Monday, January 31, 2011

How Your Body Fights Back a Against Cold

My body did some serious kicking ass these last few days to combat this cold. A great positive attitude and some serious hand and mouth cleaning did the trick. Mom recommended some Tylenol for the headache and that helped (I just took two). I tool two teaspoons of some cough syrup and that well pretty some's up the fight.
I went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee and saw that one of our drawers was open. Our cat Alley Cat used to sleep in the kitchen towel drawer. She learned to open the drawer. She would place her hind legs on the bottom drawer pull, place her forward paws on the towel drawer pull (above) and lean back. The cabinet is so finely crafted that it took very little leverage to open the drawer. This is a very pleasant picture to mom and I because we both still love that cat and her independence.

Alley Cat at left (15 years) and Dolly at right (1 year).
Good Morning. It is rather warm inside (somewhere in the 70's) and a cool 34 degrees outside. Mom has gone to work and my bout with the cold is over. Mom still has a lingering cough but feels much better.
Mentally I am in great shape which is a lot better than an old aged body. I feel as I can do anything mentally and physically but I do keep away from schools. My brain does not function in a school regulated process. I learn what I can each day and the rest falls into the past as it always has, I remember nothing that is required to pass a school exam. That is how it is. I am a child of god, a flower child that believes that mothers should love their children and never leave their husbands only because I had to learn from my grandmother because my father and mother were not present. That is not a good gift for a child. We all know the gift of motherhood and the love, the teaching and the proper function of the learning scale. Whether it was auto accidents or lack of a mother I learned differently and I paid mentally believing that I was the cause of all the worlds problems. So sad to be responsible for all world conflicts as a teen, no one could tell me otherwise.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


My sister reported to me that a heavy photo fell off the wall and just missed her and family while looking at the fish at this Petsmart in Richmond, Kentucky.
It seems to me that wheels in someones head were trying to open the store on schedule hoping that someone would not get killed on their grand opening day.
I shop at Petsmart in Paducah kentucky and I never have seen anything like this in their store in our area.
I think that someone needs to light a fire into the store owner before the police have to investigate a bad accident in their store in Richmond, Kentucky.

I looked up the word Idealist last night.

I finally caught the cold that mom had and is now mine. I caught it with my head and not my hands like all ball players should. I did without any medicine until a day ago when mom suggested I take a couple of Tylenol for the hard headache. It worked and I slept a little better (I did not sleep the night before). She wanted to roll me to the doctors office but I declined. It has now moved down to my lungs where it not having much luck there as my body moves it out.
Mentally I am fine but with sniffles.

Our old bird feeder is plastic and it has a solid crack in it and it's life is just weeks from just opening up and spilling all the seeds. So we bought a new feeder and the birds will not go to it. I brought it in and thoroughly cleaned it and still the bird do not trust it I will make an adjustment on it this morning (I think they see the perches as snakes (they curve)). Then again the design is a dud.

Each one of us always finds something useful in other people thoughts so I looked up the word idealist to see what others thought of the word and some of their thoughts I agreed with until they started defining too much or encompassing things that should be left alone. So I departed in thinking that I have a little idealism in me but not to the point of categorizing the neighborhood of ideals.
Every time I think I found an idea that I can place my being into I realize that I am who I am and cannot be categorized. Most think I am liberal but how can that be when I agree that some folks should be put out of their misery when the crime dictates a punishment of death. I think sometimes burial is good for the soil and plant life there. I sometimes am harsh in thought and I do scold and prickle my feathers at times.
I hope that the thoughts of the people in Egypt revolve enough to accept a change and agree to that change. I realize that some folks see the opening as bread to feed the sore but I think good thought can resolve that.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Freedom of Speech

As more of us open up to give voice to these soapboxes online our use of the word will spread like syrup and the folks that read stories will cry as folks like me spread our inability to write properly.
Is that dumbing down or just giving the voice an opportunity.
I was reminded the other day when someone said that wikipedia would never be The Encyclopedia of Britannica.
Both thoughts give us an opportunity we never had to try and tap dance on the new floor. We have done a lot of things in our lives and these are new mental tools. Someday more of us will fly to the moon but that is a time away so we place our days and minds in script.

From a reliable source!

From a reliable source!

I have heard that many times in my lifetime of sixty plus years on this planet. I am not a reliable source in the sense that I hear or see those words within my world of knowledge. But I have seen the tarnished vessel (we call home) tarnished many times during the course of these years viewing and being. The repellent mixture of words and deeds our society does to our environment can be remembered and counted.

From the very beginning I was told to pick up after my self and those words were spoken in the sense later in the late fifties as to not litter from a vehicle and later on to keep the planet clean environmentally. I have kept my part but society only stresses those thoughts in the early years of our development but our children soon give up because their parents would be labeled “Liberal” in our society if they stood their ground and kept their acre of land clean of filth.

