department of the Interior (DOI)
    Department of the Treasury
    Department of Transportation (DOT)
    Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

or do we just want the names above to just complain about.

All these are services provided to everyone and we pay for them with our taxes. A tax cut removes a service. President George W. Bush's tax cuts set to expire.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mystery vs Violence

I watch murder programs not for the violence as to why it was done but how was it solved. I noticed that my favorite shows are about violence to human beings. I do not particularly like the violence as I do like the way the problem was solved.
I joined two groups to help human beings as I am trying to solve a problem in society.
Some folks watch stupid idiots doing stupid things and take pleasure from them doing it and some folks watch reality shows trying to figure out how someone is going to solve the situation their in.


Good Morning,
Day light is just coming up as the sun is reflected near our horizon.
The thought came to me if any object in the sky stays in the same place in earths sky other than the sun?
 I dug up what was left of our bird seed and placed it out for the birds. From now on they will have to wait until we come up with more seed. from the seed mills.
When I first went outside I noticed that the western skies were pink.
I turned on this Sunday Morning with George and George was not there so I turned it off. I guess I am getting very particular in my old age.
The TV is off and it is time for some coffee.
It is a pleasant morning here in Western Kentucky . You do have to remember that that is my point of view reflected from the vision of my two eyes on our deck with birds feeders and zooming hummingbirds buzzing near your ears.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

I have a pair of Nike Sandals with Velcro that have lasted me about 5 years. When they came unglued (white to black sole) I popped rivets with Shoe Goo (rubber type glue) on them (I drilled holes smaller than the rivets into the sole horizontally (the rivet swells in the hole with the glue)) and they lasted another 2 years. They fell apart when I was in mud in the garden the other day so I cleaned them removed the old rivets and glue; I re-glued and re-riveted them again yesterday. I can walk in the bottom of the pool with them if I need to because the bottoms have slits in them for the water to pass through. If guys like tough sandals around the pool then these are a must (they are like fancy re- treads).

NBC's bad taste

Good Morning,
My nose is running like a faucet and I feel lazy. I have to empty and fill the dishwasher so as to clean and fill my hummingbird feeders. I guess by the time I get done every hummingbird in the neighborhood will have a runny nose.
I did not watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics because I detest commercials at events like that.
Mom taped it so maybe I can fast forward over NBC bad taste.
Maybe after another cup of coffee I may feel better about doing my chores.
Mentally I am fine except for the water dripping from my brain.
Maybe some music will help?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Rolling Hills of Kentucky

Organic Tomatoes

Good morning,
It rained last night just before dark after that 104 degree heat in the afternoon. That rain cooled the planet here at our home in these rolling hills.
I have always said that our high temperatures and our high humidity, "Spells the finest tomatoes in the country!" The beautiful tomatoes I brought in yesterday only boosts my claim. Organic Tomatoes is what they are and they are fine.
We planted Roma and Better Boy tomatoes this year. With Volunteer Beefsteak Tomatoes making a good showing with 3 strong plants.
Weeds took over our pepper plants but mom saved about 10 packets (or more) of cut up peppers for later use. I do not like cooked green beans so I eat fresh beans. I planted the wrong kind this year and they were a little too tough for me though mom ate all she could handle as she loves cooked  green beans.
I just shocked the pool. I will go in , in about an hour from now since it is cooler today at the moment ( it is 74 degrees outside).
I have to feed our cat "Dolly" outside food inside since she will go off to unknown parts of the planet when she goes out. The outside food lets her move where she wants. If I leave the food outside then stray cats (cats that little boys forget to feed and volunteer "Toms" of all makes skunks, possums and raccoons find their way to our feeders (we cannot afford feeding the neighborhood deer (garden))).
 The deer used to lay in the shady spot under the Elephant Ears shown above. 
Can you see the matted grass where the deer and fawn lay.
When they got up they would eat fresh tomatoes and tomato plants and fresh Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans from my garden a few feet away. Our Neighbors have 3 plum, 1 pear and 2 apple trees for their desert just a 100 feet away.

I just got out of the pool ( I cleaned the pool) and I pick a 2 1/2 gal bucket load of tomatoes for mom.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

We just got out of the pool; mom cleaned off the deck and watered her plants; I picked about 30 pounds of tomatoes and I will go back for more after my coffee and breakfast.
104 degrees outside our home. Too hot to be out there. Mom is cooking down two pots tomato sauce.
Mom and I were discussing how long it would take for nature to be, " back to the forest" in the area of our planet/home and we agreed that nature would take over in 6 months to a 1 year here at our home.

