Thursday, January 6, 2011

We Are a Very Big Union

It is 19 degrees outside this morning and a hard scrap for any windshield in the area. The skies are a partly cloudy stratus of blue skies and a light pink horizon.
Mom is off work today and taking medication for
her upset system and a strong antibiotic to confront the worn out feeling of battling her upset system. Our doctor is very nice and comforting and mom does believe in what he says.
Today The United States Congress will read the United States Constitution and I have to state to you that the Preamble does not start out by saying, "The Federal Government declares ....", it starts out by saying, "We the People ....."
I am alive and I am principle part of that Constitution as are the folks that grease the wheels of our automobiles.

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  1. We the People have a doctor's appointment today and won't get to hear them read the constitution aloud. Jimmy, Ron & myself will be going to the doctor together to find out how Jimmy is doing and then we will go out to eat afterwards. Wish you were here to join us.

    Hope Laurel is feeling better today.

    Love you.