I have been told by our local newspaper in a “NOTICE” that the pollution in our drinking water was cleaned up (after the fact); so without my knowing it chemicals from farm land drained into our drinking water in this last decade or more. Today I am sure that the law requires the city and state to disclose any pollution in our drinking water but fifteen or twenty years ago there was no one telling us anything.

I have heard that steel lying in the Ohio River (mile 963) disintegrate in less than a year. Upstream there is a CEMENT PLANT and a NUCLEAR WASTE STOCKPILE that has drained into the local area. Both of these industries are on the waters edge.
What kind of chemical concoction is created in that water that would make steel useless in less than a year?

Society as a whole assumes that those quick helping chemicals in those spray cans and those bags of potting soil are good for us.
What am I to believe?
I’ll lean toward a chemically free ideal though is this land a plenty you have to read the labels pretty close.
Hopefully the Internet can provide me with a reliable source of information and it has?

“Those who dwell, as scientists or laymen, among the beauties and mysteries of the earth
are never alone or weary of life.” - Rachel Carson

Big Business has huge fishing tournaments in this area throughout the spring and summer.
The state says we should read the “Ohio River Fish Consumption Advisory” before consuming fish.

The Dead End Kids

1939: L-R: Actors Leo Gorcey (1917 - 1969), Billy Halop (1920 - 1976), Huntz Hall (1919 - 1999, back), Bobby Jordan (1923 - 1965, front), Gabriel Dell (1919 - 1988) and Bernard Punsley 1923 – 2004, known as the Dead End Kids, smiling in a promotional portrait for director Ewald Andr+ Dupont's film, 'Hell's Kitchen'. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Speed Kills

There was a slogan back in the late 1950's and it was "SPEED KILLS!" Later in the counter culture revolution using speed was for the conservative side of our population that wanted the longer work day. Speed went into the background because it did kill (the body racing out of control).
I never gave it much thought until a few years ago when bottling companies started boosting their soft drinks with caffeine or something similar to keep the body moving all day without proper rest.

Nice Neighbors

The Ohio River runs south between Metropolis Il. and Paducah Ky. The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant is located in western Kentucky, 10 miles west of the City of Paducah. The Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, operated by the United States Enrichment Corporation, a subsidiary of USEC Inc., is the only operating uranium enrichment facility in the United States. The soil around the plant is not healthy and has been known to invade underground water sources.
Across the river at Joppa Il. is a concrete Mfg. and loading facility. If you have ever held powdered concrete in your hand you know that it generates a heat and can burn you severely.
Down river above Olmsted Il. is Lock and Dam # 53. A friend who worked for USACE told me that in a study to build Olmsted Dam they put a stainless steal plate at the bottom of the river with a cable tied to the bank for retrieval. When they came back the following year they lifted the cable and realized that their cable had chemically disappeared. The river is so chemically volatile there that Olmsted Dam is not complete because steel below the water will not last.
They have tested a wicket type dam across the river from Smithland Lock and Dam. The wickets tested were made of composite materials. As of 2002 they were still in place at the Smithland facility.


A few years ago I bought at the sporting goods store some "SpiderWire" fishing line. Well I did not like it as fishing line because my knife or teeth would not cut it. Fingernail clippers seem to be the only thing that works.

Any way I love the line because it is indestructible and very useful around the house. At the moment I am watching a program about composite airplanes. Are they good or bad? At Smithland lock we have composite wickets on the far side of the dam. They were put there to test there usefulness against rust and corrosion. Fishing rods are made of composite materials and so are windshields on NASCAR racing cars (Lexan). Yesterday swiftly moving across the Internet I found this website which says that they have developed a thin material stronger that steel. We can imagine an airplane with this covering inside and out to give it flexibility and strength in a storm or crash.

Nice Neighbors

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., introduced a bill (H.R. 97) that would permanently block EPA from limiting carbon pollution.

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W. Va., introduced a bill (H.R. 199) that would block EPA from taking any action under the Clean Air Act to limit carbon and methane pollution, for two years.

Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, has a introduced a resolution (H.J. RES. 9) that would permanently block the EPA from reducing the soot, mercury, cancer-causing toxic and smog-forming pollution that cement plants dump into the air
  • Rep. Ted Poe, R-Texas, introduced a bill (H.R. 153) that would prohibit EPA from developing or enforcing standards to limit carbon pollution.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A simple mistake/misunderstanding or deception.