My mother was about 17 when I was born and by the age of 20 she had disappeared.

My mother could sing and I am tone deaf but I can spread good cheer and tell folks that they are living on god's greatest gift, The Planet Earth our "Garden of Eden".
The fact that we have flaws makes us better each day we survive on the planet, that imperfection inspires greatness and moves us closer to perfection. We have not been able to reproduce our self no other way other than by love and the union of our being.
I know that feeling called love and it brings me to tears of happiness when visions before me give me the time to understand that feeling.
Wanting is our greatest sin and it dooms our days. Just be as you are.
Points of view

I have seen a different religious point of view from just about every person that I have ever meet.
Just about every point of view speaks of peace and good behavior toward their fellow man with a few exceptions.
How can I possibly tell each person that their view is wrong when in their heart their view is correct?
If I listened to their view point, I or we would come to an understanding that their view is correct and realize that we were saying the same thing only using different nouns and verbs to explain the same things.
If their view is correct and my point of view is correct then that tells me that we are all right in our views about life and that I have failed to understand their viewpoint in the past.
So I must see each person as being alive with a viewpoint that is correct and to the point.
If that is correct then I must see each of us as being an image of god and understand their point of view as the same as mine.
This space that I occupy is very grand and I believe that each one of us occupies the same grand place.
This implies that all matter as being in the image of god.

"Matter: Something that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses;
a physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole."

So must I worship the ground that each one of us occupies?
I guess if you were standing in front of me I would have too?
Whatever I like the idea that each one of us is correct in our points of view.
Those &These
We would all just love to form our own personal group of friends.
Choose who fulfills our needs and place them on our invited list.
Of course we would have to completely ignore the idea of equality between women and men, rich and poor, smart and ignorant, thin or fat, meat lovers and meat haters, no gods and lots a gods.
And of course everyone else that falls in-between those lines like Doves and Hawks.
This morning is clear and bright.
There is a cloud cover toward the north and a clear sky to the south.
The sun is coming between the two variations of the early morning.
The sun is reflected in the morning water.
Turbines can be heard off in the distance.
Those sounds have traveled across the water from a great distance.
It is nice and I feel good about myself.
My body is heavy but my health is good.
Complicated matters and simplicity adorn my environment.

If I sat on a mat in a ritual art form, clearing my mind of unneeded clutter, placing my being onto another level of spiritual wealth could it compare with the description above about being.

My thought and body says it the same and different at the same time. Being aware of the space we occupy places us well in the space provided by life. Remember the Quote "Seeing is believing". We have read a million words that describe the truth about our environment and we as individuals add our own statements to the lengthening list of cliche's that enlighten our lives.

We read poetry and sometimes a great novel. History and biographies pass along our paths.
Sometimes we meet a human that is a novel, a human story, a biography, and a person with a life that is a story.
Could it be that each one of us is indeed that great novel?
We as individuals are cloaked in suspense and drama, veiled in insecurities and peaceful oblivion.
We share what all great writers write about, we carry our novels in our souls as we walk into that great storeroom of good words.
This is a nice thought.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Good Morning
I just got out of the pool at 0830; I cleaned it and will shock it shortly. It was 82 degrees in the pool.
I am scrubbing the kitchen and dinning room floors at the moment. I have been killing ants that have invaded our home, they are persistent and come in waves. Their persistence and my ability to make sauce of them is leaving a mess.
Well at least they cleaned off the kitchen table.
It is 102 degrees outside at the moment which is a little too hot to go swimming in.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good morning is a salutation to you the reader and not necessarily the state of the planet. My own personal feelings about the planet are on the positive side of respect for my elders by paying a tax to take care of them and not reflective of the attitude of my sorry ass senators from my state.
My own personal feelings about the planet are on the positive side of respect for the planet by paying a tax to take care of the pollution around my home not reflective of the attitude of my sorry ass senators from my state.
I may continue after I unload the dishwasher.
I vote that the gun laws and regulations about any one owning a gun be placed in the hands of the Defence Department and that 10% of the defence Fund be made available for the use of permits (federal).
States can have a Militias and can be funded by the states and Federal Government but the firearms sales will be strictly a federal responsibility
The National Rifle Association is so powerful that our lawmakers fear them. Is that any way to have our government run.
It should be placed into consideration that every third election of the United States President be held without any funds for ads.