Sometimes what we read is not correct. I went to the window and our thermometer read 22 degrees. I just read our deck thermometer and it read 25 degrees. My google desktop read 12 degrees. I clicked on the 12 degrees and it went online and read 22 degrees in Marion Kentucky.
Have you ever heard the line from someone important, "That's what our computer says."
Instead of fixing the problem they just go back to what they are told to do. Company policy has not assigned them the task of fixing the computer. They are only the messenger.
Sometimes people take advantage of a simple mistake/misunderstanding or deception.
As in (a women whose mouth is numb from the dentist):

The Green Mower, March 3,1997

The river rises every fall, sometimes it goes back down. Snow melt kept the river up though winter. Spring would be here soon. Well the river was up, back water had all it's tributaries in this area full. It wouldn't take much rain to cover the roads.
I had put the green lawn mower up for the winter. So on a warm March day I decided to tune up the mower before warmer days came around. I pushed the mower out of the garage, checked all the fluids and tires. I sat in the seat and put the key into the ignition, turned the key, nothing. I rechecked the battery fluids and cleaned the battery posts. I tried again, nothing. I got my battery charger out and charged the battery, nothing. Something must be wrong with the starter, I tried it and I got some movement. Well maybe this gadget called my solenoid is bad, or maybe one of my wires is bad? I'll call tomorrow and have the dealer come pick it up and take a look. The dealer came by the next day, the young man said that the dealership had changed hands as we pushed the mower on to the trailer. I said give me a call when you find out something? Friday the seventh day of March, Laurel had a appointment to have a tooth pulled, I went off to work. I came home that afternoon and Laurel was all numb, she felt like she had a mouthful of cotton and her speech was a little slurred. And by the way, the dealer just called a few minutes ago and said we needed a new engine on our lawn mower, because that one was shot. I looked at her in disbelief, this can't be so. I was sure that I had an electrical problem. I called the dealer back, he confirmed that the motor was shot. I said don't do anything to the mower, I've got to talk to Laurel about this. We decided that tomorrow we would go look at a new green mower since that one was shot. I called him back and said we would be out tomorrow and look at a new mower. He said that his sales personal would not be there, they were on their way to a green dealers sales workshop. Can anyone show me/sell me a mower? He said that a young man would be here, but he could not sell us a mower. I said ok, ok! Well Saturday morning, Laurel was feeling much better. She said "Let me call this place in Paducah. They have always been nice to us." So she called the Paducah green dealer, while I was in the shower. Laurel said that they'd be more than happy to sell or show us a mower. So Laurel called the local green dealer and said to bring the mower back whenever they had a chance, they said "no one was there except me and someone will be here Monday". Laurel and I went off to Paducah to look at new mowers. Well we did find one bigger and stronger, something that would handle the fast, wet, thick, spring grasses in our yard. After all the dealing that day, they said that someone would bring it out Monday morning and it would be ours. That night the rain started. It rained, and it rained. Remember the river. The rain closed a lot of roads. What took 30 minutes, now took 90 minutes. Roads were closed everywhere. People were using yawls to get to their homes. People got up earlier to travel 70 miles, etc. Monday morning our new green machine arrived, the salesman that sold it to us, delivered it, along with the some paperwork. He said he had a time finding a way to get here, because of the road closings, we chatted about the unusual high water, kicked the tires on the mower and said good bye. Laurel and I walked around the mower wondering who was going to ride her first. I said go ahead. She cranked her up, it started first lick, and I started working on the trimming. We were happy. The local dealer said that he would bring my old mower back when the water went down off the local road, I said no hurry, fine. A week went by, the water started to fall off the roads. Laurel was in the house and I was rolling up the garden hose, the new green mower was in the garage out of sight. The local dealers pickup and trailer pulled up with our old mower strapped down. I called Laurel from the door as the young man untied the mower. As Laurel came to the door, I looked back as the young man climbed aboard the old mower. Laurel and I looked at each other in astonishment as the young boy put the key into the ignition and cranked up the old mower and drove it off the trailer. I said what did they do to it? "Nothing came the reply. I was just told to deliver it." This young man knew nothing of what had transpired. We paid for the delivery. We were a little upset. I fixed the electrical problem on the old mower, now we have two green machines.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brothers In Arms

Songwriters: Knopfler, Mark

These mist covered mountains
Are a home now for me
But my home is the lowlands
And always will be
Some day you'll return to
Your valleys and your farms
And you'll no longer burn
To be brothers in arms

Through these fields of destruction
Baptisms of fire
I've witnessed your suffering
As the battles raged higher
And though they hurt me so bad
In the fear and alarm
You did not desert me
My brothers in arms

There's so many different words
So many different songs
We have just one world
But we live in different ones

Now the sun's gone to hill
And the moon's riding high
Let me bid you farewell
Every man has to die
But it's written in the starlight
And every line on your palm
We're fools to make war
On our brothers in arms

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome to the United Nations: Its your World

Where is the equality in helping the world solve it's problems? All those country's listed have an equal vote on how the world treats troubled nations.
But the funding of the United Nations is pretty well divided by the United States, Japan and Germany.