Monday, July 23, 2012

By the GrapeVine


Sexteto Habanero Tres Lindas Cubanas 1928



The new warrior elite.

This morning I have no faith in man.
He is the beast.
What is next?
Authority and Dictatorship know that violence controls the mind.
I have written to Congress and Congress only listens to wealth. I have joined a retired group to help the elderly; I have joined a drug coalition to help the folks that are searching.
Those avenues are not working.
The only avenue I have is my own personal way and that is to take care of my space on the planet earth.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Good morning,
I am tired this morning; I think I should rest.

I tried to watch a video my son put up on FaceBook but my laptop screeched when I tried to play it until I shut it down. I told mom that I would get another laptop before our next convention in April.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

José Fernández Díaz (Guantanamera)


We have cloudy skies ( kind of a nice mixture of heavy gray and mild pink) over our mildly rolling hills of western Kentucky.
I was outside our brick structure and noticed that the ants and the hummingbirds had come to an agreement and the hummingbirds had conceded my nectar feeder to the ants. I hate to spoil an agreement with the ants and the hummingbird but it was mom and I who had traded gold for the nectar; so I cleaned up the ants party and placed an offensive odor (Lysol) near the nectar.
Later today (about 0900) I will cut up the very ripe tomatoes and make tomato sauce for mom who is at
work. I may jump into the pool ( clean it) while the sauce is simmering. I may also cut down some weeds in the garden.
I am cooking the tomato sauce and I also made a batch of Hummingbird Nectar; I just have to remember to stir the tomatoes and not the nectar with the tomato spoon.
We have had Goldfinches in our Sunflowers for the past week.

Friday, July 20, 2012

I was out early trimming some limbs and removing wild trees growing around the pool. It is already hot out there in the sun. When I get done typing I will weed eat around the pool area.
I feel good this morning.
Mom has gone to work.
I have birds at the feeders; I noticed around the wild trees I cut down that ants were colonizing around them as if they had nourished the trees for personal reasons. Well at least their doing some good by turning the soil and keeping it from turning to dust.
It was at least 105 outside yesterday and I went into the pool at 1500 and did some pool cleaning and it was entirely too hot even in the pool; if I kept my head under water I was fine but I do not have gills.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I mowed this morning,; mom went to Allison's to help. When she gets home I will jump into the pool and clean it, the heat creates a great amount of algae this time of year. As the song says , Beware of The Blob, it creeps
And leaps and glides and slides
Across the floor
Right through the door
And all around the wall
A splotch, a blotch
Be careful of The Blob

I guess I better get in the pool and clean it.
 I grew up eating this Candy above and the Mexican Bread Below.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I do not type, I "Hunt and Peck"

It is still dark out; mom is getting ready for work. The temperature outside is 78 degrees and expected to reach 100 degrees today here in Western Kentucky.
I looked at the lawn and it needed to be cut, not today as we have other plans for the day. Tomorrow morning will be fine for a ride on the lawn tractor.
I feel good and I am sore, why I am not sure. I will jump in the pool before 0900 and take the cover off the pool; that will keep it from turning into a sauna.
I just got out of the pool; I had to scrub every square inch of the pool; overlapping each stroke and sometimes doing it again. It is something you have to do when the temperature get hot; water and heat grow green as in a tropical forest.
It was refreshing and now I realize where the soreness comes from as I scrubbed the pool two days ago. Well that will toughen up this slackness.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

It rained this afternoon; we had dark heavy clouds and thunder and lighting.
I wanted to tell you that my father was a Latin Lover. He was handsome and forever in love with women. He always had a wife and a girlfriend at the same time.
I did not know him that well as I did not live with him until I was 9 and seven years later I was in the Navy.
From then on it was off and on a month here and a few weeks there.until he moved to Kentucky and lived with us for a few months before moving on.

Good Morning,
I was up early and sat on the deck as the sun was rising, I feed the cats, cleaned and filled our hummingbird feeders and tested the pool. I had to add shock to the pool to bring up the levels to kill bad bateria and algea. It is normal to shock the pool weakly.
It was very comfortable listening to the birds as they came to the feeders to eat.
The sky was clear and blue and our grasses and weeds are green again after the promised rain (prayers answered).
Most of the cats were outside last night doing cat things. They are in this morning tiding up and resting.