Visit Kentucky

31 degrees and fog this morning in Marion Kentucky.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Marion Cafe

It snowed last night but it snowed in warm weather so as soon as it hit the ground half of it melted. so it just highlighted what we had left on the ground. The road seems clear and mom has not called to tell me she needs help. I will call the store at 7:15 and ask if they carry wallpaper?
I called and she said that was not funny.
Good Morning.
Mom is going to the doctor this afternoon after work.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason
This snow fell in about an hour.
Photos of the snow at Sandy's.
26 degrees outside and 72 inside. We have enough snow cover to wish you a nice awakening to another day on the planet earth.
My glasses have a drop of water on them so excuse me while I go clear the lenses.
We have just come back from a trip to Lexington Kentucky where mom had to have a works skills test on a fancy machine called "Ergos ™ Work Simulator" Where she was evaluated on her work skills after being run over by a 13 year old boy running wild through the aisles of the Walmart store where mom worked (she was hurt pretty bad).
We left a little early to go to Lexington because there was a storm forecast for the day we left to go to Lexington. We traveled ahead of the storm and made it to mom's appointment on time. When we left to visit my sister in Berea, Kentucky it started spitting slush until we got to Sandy's. As soon as we pulled into her driveway the bottom fell out and we had a least 3 inches of snow on the ground.
I guess while taking her test she caught a cold from the stress of the test so the day we were supposed to leave the road conditions were seriously bad and mom was in no mood or condition to be on the highway so we cancelled our trip back home and Sandy and Jimmy graciously let us stay another day in their home. We did not see anyone else but Sharon and Megan because they were snowed in (they had baby pictures and no storm or slippery roads were going to stop them from showing grandma (Sandy) the photos.) So we met them at Cracker Barrel for brunch.
Our visit was very nice and comfortable and we had feast (that evening) the same day we went to Cracker Barrel, the doctor (for Mom), and of course to Walmart (it was in the same parking lot as the doctor's office).
The day of the stress test and after we arrived at Sandy's we went out to dinner in the slippery snow (that afternoon) and if we had another vote as to whether to go out to dinner that night we would of said no. We had a good time out but the roads were really bad (really bad). So bad that children could sled down the streets on their sleds and not have to find a hill to slid on (imagine three scared people and Jimmy driving on our trip to dinner). Now that is a slick road.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Just minutes by post but inconceivable steps away.

It looks and feels cool outside and I think it is 30 degrees out there. I was looking at the photos below and it seemed outrageous to think that something floats on water other than a dragonfly taking a sip of water but there it is a plane landing on a floating platform.
I feel great mentally and physically. My function keys act inappropriately from time to time as age wears the body. But OK it has been grand being able to walk on the planet earth.
How far away are you?
Just minutes by post but inconceivable steps away.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan. 18, 1911: Clear the Deck

A mouse got below our dishwasher and chewed a hole into a water line. Water is spraying on the pump when the dishwasher is running causing it to smell like a burnt appliance. I need to get rid of the rat/mouse after the repairman replaces the line. The repairman said it was a miracle no one got a shock from the dishwasher as the pump was being sprayed on. There was never enough water to come out onto the floor in front of the machine to see the leak.
Baby's Day Out and China's President Hu Jintao goes to Washington.
It rained softly yesterday and last night and the weather folks say it will continue to rain lightly. It is 44 degrees which is very comfortable this time of year.
My mind is not cluttered with thoughts of what I need to do. This darkness and awakening is my reminder that I live on this planet earth another sunny day. Only clouds and the rotation of the planet keep the sun from shinning over our sky this morning. This is my reminder to sense my being to establish a foothold of my will to be and a happy reminder that I am not alone in my sense of being.
Our worn covers hold the mysteries of life and new tablets swear our new signs of being.
Time for a cup of tea.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Chinese President Hu Jintao says the international currency system dominated by the US dollar is a "product of the past"

After China created it's own United States Products in the last 20 years it now has the gall to say that we have a problem. Product of the past means that we do not need to print our currency or products anymore because they can do a better job at it.

Martin Luther King Day (25th Year)

Good morning. Mom just said she was sick to her stomach. She ate too much with all the goodies yesterday.
I feel great and Kitten Yarn has been here since Saturday afternoon. The children are showing some remarkable character traits and intelligence. I know they are still children and they play as such but their brilliance shows remarkably well.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We All Have Formulas

There is a way to think and be as a way of life. My first knowledge of it came by always wanting to find the truth as a child. There were always conflict in my mind with the established way of doing business. First it was the parents then it was the Church. I never knew that I was doing the right thing because I was always in some conflict with the way things were done. Jesus and Gandhi were doing it right so why wasn't I? My first clue was my movements from my grandmother to my Dad and my stepmother, the second clue was the idea of omnipotence. Then I moved to our new family where my new stepmother had children of her own and I quickly fell in love with her daughter. At the moment you cannot see the truths but they are there and each step brings me closer to what we call seeing the light. Back then I am reading about Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, science fiction short stories because my step brother has stack of them he has already read in our room. There is still the conflict where I think I am wrong because society has one truth and I have my own truths which I think are wrong because they came out of the books I was reading. I was also reading about the Catholic Saints in my personal studies and I came to realize that I was going to be a philosopher. What I never did realize was what was going on in my life as I moved from person to person that they were nice people and each of them gave me some of themselves as life moves forward.