Monday, July 16, 2012

"The most quoted speech at CPAC this year was Mitt Romney's, but my vote for the most significant goes to Grover Norquist's. In his charmingly blunt way, Norquist articulated out loud a case for Mitt Romney that you hear only whispered by other major conservative leaders.
They have reconciled themselves to a Romney candidacy because they see Romney as essentially a weak and passive president who will concede leadership to congressional conservatives:
All we have to do is replace Obama. ... We are not auditioning for fearless leader. We don't need a president to tell us in what direction to go. We know what direction to go. We want the Ryan budget. ... We just need a president to sign this stuff. We don't need someone to think it up or design it. The leadership now for the modern conservative movement for the next 20 years will be coming out of the House and the Senate.
The requirement for president?
Pick a Republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become president of the United States. This is a change for Republicans: the House and Senate doing the work with the president signing bills. His job is to be captain of the team, to sign the legislation that has already been prepared."

Who is racist?

I was trying to figure out why the Republican Party does not do whatever Obama wants to do? Obama went out of his way to accomplish Republican mandates and when Obama did they the Republicans did not vote for any of it. That is racist or just mean spirited. Nobody even compromised.
This morning I saw a congressional committee asking government employees why they lent money to business leaders to keep them from gong bankrupt or completely out of business. Their was no one that would loan them money so the government loaned them the money to stay afloat. That kept at least 5 million employees on the job for these last 4 years.
The Republicans in the congressional committee were very angry at the government for lending these businesses money.
I never heard one of them say that they were upset because the United States Olympic Committee choose China to make the Uniforms for our Olympic Athletes.
It does not matter what Romney says because it is immaterial because all that the Republican Party wants is just a human form to sign whatever bills or laws they want. So all the person has to do or be is good looking and that they can sign their name.
If they wanted someone who could think (which does not fulfil their needs) they would choose Ron Paul.
Ron Paul may hoodwink the party and win by outsmarting the whole bunch of them.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

7/15/2012 Good Morning,
Today I am quiet, today I rest. My back is sore and my eyes are sleepy. Mentally I am fine. The grey cat Polly I came over and said good morning as cats do. I put food chow out for the outdoor cats if they would like to partake of such indulgence and I have my mug of coffee.
My computer is updating so I am writing this in "WordPad".
My writing sucks but my mind is sound and I want to place my mind online. There are particulars that are just mine and you need a mind to read between the lines. These morning delights in word play are just that delights that are my morsels of thought. I have no depth I just see in a normal dimension.
I just pasted this over here to this blog.
I just went out to see what is happening to my tube feeder and it was broken and full of ants and decay. I tried to put it back together but the plastic was too broken to fix; the cage is fine so maybe some good ol "Duck Tape" will make my feeders straight and true. A good scrubbing and the "Duck Tape" will make the tube last just a bit longer; the birds are not that particular about "Duck Tape".

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I missed a couple of days.
I got my old laptop back and it is a dud. All the new programs are not tight and neat and they do not fit on a laptop that small (the year 2000). Today's programs are bloated with necessary garbage that programmers think is good for the beast.
I tried to get the old laptop up to date and that is not going to happen. I will put it on the shelf just for display.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Good Morning
I mowed the weeds and grasses in our yard yesterday. Today I will weed the garden and weed eat the tall grasses around the posts.
I feel good this morning; mom has a heel spur that is bothering her. I told her to stop at one of those foot analyzers you see in the malls.
I will go into the pool and clean it this morning. I may re-stake the tomatoes in the garden to keep them in some kind of order; they are so heavy that they toppled the stakes I had there.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I went out after mom went to work and cleaned the pool. I will now mow the lawn as it has some weeds over a foot tall and some sections of the lawn dead.
I feel good mentally and physically.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I wrote my Website Report to the Board this morning then went outside to the garden and straightened one of my fence posts; then I proceded to raise my Sunflowers that were smashed flat in the storm the other day; that proccess worked well other that getting covered with ants while tying them up to the posts and fence; I still itch and I still have one more ants/ batch of stalks to raise up.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Good Morning,
Kitten Yarn and the kids are here for a sleep over . They will be headed to gymnastic which starts at 1000 pretty soon. Little Sister does the gymnastics and Dancer Girl dances.
It rained over an inch yesterday and flattened our Sunflowers, scattered trash cans and sent our beach ball to our neighbors; lightning flashed and thunder roared and the winds blew.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mom is out swimming in the pool; it is too early for me as the mosquitoes adore me at this hour of the day. I will wait for more sunlight to venture out into the pool.
Allison and the girls had a sleep over at their girl friends home and stopped by here on their way home.
Just got out of the pool, mom is in the pool with ,"Dancer Girl" who just got in. Allison is up and reflecting and ,"Little Sister" is sleeping.
"Little Brother" is with his dad, their doing guy stuff.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