The Manchurian Candidate
Communist propaganda
Stranger in a Strange Land
Ivan Pavlov

The truth hit me late as I understood that with each environment I was placed in came a very good person.

So the simple truth is that if you have nice friends then you will become a very nice human being.
If you are raised in a terrible place without good people then you mind will go in that direction.

So hang out with nice people, read good books, think good thoughts, love life and understand that life is a gift from mom and god.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I slept in this morning and did not get up until 6:00AM. So it is now 32 degrees outside and partly cloudy skies in Western Kentucky.
Do we understand global warming? I do and it is explained this way. As the north and south poles thaw the sea water over the earth rises and cools. Cooler sea water cools the surface temperature of the planet and changes the temperatures of the ocean currants and atmosphere. The suns rays are still hot and react with the cooler water causing extreme weather conditions on the planet.
I feel great this morning, mentally and physically.
I have moms old washer out in the garage and my daughter and family are coming over to pick it up. It was working fine when I replaced it ( I gave my wife a new washer and dryer for her birthday) with our income tax return. It had been twenty years since she had a new paired washer and dryer. I thought it was about time for a matching set.
I am doing laundry this morning and after it warms up I will clean the garage up a little and move things around the house.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I took my antivert (meclozine) last night (balance) but it must of been a bust because I am bouncing off the walls this morning. I just took another dose (take as needed) is what it says on the bottle (normally one pill takes care of me for in a 24 hour period).
Have you ever seen a weeble wobble holding a mop while cleaning the kitchen floor, well that is what I looked like.

One Laptop Per Student on the Planet Earth

Why is our nation so bogged down with money that it cannot afford a laptop for each student in the United States. All obstacles provided are political. My daughter has 3 children with no laptops. Is there a reason they have no laptops? One grandpa and parent did not provide one. Two the government did not provide one, Three the state did not provide one and Four "One Laptop dot org did not provide one. Explain the logic to me?
When you figure out the logic let me know.

Mass Animal Deaths

It is 19 degrees here in Marion. the skies are blue and pink but there is no threat or it seems by me that there is no threat of any snow.
Mom is off to work and I will remove some of the window lights today as the wind has died down some for the first time in a while.
I feel good but it takes a little work on my part to keep my mouth and eyes clean because of animal dander in our home but that is part of the maintenance of the mind and body.
I did a little research of what kills human beings more than anything else and it is wars, natural disasters, combustion engines and vehicles (traffic accidents and air pollution). The Tommy Gun below is only part of the equation and can be grouped with war as is terrorism and crooks.

I can assume that a chemical imbalance in our atmosphere kills flying birds. I noticed that we are not getting many birds in our feeders here at home.
I was wondering if our planet belched out at sea a tremendous amount of gas fumes that those poor birds flew through on their migratory routes to Mexico. That I can assume to be true because the sea does not need the gas and the gas is lighter than the sea water and that I can place under combustion engines (volcano's and man) as killers of life on the planet earth.
The chart at left had no clue as to the amount of gas turned loose by our oil spill.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

1919 Tommy Gun and 2011 Glock 19

Funeral held for Christina Green, 9-year-old victim
of Tucson shooting
Civilian ownership of submachine guns is regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives under the provisions of the National Firearms Act of 1934 as amended by Title II of the Gun Control Act of 1968. In addition, the Firearms Owners' Protection Act of 1986 outlawed the manufacture of submachine guns for the civilian market and currently limits legal ownership to units produced and properly registered with the BATFE before May 1986. Some states enforce their own laws regulating or forbidding civilian possession of submachine guns. Civilians may purchase semi-automatic versions of such firearms without requiring NFA clearance, although some states (including California and New Jersey) enforce their own restrictions on such weapons.