It is 79 degrees outside this morning and I had to go into the pool to clean it; it was tough but someone has to do it.
I feel sore but good, my mind is in great shape.
This morning my wifes sisters husband past away. They used to live near Chicago but moved to Las Vegas during this last housing boom; we will miss him, but his presence is still here in mind and spirit. Rest in Peace.

Still Fishing 
Rest inPeace

Friday, July 6, 2012

Good Morning

Nothing is new, times are tough for everyone. Job skills are the same but the pay scale is down. Big business is the new union boss.
Click on Good Morning.
I just finished changing the oil, oil filter, gas filter and air cleaner on my lawn mower (lawn tractor). It needed changing and I decided to do it before the temperatures got to 109 as it did yesterday; I did see pink skies this morning when I was out feeding the cats and drinking a mug of coffee at the deck table and chairs (0500).

I may tie up some plants that have fallen over or got out of hand; plus I have some sand to place in the garden, I also need to mow the tall weeds that somehow look like grass.
The temperature did get to 110 and it is 103 at this hour of the day. I have spent the day indoors. Leme see where the rain is?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

70 year old man works from home

I always have great ideas and never the money to work them out. I do things via the Internet as I can do that with out too much trouble; two of the things I have that make money are my Links Page and my Business Card Page. Both of those are productive and a good source of revenue.
I do not know how to promote them better other than spamming the planet with odd promotional vampires.
My laptop is dying and I want to save it for creating websites (it is a 32 bit operating system laptop) and that is what I need for creating web pages.
One other thing I would like to have is a photo camera with GPS (tagging photos) built into it. I think some "Smart Phones" have that built in. All those things cost money and the only way to purchase them is to sell something.
Do any of you know what a Google Spider Bot is?

Good Morning,
We did see some fireworks on TV last night on the Public Broadcasting Channel and it was great.
We used to watch the Boston Pops program until it became so full of itself and added commercials.
I liked tho older version of the Boston Pops with just the Boston Pops and maybe a guest; the older was elegant and profound. I like how you got to see the the Boston Pops it all it's splendor.
Mom and I just went out on the deck to view the early morning rise or turn; I also washed the deck of bird seed and animal odors.
Mom is off work today.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In this Summer heat mom likes to swim at night, this past year and last year she could not remove the cover at night because the cover was too heavy so this last payday I purchased a lighter cover that mom can handle by herself.
This morning it is 70 degrees outside as I speak, It rained here yesterday twice and we had a cloud cover all day which cooled the area and kept us under 100 degrees. I do not know what today will bring as far as the weather goes.
Mom works today and she gets holiday pay for her effort. I prefer for her to stay home but she likes the extra comforts that working provides; pool supplies, cat chow and bird seeds, DirecTV and DSL service.

I just looked at the weather forecast; it is going to be sunny and hot with no rain in our future.
The heavy lifting I did two days ago left no aches in my back and that is very good news. I feel good mentally and physically.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Good Morning,

I feel good this morning; I lifted heavy stuff yesterday and my back is fine. What happened is what is called let the body do what is right; be aware of your internal responsibilities (we have a smart brain and it does control our bodies functions) and do not harm your being, use the doctor and medication and do not harm your being and pray a lot and do not harm your being and their being.

But again man is a hunter and gatherer. We slay the being for food and garden the earth to gather.
Mom has gone to work and she felt fine.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Most of our annuals have dried up and died in this scorching 110 degree heat. Our succulents are on the verge of they last days.
We have electricity and no fires so we are blessed. Our trees in Kentucky are healthy but stressed; young new growth is not doing very well. Our lawn crunches under our feet.
The bees, birds and Hummingbirds are thankful that we have food for them.
Our daughter just left for home after visiting with my cousin Lucie and her husband Clarence.
It was a delight to be around them all.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

My daughter and family went into the pool at 0700 to go in before it got too hot outside.
This is Clarence and Talon in a more somber mood after they calmed down.