I stand in an aura of warmth

A variety of emotions
A cross culture of a human being
I placed Christmas lights on a tree
I placed the Star of David a top the tree
I sent out a Hanukah gift and Christmas Greetings
I am listening to Jamiroquai
My mornings start anew without any thought
Pure…..then the ego emerges
I open my eyes then the light
I am the variety of my being
No peg…. There is no peg hole
Spirituality?…….Zen?......Hebrew?........ Christian?..........Agnostic?
Nothing ……. Confucianism?...... Yin Yang?.......
As a child my body was dipped into all those words
My ego took the best for my self…..greedy child
The sun brightens our days and the earth turns away the light.
I do not have a clue but I did travel though San Francisco in the sixties
And I did see the Manchurian Candidate.
I stand in an aura of warmth
Oh halo


I am constantly looking for a rush of words that will bring my emotions to a heightened state of euphoria.
So I read a book, go out and view the early morning, scan the Internet. I am chasing a dream.
I am constantly finding that peace, that state of being, that euphoria.
Every morning I awake, every morning I search.
Sometimes there is a moment where I just see like a child lost in a dream, Tomas did you hear me?
The teacher comes by and says, “ Tomas did you hear the question?”
Someone please tap my shoulder.
Awaken me from this moment of peace.
Nothing would be done if we all found that moment of peace.
No wars could be fought if we all found that moment of peace.
Some of us can carry that moment thought-out the day.
An aura of bliss carried on our shoulders like a comforting knapsack.
We can dig the weeds, assemble the work, draw the painting, and write the word.
All we need is the awakening moment, the reminder, the warm chill that emanates deep in our
being to come forward like the blood that flows to our brain.
We are constantly showing others our moment hoping that they will see it.
Share it be part of it.
It is a good vibration; a warm movement of blood; a good state of mind; it is peace.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From Philip Cook and Jens Ludwig.

"A high-capacity magazine in effect turns a semiautomatic firearm into a weapon of mass destruction. The public interest in getting such weapons off the street was recognized by Congress back in 1934, when, with the support of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, the National Firearms Act was enacted. It effectively stopped commerce in machine guns of the sort wielded to such deadly effect by John Dillinger, Pretty Boy Floyd and the employees of Murder Inc."
17 degrees, wind, a slight snow, everything outside is frozen, our water lines are warm and running. Pumps and fans are making their normal sounds as is the sounds of electricity running though our walls (ringing in my ears).
Mom is gone to work and the snow is trying to cover the walk but as it falls the breeze blows it away.
Mom and I both feel good and we slept all day yesterday, just resting and watching TV between our naps (the comfort of age).
The great debate this morning is who is supplying the automatic nuts with automatic guns. It's not me, "It's only business!"
I still see the chubby 13 year old girl on TV ( as well as the basketball star) shooting her automatic gun at the evil doers of society in a video game advertisement. I still see two wrestlers with weed eaters in their caged match advertised, "SUNDAY!, SUNDAY!"
We are just a normal butt cheek society.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Good Morning. It is 30 degrees with some snow cover (less than an inch). I stayed up late watching the football game between Auburn and Oregon Universities. Auburn won the contest but I must say that both of those teams were very good and deserve the status they have achieved. Both offences were good but Auburn's defensive line was excellent and was what made the difference in the game.
Mom came back home because a large truck was blocking the road south of town plus she said there was ice under the snow making the road very dangerous.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Near Death

Joanie came to me one day and said, "Tomas, would you like to come to the city with me? I do not feel like going alone." Tomas said, "Okay," and we headed for the highway. We were not looking for a ride, but a car stopped out of curiosity. We hopped in and said that we're going to the city. Swell. When we reached the city, Joanie said, "I have to run some errands. Let's stop at my friends' house and you can wait there." Houses were always exciting. She said her hellos and introduced me to the guys there. She left and and I sat on the floor.
One of the fellows asked if I would like a homemade milkshake, and I said fine. He sat me down in a La-Z-Boy chair. The guys were in the kitchen puttering around. I looked around at all the goodies these guys had. I was still sitting there when one of the fellows came over and asked, "Comfy?" or something like that. He had a milkshake in his hand. He handed it to me.
I tasted it, and it was great. Somebody turned on the TV. I was getting spaced out on this homemade shake. I was looking at the TV when one of the fellows distorted the picture on the tube. He set the TV to a test pattern. I saw a mountain with an antenna on it, zig-zag lines, and colors. It was wavy and so was I. Good shit, I thought to myself. I was lost, I had gone to another planet. I closed my eyes,
not aware that I had done so. I was starting to dream that I was dying. Then I realized that I really was dying. I woke myself, and sat up.
I told them I was going to take a shower, and they said okay. The shower was nice. I was still high but under control.
Later that day Joanie came back and we returned to Morningstar.

Martha Raddatz

From CSPAN: Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent, ABC News

"Info: Martha Raddatz, Senior Foreign Affairs Correspondent for ABC News. She has been with ABC since 1993 in various positions including White House Correspondent and Pentagon Correspondent. Her reporting of the war has taken her to Iraq 20 times. In this program, she discusses the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan on a political level, a strategic level, and a personal level. She discusses her desire to tell stories of the soldiers serving there. Several of her news reports for ABC will be shown, including one where she trains and flies in a fighter jet with American military personnel. She also discusses her involvement in, a program of the Woodruff Foundation to benefit injured soldiers. The foundation was started by Bob Woodruff, her ABC News colleague who was gravely injured in an IED explosion six years ago."

Helping to heal the physical and psychological wounds of war.

It is about 6AM. Mom is up and it is her day off and she was very happy about that. We expect some snow today but not the amount that is going to fall elsewhere in the area (maybe an inch).
Let us not forget that we must pay the price of war. It will be very costly because our government is cutting services and must cinch their belt. That means that each of us that voted for the war must pay for it the rest of our lives. That is not an easy task.
Mom and I booth feel good but I did have a little dehydration and I think that is what is going around. But I drink enough fluid to sink a ship and I eat enough to power a mule. I always drink 16 ounces of fluid at a time. My cups are always mug size.

Commodore Returns with Gaming Strategy, Phone, Tablet Plans

I will try the Tablet.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Are fluorescent bulbs really more efficient than normal light bulbs?

8 degrees this morning here at our home. It is still dark outside but we are illuminated by electricity passing through a gas in a contained glace tube. I hear our fan blowing warm air heated by natural gas. I hear a water filter that pumps water from our fish tank through a charcoal filter and back to the tank, as it falls back into the tanks it splashes and bubbles.
Mom bought a Woodpecker block for the birds and and I also made a peanut butter & jelly sandwich and put it out for the birds. Our cats thought it was a nice gesture on my part.
It is light out (the sun) and I see light blue skies and pink clouds in our southern horizon.

Parallel Parking Mule

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Good Morning. It is 26 degrees in Marion and we have a 1/4 inch of snow on the ground.
Mom has gone to work and I do have a cell phone to call her at 7:15AM to make sure she is alright.
I love the fact that she does answer the phone at the store. She is so professional and you do not really know it's mom until you ask. Anyway I am wanting to know if Walmart sells indoor cat chow?
I feel great emotionally and physically I am sore from bringing in our home from the garage. I let it rest for the holidays. I will do lighter chores today like watching Kentucky play football or basketball. ( I can't" believe I spelled emotionally and physically correct). I am not a quick learner, "but hay!" sometimes you get lucky.
I often wonder why my mouth continues to flap in the breeze and I say it is an exorcise to relieve the demons from my mind. Plus it is a nice way to make the body of man feel good.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mass Animal Deaths Google Maps

City - County Taxes

No funding (city taxes) forced big cities to cut city services (fireman doing county maintenance, snow removal crews picking up garbage).
New York City cut their budget and the mayor's neighborhood got cleaned of snow but the outer boroughs are still without city services because of the heavy snow during the Christmas week.
Taxes work but they are expensive.
When you take your worn out shoes to the shoe shop the cobbler repairs your shoes and you pay him for his work. When a city employee repairs a broken water main or remove the snow from your street you pay for the service (either out of pocket or by taxes).
When folks loved the idea of the Bush Tax Cuts they all applauded and smiled, "Whoopee No Taxes!" No taxes means no services, no city grants, no bonds. Wheres the beef?
More snow is expected this week in New York.
We have cloudy skies, frost and 32 degrees this morning at 7AM. I feel great and mom feels better.
I awoke at 2AM and took my medicine and stayed up until 4AM then back to bed.
I setup mom's new Blu Ray Player in the living room, put her DVD player back into her room ( she likes to watch movies while I watch sports out in the living room). I had to find my spare HDMI cable and replace it in my daughters room (where the kids watch Romper Room Goofies and Toones). The Blu Ray works as well as our High Definition Stations from our Satellite Dish (DirecTV) and High Definition Sony TVs. Our High Definition is pretty spectacular and everyone that sees ours says, "WOW!"

Thursday, January 6, 2011

We Are a Very Big Union

It is 19 degrees outside this morning and a hard scrap for any windshield in the area. The skies are a partly cloudy stratus of blue skies and a light pink horizon.
Mom is off work today and taking medication for
her upset system and a strong antibiotic to confront the worn out feeling of battling her upset system. Our doctor is very nice and comforting and mom does believe in what he says.
Today The United States Congress will read the United States Constitution and I have to state to you that the Preamble does not start out by saying, "The Federal Government declares ....", it starts out by saying, "We the People ....."
I am alive and I am principle part of that Constitution as are the folks that grease the wheels of our automobiles.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My aunt Kay at our home in Pasadena California

Good Feelings

The Emperors New Clothes and The Pied Piper of Hamelin are wonderful stories to read on a day like this. Yes we have blue skies in Kentucky this morning and the temperature is just below the freezing of water.
I feel great but mom is still under the weather with her stomach. I saw her water bottle by her bedside and I asked, "Is that was the same water bottle you drank of two days ago?" and she said, "Yes." I said no more but brought her a cup of tea and hoped she felt better today.
We wanted to go to town today and spend my "Gift Card" but that can wait until she feels better. She wanted a Blue Ray Player for Christmas.
My mother could sing and I am tone deaf but I can spread good cheer and tell folks that they are living on god's greatest gift, The Planet Earth our "Garden of Eden".
The fact that we have flaws makes us better each day we survive on the planet, that imperfection inspires greatness and moves us closer to perfection. We have not been able to reproduce our self no other way other than by love and the union of our being.
I know that feeling called love and it brings me to tears of happiness when visions before me give me the time to understand that feeling.
Wanting is our greatest sin and it dooms our days. Just be as you are.
Points of view

I have seen a different religious point of view from just about every person that I have ever meet.
Just about every point of view speaks of peace and good behavior toward their fellow man with a few exceptions.
How can I possibly tell each person that their view is wrong when in their heart their view is correct?
If I listened to their view point, I or we would come to an understanding that their view is correct and realize that we were saying the same thing only using different nouns and verbs to explain the same things.
If their view is correct and my point of view is correct then that tells me that we are all right in our views about life and that I have failed to understand their viewpoint in the past.
So I must see each person as being alive with a viewpoint that is correct and to the point.
If that is correct then I must see each of us as being an image of god and understand their point of view as the same as mine.
This space that I occupy is very grand and I believe that each one of us occupies the same grand place.
This implies that all matter as being in the image of god.

"Matter: Something that occupies space and can be perceived by one or more senses;
a physical body, a physical substance, or the universe as a whole."

So must I worship the ground that each one of us occupies?
I guess if you were standing in front of me I would have too?
Whatever I like the idea that each one of us is correct in our points of view.
Those &These
We would all just love to form our own personal group of friends.
Choose who fulfills our needs and place them on our invited list.
Of course we would have to completely ignore the idea of equality between women and men, rich and poor, smart and ignorant, thin or fat, meat lovers and meat haters, no gods and lots a gods.
And of course everyone else that falls in-between those lines like Doves and Hawks.
This morning is clear and bright.
There is a cloud cover toward the north and a clear sky to the south.
The sun is coming between the two variations of the early morning.
The sun is reflected in the morning water.
Turbines can be heard off in the distance.
Those sounds have traveled across the water from a great distance.
It is nice and I feel good about myself.
My body is heavy but my health is good.
Complicated matters and simplicity adorn my environment.

If I sat on a mat in a ritual art form, clearing my mind of unneeded clutter, placing my being onto another level of spiritual wealth could it compare with the description above about being.
My thought and body says it the same and different at the same time. Being aware of the space we occupy places us well in the space provided by life. Remember the Quote "Seeing is believing". We have read a million words that describe the truth about our environment and we as individuals add our own statements to the lengthening list of cliche's that enlighten our lives.
We read poetry and sometimes a great novel. History and biographies pass along our paths.
Sometimes we meet a human that is a novel, a human story, a biography, and a person with a life that is a story.
Could it be that each one of us is indeed that great novel?
We as individuals are cloaked in suspense and drama, veiled in insecurities and peaceful oblivion.
We share what all great writers write about, we carry our novels in our souls as we walk into that great storeroom of good words.
This is a nice thought.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Out the window I see a red sky this morning. It is 20 degrees outside and a comfortable 71 degrees inside our home this morning and the yard and windows are covered with frost .
This home is very economical. Our first year here it cost us 81 dollars to heat our home for the entire year (1975) and that included gas for cooking and heating water. The price of fuel has gone up but the quality and economics of the home I have maintained.
I did buy a new furnace because the old one died. The new furnace is bigger and it blows up a storm when the fan blows.
Mom is up and we are staying put because mom has a stomach virus ( she said the folks at work were calling in with the virus). I will ask our daughter if they have it now. I expect to get the virus in the next few days, as of now I am fine. Mom is off today and tomorrow and that should be enough time to get over it since it moved quite fast.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

23 degrees in Marion Kentucky. Our windshields are very frosty and may be hard to scrap.
Mom is off work sick today and she is in bed resting as I speak.
"I feel great" as Tony the Tiger says. Today I drink coffee and that is a pleasant thing for me because of the memories it brings to the forefront of my mind. I was looking at the photographs all of my brothers and sisters posted on FaceBook and memories came flooding back. I find that very pleasant and may/can write about it.
Our tree normally comes down today but we have other plans for the tree this year so I may wait a couple of days.
Our skies are clear and yes I did see the Rose Parade. I have seen quite a few of them because I lived within blocks of the start of the parade. I have roamed the area as a child because it was on my turf (so to speak), my play area , backyard. If you clicked on the link you could see where I was born though the hospital is not there anymore (it was called the Women's Hospital (where the cancer center is located) adjacent to the Huntington Hospital on the map).

Home Address 40 Bellefontaine St. Pasadena California 91105

Nothing is as it was when I lived there. My grandparents owned all the land from 40 Bellefontaine to Allessandro Pl. (that whole parking lot, at that time a rail spur divided the area from Fair Oaks).